what men think when they first see you

Such situations are really real: you look at a person, he looks at you, and your heart begins to beat faster, because he definitely attracts you with something, and you feel an increased interest and attraction to him. Of course, you really want to find out if this person has the same feeling for you?

This optical illusion personality test will help you understand what men think when they first see you. Look at this picture and fix which image immediately caught your eye. He will be the answer to your question.

test picture
Colady illustration by Lara Lauren

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Quiz: what men think when they first see you


You know how to make an impression, but it is somewhat overwhelming. A man simply cannot decide on his first reaction: whether to call you immediately to marry or turn around and run away from what the spirit is.

The point is that you emanate powerful vibes of confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. Do not try to change something in your behavior or adapt to others. Just be aware of your own powers.


The first thing men think when they see you is that you are a woman with an inner secret that you carefully hide. They find you attractive, charismatic and interesting, and they naturally want to get to know you better, trying to figure out and understand what you are so mysteriously hiding from prying eyes.

In reality, you are a rather complex and multifaceted person with a lot of versatile interests, therefore, for a man you are more than just a mystery, therefore, do not open up to him too quickly.


The first reaction of men at the sight of you … is simply absent. This is because you usually dislike being in the public eye and try to keep aloof or in the shadows. You do not stand out from the crowd, because the eyes will not catch on you. This is not because you are a typical gray mouse – you just do not want undue attention and do not particularly like meeting new people.

Do not worry! First impressions are often irrelevant, but then they can turn into something much more.


You are one of those women who magnetically attracts men. The first thought that comes to their mind is usually that you need to immediately approach, get to know each other, establish contact and talk about something. You are an easy-going, open-minded, sociable and charming person, and this cannot but please others. You love to interact with people around you, and you do it naturally and with great pleasure.

It is not surprising that men fall under the spell of your charm, but do not dwell on this talent of yours and do not try to seduce everyone who comes into your field of vision.

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