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Common Window Problems and How Window Company Can Help Fix Them

Windows are integral to a home’s design, providing natural light, insulation, and ventilation. But these glass and frame pieces can be vulnerable to damage from extreme weather, a stray baseball, or general wear and tear.

Problems with windows can lead to several issues, from draughts to water leaks.

Window Not Opening

Many window problems can be easy to solve if you know where to start. For instance, if your windows won’t open, you should first check whether anything is blocking them from doing so. Then, you should clean the window and spray it with lubricant.

This problem can arise for various reasons, depending on your window type. For example, if you have double or single-hung windows, swelling of the wood and dirt and debris buildup can restrict movement. Additionally, metal hardware can rust due to lack of maintenance, interfering with movement.

Finally, paint can seal joints tightly and prevent a window from opening. You can loosen the paint with a utility knife or use sandpaper to smooth the joint. However, if the problem persists, you may need to replace the window frame altogether. A new window that fits properly can ensure a tight fit and eliminate the issue.

Leaky Windows

One of the most common problems with windows is leaks. Rain can sneak in because the sealant of window frames deteriorates with time. Your home’s structure may be harmed by mold and rot from moisture in the wood.

Ensure you routinely check your windows for indications of wear and tear to prevent leaks. To let water out, clear the weep holes in the bottom of your frame. It would help if you also cleaned out weep holes in the bottom of your frame to allow water to escape.

It could be time to hire a specialist from JDI Windows if you are struggling with a leaky window. Windows that leak may indicate that the flashing needs to be replaced because it is broken or not installed correctly.

Depending on the leak’s location, you can repair the problem by replacing the flashing. It would help if you also considered re-caulking the area around your window. However, if your leak comes from the top or sides of your window, you will likely need to replace the entire frame.

Warped or Rotting Windows

If you have windows that are difficult to open or close, it is essential to take action. Not only is this a nuisance, but it could be a safety issue. The problem could be a buildup of dirt or dust making the window sash stick, or it could be that the sash has warped and expanded and now needs to fit the frame correctly.

Warping happens because wood absorbs moisture and then retains it, causing the wood to expand and shrink over time. It can lead to rotting and cracking of the window sash. Rot can spread to the remainder of the window if not addressed, and it can even result in mold that is dangerous for you to breathe in.

To test for rot, try pressing your finger into the sill or lower sections of the window frame to see if it has a spongy texture. If it does, a rotted area needs to be replaced.

Damaged Windows

Window damage can occur in many ways, from flying wiffle balls to weather events. These damages can ruin a home’s appearance and lead to leaks, allowing heat, cold, and moisture into the house. If left unattended, these problems can cause more severe and expensive repairs and may require an entire window replacement.

The best way to protect your windows from damage is to keep them free of dirt and debris. Checking them for wear and tear indicators like cracks or dents is crucial.

Wood window frames need regular upkeep to prevent rot and warping. That is because raw wood is sensitive to humidity, sun, and temperature fluctuations. These conditions can cause the frame to shrink or expand, which causes gaps in the seal and air infiltration. You can avoid this problem by regularly applying wood filler or epoxy to the frame. You should also lubricate all moving parts, such as hinges and locks.

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