What to give parents for their wedding anniversary

My parents recently had a ruby ​​wedding. I wondered for a long time over a gift for them. On assignment from Colady’s editors, I did some research to figure out what to give my parents for their wedding anniversary. I will present you the best ideas!

1. Colady Gift Certificate

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New for 2020, which has already been appreciated by hundreds of people! Give your parents a chance to grow. The Colady gift certificate is an opportunity to get advice from the best experts in various fields: psychology, numerology, astrology, fashion, health, etc. The advantage of using the certificate is the online format. Your parents will be able to communicate with the expert remotely. Hurry up to buy, the number of offers is limited!

2. Digital photo frame or rotating album for photos

This gift, of course, must be given with photos from the family archive already placed on the device or in the album, arranged along the timeline – from the moment when your parents met each other until today.

A photo frame or a rotating photo album should have photographic evidence of all the most important events in the life of your parents and your whole family – for example, graduation from the institute and their receipt of diplomas, about everyday life and awards, about the birth of children, then grandchildren, about family holidays, meetings, etc. hobby. Now mom and dad will have all the photos at hand, and will often look through this album, remembering every minute of their life together.

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3. Breakfast table in bed

So that your mom and dad can give each other minutes of tenderness every day, you can present them with a gift in the form of a beautifully decorated breakfast table in bed, with a beautiful elegant set of dishes for two persons. This table will also be useful for them as a stand for needlework, hobbies, reading, and work on a laptop.

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4. Music center in retro style

If your parents are very fond of listening to music, you can opt for a gift for a music center, decorated in a retro style. For this gift, you can pick up sets of DVDs or special gift albums with the music of their youth. Of course, such gifts must be chosen, knowing exactly about the parents’ preferences in music.

5. Personalized orders, cups, medals

As a souvenir, you can order special personalized medals, orders, cups for mom and dad. On these items, you can make a special engraved inscription with congratulations and wishes to both parents. These gifts can be presented as a government awards ceremony, with appropriate music and appropriate solemnity.

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6. Family tree

This gift will require from you more than one day of painstaking work on design, selection of photos, search for “branches” of the family, but the result can exceed all expectations. This book can reflect the history of a family for several generations from the parental union – it is very important to have photographs and stories of the life of some ancestors, photographs of the places where they lived, descriptions of the most important events and achievements of their lives.

Modern printing can help in the design of this gift – you can print the pages of the “pedigree book” on good paper, using modern technology. This book, we are sure, will henceforth be passed down from generation to generation, already to your descendants.

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7. Vacation package

If you have the finances, you can arrange an unforgettable romantic trip for your parents – both to other countries and in Russia, with a visit to the places of their acquaintance and young life. Currently, many travel agencies are engaged in the design of such trips in the appropriate way – for example, making gifts for the “young”, romantic dinners for two, special greetings. For such a trip, parents can be presented, for example, with a very high-quality travel suitcase.

8. Portrait of parents in oil

In order for the wedding anniversary of the parents to become a truly memorable, memorable event, you can order a good master to write their general portrait with a photo. This picture must be painted with a very high quality, because it is supposed to be placed in the most prominent place in the apartment of mom and dad.

For the picture, you need to choose a beautiful frame, adhering to the style in which the parents’ apartment is decorated. Such a gift will be very original and unexpected, will cause very vivid emotions and joy in the heroes of the occasion.

9. Dinner for two

It is quite possible that on the next date of your wedding, your parents do not want a noisy feast and fuss around them at all. In this case, you can please them with a well-thought-out and prepared romantic dinner for two in a cozy and quiet restaurant, in which you can ask for a table decoration corresponding to the event – candles, champagne, rose petals, flowers, etc.

Such a gift will become an unforgettable romantic excursion for mom and dad during their young meetings, dates, when they could enjoy communicating with each other.

10. Wedding collage

If you cannot order a joint portrait of your parents from a portrait master, then you can easily make an excellent wedding collage using photos of your parents. The collage can be done in various techniques – painting, applique, patchwork, salt dough modeling, scrapbooking, etc. This collage, in order to become a truly festive gift, must be decorated in an appropriate way – choose a beautiful frame for it, choose your wishes and inscriptions.

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