Eastern test – which negative trait dominates in your life

Every person is unique. But, the disadvantages are often the same for everyone. Some people are hot-tempered, others – vain and arrogant, others – fearful and restless, etc. Psychology distinguishes a lot of negative traits, but they all have one thing in common – a negative impact on life and destiny in general.

Unfortunately, we cannot help you to cope with your shortcomings, as it depends only on you. However, with this unique oriental test, you can learn about your main negative trait.

What do we have to do? Take a look at the picture. Choose 1 of 5 birds that you liked the most. See the result below.

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Eastern test - which negative trait dominates in your life

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Bird # 1 – Egocentrism

Your main flaw is selfishness or even self-centeredness. You put yourself at the head of everything and everyone. You think you are irresistible, so you are genuinely surprised when some people do not show you the respect you deserve. Sounds like you, doesn’t it?

In fact, there is nothing wrong with selfishness, only if it is “healthy”. Yes, modern psychology teaches a person that he should love and appreciate himself first of all. However, do not forget that the people around you also have their own desires and needs. Love not only yourself but others as well. If you learn to interact kindly with friends, colleagues and relatives, your life will become much better.

Bird # 2 – Pride

The second bird is the most proud. Psychologists say that people are not born with pride, since this is an exclusively acquired character trait. Some people around you think you are arrogant. It’s hard to tell if they’re right. In any case, pride is a protective mask that we often wear if we have experienced a strong resentment against someone.

Someone may have hurt your feelings a lot in the recent past. Hence – resentment and a subconscious desire to disguise her with pride. We recommend that you consult with a therapist about your past grievances, which, unfortunately, negatively affect your present.

Bird # 3 – Self-doubt

It is difficult for you to decide to step out of your comfort zone. This concerns the change of work, environment, personal life, etc. You are stuck in the abyss of complexes and endless mental anguish. Why don’t you love yourself so much? You are a wonderful, unique person! Can’t forgive yourself for mistakes made in the past? And who does not commit them? Life consists of overcoming obstacles and the fact that you are not perfect is absolutely normal. Remember, only the one who does nothing is wrong.

Bird # 4 – Pessimism

The world is full of sorrows and hazy prospects for you. You are an achiever by nature, but the urge to fight is not always appropriate. Unfortunately for you the glass is always half empty. Probably, this attitude is the result of previous failures and negative emotions that accompanied them. Now, knowing this, you can change something in yourself and look at things differently. Think about why you should love your life. Surely there is a lot of beauty in it! Nice people, delicious food, funny hobbies, etc. Be happy and grateful to the Universe for what it has generously endowed you with.

Bird number 5 – Fear of the future

You often experience unreasonable fear, perhaps even having panic attacks. With what it can be connected? Most likely, your dissatisfaction with life is the result of previous suffering. Simply put, you have experienced negative emotions and are afraid that it will happen again. You drag resentments, fears and resentments with you for many years. What for? It’s easier. It seems to you that refusing to act in order to preserve the present will protect you from future sorrows. But, think about the fact that this way you are probably depriving yourself of the chance for happiness on your own. So maybe it’s time to challenge yourself and change something?

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