What flaws in her appearance is Kerry Katona proud?

Pop star Kerry Katona is not shy about defects in her appearance. She has several scars, she does not consider them as flaws.

The 38-year-old pop star is proud to be who she is. She also encourages her fans to learn to accept their body.

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Kerry is the mother of five children, whom she herself gave birth to. She did not use the services of surrogate mothers and did not adopt orphans. Katona is raising Molly, 18, Lilly, 15, Heidi, 12, Maxwell, 10, and Dylan, 4. She got married three times.

The singer has several scars located in different parts of her body. Some of them are the result of plastic surgery. She enlarged her breasts several times and underwent liposuction.

Kerry doesn’t let self-doubt take over. The star believes that other people should accept her as she is.

– Your body gets scars and abrasions, it is wounded, – says Katona. – I look at my scars as a journey through life. Each of them defines the transition to a new era of existence. Each scar tells its own story. Anyone I love in the future should accept my scars because they are part of me.

The former lead singer of the Atomic Kitten group first came to the operating table in 2004, when she placed implants in her breasts. After the birth of the third and fourth child, the breast sagged along with the silicone inserts. In 2008, Kerry had to fix this defect.

In 2010, Katona ordered tummy tuck surgery. And in 2016, she performed liposuction, removing 4.5 liters of fat from the body. In addition, the singer performed operations to remove tattoos with the names of her ex-husbands.
The experience of dealing with flaws in the figure led Carrie to the conclusion that all problems with self-acceptance lie in the head.

Kerry Katona

“You are at war with your own mind,” the singer explains. – And this is the most difficult battle for anyone who wants to lose weight and be in shape. I have really managed to clean myself up over the past two years. I was never in a hurry to lose weight after giving birth. It is very important to enjoy your time with your newborn and not worry about getting into the gym.

Kerry is not particularly accepting of dietary restrictions.

“I hate the very word diet,” says Katona. – I think it’s all mentality. As long as I feel good psychologically, I feel comfortable everywhere. Then I wear size 46 and still happy. So all this is in our head. Having a slim figure is just a nice bonus in life. But this is not the main goal, and its absence is not the end of the world.

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