What to give dad for the New Year

The best gifts for dad for the New YearThe very joyful and long-awaited New Year’s holidays are approaching, which almost every person associates with warmth, a fairy tale, wonderful anticipation, and care for loved ones. These days I want to bring joy to those people who have given you love, comfort and affection all their lives – your parents.

“What to give dad for the upcoming New Year’s holidays?” – this question worries many of us, and therefore, on the eve of the celebration, we decided to focus on the most necessary and useful things that can bring joy to a dear person, be practical, and at the same time – original.

Have you already decided what to give your mom for the New Year?

What to give dad for the New Year holidays - the best gift ideas for dads for the New Year!one. Tickets for a concert of classical music, favorite band, performer can give your parents untold pleasure, because for sure they haven’t gone to the theater, cinema, concert hall together for a long time. This gift, which you will make to dad, will be remembered for a long time by both of them – parents will be able to remember their youth, be together, enjoy the festive atmosphere. The question of which particular performer’s concert is suitable as a pleasant New Year’s surprise is up to you – it depends on your dad’s music preferences.

2. You can also attach to this gift fruit basket, tea set, delicacy bag, delivered to the parental home. On the day of the concert, you can also significantly increase the festive feeling by setting the table for your parents and giving them a dinner in the restaurant as well.

What to give dad for the New Year holidays - the best gift ideas for dads for the New Year!3. If your beloved dad has a hobby, is interested, for example, in fishing, hunting, collecting, history, etc., then you can look for him as a gift beautiful colorful handbook or interesting book… Many people treat gifts in the form of books with prejudice, considering them boring and commonplace – but this is far from the case. Walk through the bookstores, you will see many glossy, very high quality and informative encyclopedias, richly decorated and very presentable books. Your dad will be glad to receive as a gift a book or a reference book on his hobby, which at one time he could not acquire due to a total shortage.

4. Do not give a gift on the go, without congratulations, get ready for this moment, save a nice postcard with words from the heart, come up with a worthy packaging for your gift.

What to give dad for the New Year holidays - the best gift ideas for dads for the New Year!5. If your dear dad loves to watch movies, or he has his own particular preferences in music, you can give him gift collection DVDs – films or concerts. Nowadays, you can find very beautifully designed real DVD libraries, in which your dad will find not only discs with high-quality recordings, but also booklets, annotations, books with descriptions of films or the biography of a music artist. This gift will never gather dust on the shelf, the main thing is to guess exactly with the preferences of your dear person.

What to give dad for the New Year holidays - the best gift ideas for dads for the New Year!6. Purse, leather belt are considered common gifts. But you can opt for them, if the dad is conservative, maybe he works in the office. Alternatively, for a gift, you can choose and notebook in high quality leather binding, purse bag for documents in the car, branded pen… If you give a wallet, you can make an additional surprise for your dad by putting tickets to a theater, an interesting concert, a movie, or a gift certificate to a bookstore.

What to give dad for the New Year holidays - the best gift ideas for dads for the New Year!7. If a beloved man spends a lot of time on the road, driving his car, or he often goes fishing, hunting, outdoor recreation, then as a gift to himself he will be very happy to see a comfortable and roomy thermos with metal flask, or thermos mug… You can attach a pack of good tea, a box of chocolate, a travel set of dishes to such a gift.

What to give dad for the New Year holidays - the best gift ideas for dads for the New Year!eight. In recent years, ubiquitous computerization has become common gifts – accessories for a computer or laptop… You can choose as a gift for your beloved dad web cam – unless, of course, he has it. As a gift, dad will also be happy to receive devices that will surprise him and be useful at the same time – for example, a capacious flash card in the original design, fan with USB powered, USB heater for a cup of tea, tabletop USB lamp, fan stand for laptop, USB Heater for Home Slippers… If we talk about such accessories, as a gift for dear dad, you can offer a beautiful Leather Case for his cell phone, memory card for a mobile phone, maybe even a new one mobile phone

9. What to give dad for the New Year holidays - the best gift ideas for dads for the New Year!Ma dinner that goes in for sports and loves outdoor activities can be given subscription to the pool or gym… The son can go swimming or go in for sports with his dad, and then the gift will take on additional meaning as an occasion to communicate, have men’s conversations, and be together. Subscriptions to the pool can be presented for both parents, and then dad and mom will be happy to receive water procedures in the coldest season, relieve stress on the spine, keep oneself in good shape and active – which, you see, is very problematic during the winter months.

10. Does your dad often go fishing, outdoor recreation? Give him barbecue or grill equipment, quality grill… Currently, you can choose grills for every taste – coal, gas, electric, of any capacity and modification. This gift can be combined with a set of picnic utensils, grill accessories – various pallets, holders, potholders, lighters, skewers, thermometer, apron, spatulas, etc. Having received this gift, your dad will be happy to try it out soon, and your family will enjoy a very pleasant vacation together, as well as barbecue dinners, good food from your favorite chef.

eleven. mini pivovarnyaDoes your dad love to organize parties for family and friends, and is he a good judge of beer? Give him “Mini brewery“, With which he himself can make beer to his taste. This is a real delight for connoisseurs and lovers of “live” unfiltered beer, which will prepare not only a very high quality and tasty, but also a very “healthy”, wholesome drink. Your dad will be able to surprise you and your friends with various types of beer that he will brew at home. This gift can be accompanied by a book – a guide to brewing, or a beautiful set of glasses for beer with the personalized logo of your favorite master brewer.

pogodnaya stanciya12. For older people, one of the most interesting and often discussed issues is the issue of weather. You can give your dad a real electronic “Weather stationso that he knows in advance about the coming rains and winds. This gift will not cost you much, but it will bring great joy to parents, who can accurately know the weather in advance, becoming real “meteorologists” for numerous friends and neighbors. Your dad will also keep you informed about weather changes, therefore, we can say that you are purchasing a gift not only for your dad, but, as it turns out, for yourself, the whole family.

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What to give dad for the New Year holidays - the best gift ideas for dads for the New Year!Do not forget that it is not the value of your gift that is very important to a man, but your attention, the words that you say to him or write on a postcard. Do not forget that it is better to give the present to dad in person, having come to him for a festive dinner.

By the way, if you do not want your parents to worry and fuss while preparing treats for the festive table, you can buy and deliver them in advance sets of frozen semi-finished products, as well as frozen ready-made meals, desserts, berries.

Do not forget to visit your parents, say good words to them, take care of them not only on holidays, but also on ordinary weekdays, because your daughter and filial attention is so dear to the elderly.

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