What Is a Vactor Truck? A Quick Guide

If you’ve ever worked in the construction business, you’ve likely seen a vactor truck. There’s more than one type of vactor truck, but they all serve the same function.

You might need help remembering why someone would build a truck that combines a vacuum cleaner and a truck. The answer is simple: These vehicles are indispensable to maintenance crews.

If you must clean a parking lot under a building, a truck like this can collect refuse and keep it from getting stuck. If you measure how versatile a truck is with how many maintenance tasks it can complete, a vactor truck is among the highest-performing vehicles.

This article discusses how a vactor truck works and its usefulness.

How a Vactor Truck Works?

A vacuum truck, also called a vactor truck or a vacuum excavator, is a specialized vehicle that can be used for a number of commercial and municipal tasks. Its main purpose is to clean, vacuum, and move liquids, sludge, waste, and other things. Here’s a general rundown of how a vacuum truck works:

Vacuum System

The heart of a vacuum truck is its powerful vacuum system, typically consisting of a large industrial-strength vacuum pump or blower. This pump creates a strong negative pressure or vacuum, which allows the truck to suck up and collect materials.

Storage Tank

The materials that are sucked up are kept in a big tank on the truck. The size of these tanks depends on the truck’s size and what it will be used for. They are usually made of strong steel or metal and have tight seals to keep water from getting in.

Collection and Filtration

As the vacuum pump makes suction, the materials are pulled through the hose and into the storage tank. Most vacuum trucks have a filtration system to stop large items or debris from getting into the system. Filters, screens, or cyclonic separators can be used as part of this device to separate solids from liquids or gases.


Once the materials are collected in the storage tank, they can be transported to a designated disposal site. Vacuum trucks often have mechanisms to offload the contents, such as hydraulic or pneumatic systems that can tilt or open the tank for controlled discharge.

Why Vactor Trucks Are Useful?

Tractor trucks are very useful because they can do many things and work well. They are reliable for various industrial and municipal tasks, such as cleaning and maintaining sewer lines, storm drains, city cleanup, catch basins, and septic systems.

With their powerful vacuum systems and storage tanks, they can easily collect and move liquids, sludge, debris, and dangerous materials. This keeps things clean, prevents clogs, and ensures that important buildings work well. 

If you need local street sweeper rentals, vactor trucks can also be equipped with specialized attachments to effectively remove debris and keep streets clean, making them an essential tool in waste management and infrastructure maintenance.

Revolutionize Cleanliness With Vactor Trucks

Vactor trucks are ideal for sewer and drain cleaning, stormwater, and industrial drain cleaning needs. Their combination of water, vacuum, and jetting features make them perfect for removing debris quickly and safely. To find out more or to purchase a vactor truck for your project, contact an experienced local dealer today.

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