Weather In St John’s Newfoundland In April

The weather in St John’s in April is generally mild. Despite its relatively long season, it is rarely too hot or too cold. The average monthly temperature is 12.6 degC, with maximum and minimum temperatures ranging from 6 to 20 degC. The average daily high temperature is 13 degC and the average low temperature is -2.3 degC. However, the coldest night is in the beginning of the month, when temperatures drop as low as -15 degC.

The average temperature in St. John’s in April is 3.4 degC (38degF), with lows ranging from -6 to -2.6 degrees Celsius. However, the coldest nights occur at the beginning of the month, when the temperature falls below zero. The warmest days, on the other hand, are at the end of the month, when the average temperature rises to about 27.6 degC. Precipitation in May amounts to 105 mm, distributed over 17 days. On average, there is 5.5 hours of sunshine per day, with the total precipitation in April totalling around 150 mm.

The weather in St John’s is cold all year-round. The minimum temperature during April is -2.1 degC, while the highest temperature is 21.3 degC. The coldest nights are at the beginning and end of the month. The hottest days are the last few days of April, where temperatures can reach 21 degC. It is also the wettest month, with the smallest rainfall occurring in March and November.

During April, the average wind speed in St John’s drops rapidly. The average wind speed is 11.7 mph, and the lowest one is -2.1 degC on January 14. The warmest day is August 2, with an average temperature of 9.8 degF. This is a very pleasant weather in St John’s in April. You can expect to spend the entire month in the sun, or stay inside and enjoy the great outdoors.

In April, the average temperature in St Johns is 3.4 degF (38 degF). It is usually cold, with temperatures dropping to -2.1 degF on the coldest nights. The hottest month in St Johns is August, with a high of 65 degF (18 degC). The coldest month is February. During April, the average temperature is only 23degF (57.5 degF).

The average temperature in St Johns in April is relatively cold. The minimum and maximum temperature is -2.1 degC (19.8degF). During the coldest part of the month, the minimum temperature is -1.6 degC (16.9degF) during the hottest day of the month. The sea temperature in the city is 0.5 degC (32.5degF).

In April, the weather in St Johns is typically cold. The average maximum temperature is 16.0degC and the minimum is 11degF. The coldest night is -2.1degC. The warmest day is 21.8degC. While the temperature in April is mild, it is still important to know the local climate in advance. The best time to visit the island is during spring.

The average hourly wind speed in St. Johns in April is 1.6 degC. The lowest daily wind speed is -2.1degC. The highest daily temperature in April is 11.5degC. The average annual rainfall is 125 mm. There are no extremes in St. John’s’ climate. The monthly weather is moderate and mild.

The average temperature in St Johns in April is cold, with a high of 14.5degF and lows of -2.1degC. The hottest month is August, with an average temperature of 65degF (18 degC). The coldest month is February with average temperatures ranging between 1.4degC and 29.5degC (48.3degF).

In St. Johns, the average temperature is -4.4 degC. The minimum temperature is -4.1 degC. The highest minimum temperature is -0.33 degC. The earliest daytime in April is a sunny one with an average of eight hours and 30 minutes. The month’s average rainfall is 1.9 inches. During the winter, the chance of snow is 0%.

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