How To Become An Independent Delivery Driver

If you enjoy driving and are seeking a new career, then becoming an independent delivery driver could be a great option. Independent delivery drivers can be their own boss, there is a huge amount of work available, and it can be a relatively easy business to set up and run. Whether this is a full-time role or a side hustle, delivery work can be a great way to make money, and it can provide a sense of freedom and flexibility that is hard to beat. So, what are the key steps involved in becoming an independent delivery driver? Read on to find out.

Market Research

As with any kind of new business venture, you first need to research the market. Researching the market will help you to develop knowledge that will help you build a successful business and hit the ground running. You will want to look at demand in the local area, who your competitors are, and who your target market is.

Find Work With Load Boards

At this stage, you won’t be ready to start work, but part of your research should be to investigate the type of work available. You can find shipping work with the use of load boards, which list available shipping jobs that you can browse and bid on. This makes it easy for a new delivery driver to find jobs to take on and allows you to start earning immediately. You can filter and search for suitable jobs, plus you can find boards without having to pay a subscription fee. This way you can determine how much income you could expect and might influence the type of vehicle you get. Load boards are also a great way to build your reputation, as you can receive feedback and reviews.

Get A Suitable Vehicle

You will then want to make sure that you have a suitable vehicle. It will depend on the type of delivery work that you plan on doing, but a standard car can work well, so you may not even have to invite in a new vehicle. You will need to ensure that the vehicle is reliable, in good condition, efficient, and has ample storage space.

Register & Obtain Licenses & Permits

You will then want to register your business. Many set up as sole proprietors, but it is a good idea to research your options to see if this is the best structure for you. Depending on your location, you may also need various permits and licenses, so you will want to check with your local authority to determine what you need.

Get Insurance

You will want to ensure that you have sufficient insurance from day one. Remember that you will require various types of insurance to protect you against various threats, so it is worth meeting with an insurance agent to determine what coverage you need for protection.

Get Finances In Order

It is important to have your finances in order from the very start. You will need to set up a separate business bank account, invest in high-quality accounting software or outsource to an accountant, and create a budget for your business. You must practice smart financial management from the start to maximize profit and stay organized.

These are the main steps in setting up as an independent delivery driver and should help you hit the ground running.

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