Pavel Volya was spotted in the company of an underage escort

Pavel Volya has been married to Laysan Utyasheva for more than 8 years. He brings up two common children with her and confesses his love to the girl in almost every program. But something appeared online that could ruin their marriage: a photo of a comedian with two underage escort girls. One of them claims that Pasha himself sat down to meet them!

Pavel Volya
Photo @ pavelvolyaofficial

“There is alcohol on the table, time is night, the signature:” How it all ended “

Fans of the tender couple Pavel Volya and Laysan Utyasheva are in complete shock! For the second day, the media have been discussing a scandalous photo in which the comedian is captured drunk in one of the noisy establishments.

Drunk Pavel Volya was noticed in the company of an underage escort

The photo was taken by a 16-year-old girl who allegedly does not hide what she makes for a living: an escort. Her name is Daria Ivanova. She posted a shot of the comedian in her Instagram account.

“There is alcohol on the table, it’s night time, the signature:“ How it all ended ”. They didn’t hold the candle, but the story is muddy, ”writes Telegram-channel “Chicken coop”.

“Yes, I was with him. They just came and met “

Soon, another Telegram channel found Ivanova and contacted her to find out how she even ended up in the company of a married Volya. The girl gave a murky but intriguing answer, adding that she knew many stars firsthand. “Has she acquired acquaintances thanks to her profession?” – joke in the comments.

“Yes, I was with him. How did you meet him? They came and met. How is he? A common person. I know many celebrities, ”admitted Daria.

And she told another magazine that Pasha himself sat down with them and started a conversation.

will with his wife
Photo @ pavelvolyaofficial

However, after a few hours, all the girl’s enthusiasm to develop this topic further disappeared. She stopped giving comments to journalists, and when one of the publications nevertheless phoned her, Ivanova immediately handed the phone over to another person. An unknown male voice introduced himself as a “close friend” of the escort and stated that they had no information and they had not even met the comedian. “She doesn’t understand whether it was Will or not,” – firmly said the interlocutor.

Theories immediately appeared on the network that Paul’s representatives simply intimidated his “night friend” or gave her a bribe, and that is why now she prefers to keep her mouth shut.

“Men always look to the left. It’s in our nature “

Will convinced everyone around him: he was head over heels in love with his wife. But apparently, it was not in vain that he said earlier: no matter how strong the feelings would be, without betrayal or at least playful thoughts – nowhere.

Drunk Pavel Volya was noticed in the company of an underage escort
Photo @ pavelvolyaofficial

“When a man says to a woman:“ You are my only one, ”girls, you should know: he is lying. Even if a man has the most beautiful woman, he still looks to the left. Looks anyway. It is in our nature. How can I explain to you so as not to offend anyone? In short, even if you spend your whole life relaxing in the Maldives, you still have to hunt for a day fishing in Astrakhan. If you eat marbled beef, it’s still once a year, up – and fell for dumplings. Then, of course, you will regret it, but you ate. And when I ate, I liked it, ”he said in one of his stand-ups.

So this story turned out to be pretty predictable.

Drunk Pavel Volya was noticed in the company of an underage escort
Photo @ pavelvolyaofficial

Fan reaction: “Poor Laysan”

Perhaps the situation with Daria is one of the most controversial in the entire history of the presenter’s career. Even the most dedicated fans now don’t know who to believe. Every minute Dasha has more and more subscribers, while Pavel has fewer. How will it end?

  • “Pavel, when you were with a 16-year-old girl, you probably drank more than just alcohol?”
  • “Yes, this is a setup! The girl wants attention – it’s obvious! She has already called all the journalists, told everyone different information, and she is happy! “
  • “You know, Pasha, and I believe you … Well, you could not have done that. I guess he was just relaxing in a restaurant, and these…. people … just came up to take a picture, and then inflated a scandal out of nothing. “
  • “All respect for you is gone.”
  • “And what, Tarzan is allowed, but Pavlushka is not?”
  • “Poor Laysan! She is so good, and Volya is so…. hiding at least. Is there really no money to rent a hotel room, and not to frame minors in public? “, – write the man in the comments.
Drunk Pavel Volya was noticed in the company of an underage escort
Photo @ pavelvolyaofficial

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