What to give a guy on February 23 – 14 gifts for a loved one

Each girl, choosing a gift for her young man, wants to surprise and please him. The purpose of the search is such a thing that the guy would use and would not leave the object collecting dust on the shelf. Gifts – shaving sets, socks, and underwear – have become commonplace and predictable.

Consider the best original gifts for Defender of the Fatherland Day, which can be purchased for a loved one for a small amount.

  • Table disco ball

The lamp is suitable for holding a home party. Plugging it in, you will see the room glow with colored lights. A mirror ball will also be a creative gift. When turned on, it will begin to rotate, and by directing a light source at it, the whole room will be illuminated with glare. Hanging a mirror disc ball is as easy as shelling pears – there is a special mount. For a more festive effect, light sources can be directed at the ball.

Table disco ball

Perhaps even a mug can be made unusual. If you want the young man to remember you more often, order a mug with your joint photo. As soon as the guy is drinking tea, he will think about you, your relationship and the happy moment captured in the photo. An excellent gift for February 23rd will also be a mug with a cool, comic inscription or with an original design. For example, a battery mug showing a charge indicator. It can be used to determine how much drink is left.

A notebook labeled “Plan to Take Over the World” is perfect for a smart guy who sets big goals in life. And the diary “My Brilliant Ideas” will push your young man to a creative approach to any business, be it school events or workdays.

  • Coughing ashtray

A great gift that will eventually make your boyfriend quit smoking. The ashtray looks like a human lung. It has built-in special electronic sensors that react to a half-smoked cigarette. From the ash and heat, the device begins to cough terribly and even scream. A good gift hinting about the dangers of smoking on the human body.

Coughing ashtray

  • Case for phone

Today you cannot meet a person who does not have a telephone. Knowing the model of your beloved’s cell phone, you can purchase a cover for him according to your taste and color. By the way, ordering it with your joint photo is also real.

  • Compact USB vacuum cleaner for cleaning your keyboard or computer

This amazing gift is powered by the USB port of a computer or laptop and has a replaceable nozzle, slim, which is great for removing dust between the buttons of your keyboard. Of course, your loved one will be delighted with such a gift, because his workplace will always be clean and tidy. By the way, the suction power of such equipment is average and amounts to 250-480 watts.

  • The umbrella is original and at the same time a simple gift

It is not difficult for a young man to find an umbrella. The color is usually black. The manifestation of your creativity lies in the selection of the umbrella handle. For example, an umbrella with a katana handle will appeal to any guy who loves games or movies with a samurai theme.

  • Board and other games

If your man likes to get together at home with a company, give him board games “Mafia” or “Uno”, “Air hockey” or “Twister”. These popular games will create a fun atmosphere and your mutual friends will definitely not get bored.

Air hockey

As a rule, young people do not part with their headphones even when they go to bed. Make your boyfriend happy by presenting him with unique headphones with different tips for February 23rd. For example, with a smiling emoji, skull, bolts or bananas. Putting them on, the guy will have bananas sticking out of his ears. Funny, isn’t it? But his family will immediately understand that he does not hear them.

The accessory is intended for a motorist. By purchasing special polarizing glasses as a gift, you will save your young man from an accident on the road. The accessory will eliminate glare in sunny weather or those that are reflected from snow, water or headlights of oncoming cars.

The creativity of this gift is given by the form. You can buy slippers-tanks, which will be just on the theme of the holiday. By the way, you can tie them yourself, thereby showing your concern for your beloved. And the avid motorist can be presented with slippers with flashlights in the shape of cars. Convenient and comfortable sneakers will light up the whole room when walking.

  • Unusual world map or globe

A traveler will definitely like such a gift. With the help of a coin, the young man will erase the protective layer on the map or write with a marker on the globe, while marking the countries he has visited. You can place items in a room or study. All relatives and friends will be able to see your boyfriend’s discoveries.

Unusual world map

  • Book or e-reader

Knowing the preferences of a loved one, you can give him an educational gift. If he spends all his time at work, pay attention to the literature that will be associated with his activities. If he is still in school or other institution, take a look at science fiction books. Science fiction is also read by many gamers. By the way, if you are not sure about your boyfriend’s hobbies, then present him with a certificate to the bookstore, where he can buy whatever he wants.

  • Gift certificate or card

You can find them at a sports store, pub, restaurant, brasserie, hardware store, or digital electronics store. If you do not know what to give, this surprise will be chosen right to the point. The young man himself decides on the purchase and pays for it by cashing a certificate or using the nominal amount on the card. It is also possible to purchase a certificate for an activity such as archery, go-karting or a fitness center.

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