What is Borshchenko isometric gymnastics: exercises, video

Modern women quite often act not only in the role of a mother, but also in the role of a “breadwinner”. Therefore, every minute counts, and there is practically no time left for themselves. And everyone wants to have a beautiful toned body! There is an exit! Isometric joint gymnastics, better known as fitness for the busy, will help you to have a beautiful figure and excellent health.

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What is isometric gymnastics: the benefits, disadvantages of isometric gymnastics

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This is a set of exercises based on strong tension, for a short time… When they are performed, the muscles only contract without stretching. You don’t need to devote much time to this type of gymnastics, it will be enough to remember about it in your free minute, as it were, “by the way.” For example, at work or on public transport, sitting at a computer or standing in line. It only takes a few seconds to complete one exercise.

At the beginning of the last century, isometric gymnastics made a splash in the world of sports. With its help, many athletes have been able to significantly improve their results. And today it has not lost its relevance. It is widely used during yoga, calanetics and pilates… Now you can find a lot of different author’s complexes in isometric gymnastics. The most popular are complexes A.K. Anokhin, doctors I. Borshchenko and A.S. Zass, people who are considered the founders of this type of exercise.

Video: Borshchenko isometric gymnastics complex for the spine

The benefits of isometric gymnastics Borshchenko

  • Each workout lasts no more than 15 minutes;
  • To practice you no special equipment required;
  • You can do it at any convenient time and almost anywhere;
  • Exercises of this type of gymnastics are great train tendons, the place where true human strength is contained;
  • A wide variety of exercises allow you to design workouts for specific activities;
  • Isometric gymnastics has no contraindications, anyone can do it. However, it is not worth it to engage in an exacerbation of diseases in which any physical exercise is contraindicated;
  • Exists exercises for each part of the body;
  • All of your energy is spent only on voltagerather than movements that cause fatigue. This allows you to achieve the maximum level of strength;
  • Reduces injuries;
  • Improves flexibility.

Disadvantages of isometric gymnastics

  • To teach the correct technique it takes time;
  • If the exercises are performed incorrectly, pressure problems;
  • For isometric gymnastics the right attitude is necessary, as well as good ability to control breathing and body;
  • Isometric gymnastics cannot be considered as the main… It can be used in addition to other physical activities or morning exercises.

How to do isometric gymnastics exercises – instructions

  1. All exercises must be done straining the muscles as much as possible, however, you should not overload them;
  2. You need to breathe rhythmically: inhale and exhale for 6 seconds, without delays or pauses. The maximum effort is created on exhalation;
  3. Duration of each exercise 5-6 seconds;
  4. Between the approaches it is necessary pause for about 1 minute;
  5. Muscles must be strained smoothly, and also relieve stress;
  6. Concentrate your attention on those muscles that you train;
  7. Required condition: the force that resists your efforts should be maximizedto eliminate the likelihood of any oncoming traffic;
  8. For the effect to be effective, each of the selected exercises must be perform daily;
  9. In the first couple of months of classes you cannot perform more than 12 exercises at a time… Then a few exercises can be replaced with others. And also add 3 new exercises every month. However, remember that no more than 24 exercises can be performed in one workout, as pressure may increase;
  10. Best isometric gymnastics study in the morning, in a ventilated area;
  11. Since doctors recommend that all muscles be loaded daily, choose for yourself exercises for all muscle groups;
  12. After training, it is advisable take a warm shower and rub the body well with a towel.

Modern isometric gymnastics – exercises, video

Exercises for isometric gymnastics can easily be invented by yourself. Below are some examples of exercises for a wide variety of muscle groups.

Video: Isometric gymnastics exercises

Isometric gymnastics in the office:

Isometric gymnastics

Isometric gymnastics exercises:

Isometric gymnastics

Isometric gymnastics exercises with a chair:

Isometric gymnastics

  1. Sit on the floor with one leg bent at the knee. Stretch the muscles of the thigh of the straight leg. After 6 sec. relax slowly and then repeat the exercise. Gradually increase the voltage time to 15 seconds. Then repeat it on the other leg;
  2. Standing in the doorway, put your hands on the doorway, and try your best to enlarge the doorway;
  3. Stand facing the wall with your hands on it. Now try your best to move the wall;
  4. With your hands locked, stretch them out in front of you. Now, with maximum tension, try to disconnect your hands;
  5. Sit in a chair and place your hands under the seat. Try to lift the chair with you;
  6. Sitting upright, place your hands in front of you so that your palms touch. And now for 5-6 seconds. press your hands on each other;
  7. Sit upright in a chair with your hands around your neck behind and try to bend it. In this case, it is necessary to provide maximum resistance to the muscles of the neck;
  8. Grasp the back of the chair from behind. Try to squeeze it first and then stretch it;
  9. Pull a towel under your chin. Now try to lower your head, overcoming the resistance of the towel;
  10. Stand on your toes, taking a deep breath. And during exhalation, lower yourself on your heels, providing yourself with maximum resistance;
  11. Without holding your breath, draw in your stomach with maximum effort. Do this for about 6 seconds, and then repeat the movement.

The website warns: all the information provided is given for information only, and is not a medical recommendation. If you have any medical conditions, be sure to consult your doctor before performing gymnastics!

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