What hairstyles suit Polina Gagarina

As part of the “Dressing Up Stars” project, our team decided to conduct an experiment and offer Polina Gagarina several new hairstyles.

Polina Gagarina hairstyles 8

Singer Polina Gagarina is now one of the most talented on the Russian stage. The project “Star Factory – 2” glorified the girl throughout the country, and the second place at the international Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 brought her to the international level.

Against the background of permissiveness in the media, the image of Polina impresses many with her restraint and grace. In her appearance, there is never any vulgarity for the sake of momentary PR. But in order to match your style, the appearance can sometimes look somewhat the same type. Therefore, let’s offer Polina some bright reincarnations.

Let the first image be the most unexpected. After a calm shade of dyeing in one tone, a rainbow dyeing together with a haircut, a cascade for long hair can produce the most unexpected effect.

Polina Gagarina hairstyles

Image number two is more restrained. Here is the same cascade at a great length, but the chocolate color looks much more organic.

Polina Gagarina hairstyles 1

Number three is again an unusual color, this time pink. The short length to the cheekbones, which Polina has been adhering to for a long time, is completely removed “for a boy”.

Polina Gagarina hairstyles 2

With the fourth number, it was decided to return the singer to her usual blond color again, but still leave the radical pink, albeit on the lower half of the length. So the lightest tone emphasizes the blue eyes of the pop diva, and the fashionable pink looks much calmer.

Polina Gagarina hairstyles 3

If you are going to experiment with a blond, then you definitely cannot do without a short haircut.

Polina Gagarina hairstyles 4

At number six, it was decided to completely straighten the hair and make bangs. Unlike the spicy curls that most often adorn the singer, here the hair is completely straightened.

Polina Gagarina hairstyles 5

Number seven has become perhaps the most unusual. The haircut here resembles what Pauline wears. But unlike her, bangs are added here and an unusual combination of colors is chosen:

Polina Gagarina hairstyles 6

What unusual color and haircut would you suggest? Write in the comments the number of the picture and your ideas.


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