What Ph Is John Innes No 3

John Innes No.3 is a loam-based compost that can be used to plant out or repot mature plants. It contains Q4 fertilisers and has an acid-neutral PH, which is suitable for most house plants and vegetables grown in containers. It has a slightly acidic pH level, so it is not suitable for use with very acid-loving plants.

John Innes No 3 potting-on compost has a pH of 5.5-6.0, which is slightly acidic. Its ideal level is between 5.6 and 6.5, which is great for plants with medium roots. It also contains trace elements that are found in soil, making it useful for anchoring larger plants. If you’re looking for a more alkaline-base compost, John Innes No 2 might be a good choice.

John Innes No 3 is an acid-based product, which is different from most other potting media. It has a neutral pH between 5.5 and 6.0 so it can be used best for plants with lower pH requirements. This product is very popular for potted plants and can be used with a wide variety of plants. However, some varieties of John Innes No 3 may be more suitable for certain plants than others.

Another potting media that is widely sold is John Innes No 3. It has several advantages over soil-free media. This product contains trace elements and has a higher pH than soil-free potting media. Since it is not made from soil, it is environmentally friendly. It also contains less ground chalk, which lowers the pH. This type of potting soil should be used with extreme care.

John Innes No 3 Mature plant compost is a loam-based product, which is slightly acidic. Its pH level is about 5-6. It is suitable for many plants because of its high pH. If you’re looking for an organic, rich compost, look no further than John Innes No 3. Its rich mix of nutrients is ideal for indoor plants and is best for mature, established plants.

John Innes No 3 is slightly acidic, but is the best potting compost for mature plants. It has a neutral PH and is ideal for many plants. If you want a compost that is acidic but not overly acidic, then John Innes No 3 is a good choice. It contains peat, which is naturally reduced peat. John Innes No 3 acidic mix will support mature plants.

John Innes No 3 Mature Plant Compost is a neutral to slightly acidic product. The pH level is optimum for plants, but the soil pH should not be too acidic. For optimal growth, the soil pH should be between five and six. The John Innes No 3 Mature plant Composted is recommended for plants that require more acidic soil or plants that are too strong.

John Innes No 3 Mature Plant Compost is slightly acidic. Its composition has been specifically designed for mature plants. It has a pH of 5.4. It is a medium that is neutral to slightly acidic and supports high-quality plants. It can be mixed in with soil or other organic material. The composition of the soil will be determined by the type of John Innes No 3 Mature Plant Composted.

John Innes No 3 Mature Plant Compost is an acid-neutral product that contains a comprehensive blend of nutrients for plants. Its pH level ranges from neutral to slightly acidic, making it ideal for plants that are grown in containers. It contains trace elements that are beneficial to plant growth. It is more environmentally friendly than its peat-free counterparts. Most peat substitutes have a lower acidity than peat. Ground chalk is used to increase the pH level in the John Innes No 3 Potting on Compost.

John Innes No. 3 Potting-On Compost is a mixture of Vitax ericaceous and peat moss. It is richer than John Innes No.2 Potting-On Compost, so you can be sure that the mixture is the right one for your plants. This formula is made up of a specific mixture of grit and peat.

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