Ksenia Borodina sharply responded to haters for criticism

“Criticize or keep silent?” – perhaps, with the advent of social networks, this issue has become a new classic of the 21st century, and absolutely every user at least once faced this dilemma.

We often leave negative comments on pictures or posts that cause us disagreement or negative emotions, but do we always think about the appropriateness of our comments?

Ksenia Borodina, like many other celebrities leading an active life in social networks, regularly comes across criticism in her address. The star decided not to be silent and emotionally responded to all those who criticized her recent pictures.

Ksenia Borodina
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“I’m getting high on myself now”

TV star Ksenia Borodina is active in social networks. Recently, the celebrity published a number of photos from her fresh photo shoot (which, by the way, according to Xenia, was not retouched). However, along with compliments, the presenter received a stream of criticism in her address. All because of the provocative nature of the pictures in which the star posed in black lace and high boots. Many were quick to condemn the star in the comments:

“It’s not necessary for all the bad!” – elabest8.

“I don’t understand what everyone admires, I treat you normally, but still YOU are the mother of two wonderful girls, you should not rush from one extreme to another”, – desert_stav.

“It’s strange …. She herself said that such a defiant is not about her.”, – daryasheyn.

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However, Ksenia was not taken aback and published a long post in which she sharply answered everyone who condemned her pictures. According to the star, before writing negative comments about her, critics should learn to distinguish really indecent photos from her “stylish story.” Ksenia noted that now she is “enjoying herself” and is very sorry that she used to limit herself in many ways and did not dare to publish such bold pictures.

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Also, the star was surprised that the role of critics is mainly women who are outraged by the appearance of Xenia. The TV presenter asked the audience not to interfere in her life and urged the girls to “feel inner freedom.”

“My life, my personal peace of mind, psychological and emotional comfort are in the first place. And what is most surprising is that women are indignant, well, what does it matter to you? You are not my boyfriend, not my husbands, not people close to me, why is this maddeningly infuriating to you? Because of this, I have not ceased to be myself, have not ceased to have respect from loved ones, and I am absolutely indifferent to anyone who discusses me and my life behind my back. You live as you want, and I will live as I want. “

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Do we have the right to discuss other people’s pictures: the opinion of the expert Bologny

The Internet was originally conceived as an absolutely free, democratic space where everyone can express their point of view, publish a photo or video.

Of course, over time, the necessary restrictions appeared, but in addition to them, many users willingly take on the role of censors, discussing and condemning other people’s pictures. How decent is it to publish, say, a photo in a swimsuit or a tight-fitting dress, is it correct to upload provocative pictures, are there moral restrictions on social status, on the principle of marriage, motherhood, and so on?

You can argue about this endlessly, but there is a simple formula for defining acceptable and unacceptable behavior: a person, be Ksenia Borodina, Anna Sedokova or Maria Ivanovna from the next doorway, has the right to do everything that does not violate the rights, freedoms and interests of others. And the issue of admissibility or immorality should be considered in the same plane. Does Xenia’s latest publications harm anyone? Definitely not. And if specifically you do not like such pictures, then, forgive the banality, do not watch them.

There are two sides to the morality issue on social media, though.

  • What about the behavior of the commentators themselves?
  • Is it correct to dictate to other people how they look?
  • What to wear, what photos to upload?

In simple terms, is he right who always pokes his nose into other people’s affairs? It is very important to understand that your personal beliefs on a particular issue are not the absolute norm for everyone. And it is completely wrong to criticize others on the basis of subjectivity.

What do you think about social media criticism? Who is right in these situations?

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