What Element Of Persuasion Does Jobs Use In This Excerpt

The following excerpt demonstrates a persuasive technique used by Steve Jobs in his famous speech at Macworld 2007. It is a political speech in which the speaker attempts to persuade the audience to agree with his message. The speaker uses anaphora and epiphora to make his point. The speech is structured in a way that allows the audience to easily relate to it.

The author tries to convince readers to change their minds about something by using examples. His examples are derived from stories. He uses this method to create a convincing argument. The reader can expect the author to argue with the support of examples. He can also use sensory images to increase the impact of the words. These images can make the reader feel emotionally moved, which is a powerful technique.

As the reader reads this excerpt, he is trying to persuade you to change. He does this by telling us his story about the time he spent in jail. The conclusion of the story is also very emotional, showing how much emotion the author has. Therefore, he is using an element of persuasion in this excerpt. If you are reading this excerpt carefully, you will notice that Jobs uses a few rhetorical devices.

The second element of persuasion that Jobs employs in his speech is pathos. This style of writing uses stories to make a point. The author is able to develop an argument by referring to a previous story. In addition, these stories are emotional in nature, so it’s crucial to gauge how long your argument should last. If you are unsure, you can consult a reputable essay writing service to help you with the writing process.

The final element of persuasion in this excerpt is a repeated T-consonant. This is meant to attract the audience’s attention and emphasize the importance of finding a home that suits your needs. The final sentence of the text is a compelling argument that makes the reader want to follow the rest of the speech. However, there’s no evidence to support this theory.

The structure of the speech is closely related to the rhetorical strategies used by Steve Jobs. The first sentence of the excerpt draws the audience’s attention and evokes their interest. After that, the writer introduces three life anecdotes to further his argument. Throughout the rest of the excerpt, he uses a similar technique to make his case. As a result, the audience will be more likely to listen to his speech and believe him or her.

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