What can replace the face primer?

Face primerThe make-up, which lasted as long as possible, will delight its owner. A properly selected and applied makeup base helps maintain makeup.

However, the primer is not always easy to pick up the first time, and learning how to use it correctly can be difficult.

Do not be alarmed! Even at home, you can find products that can serve as an excellent base for makeup.

1. Deodorant

A deodorant will help make makeup more durable, as it controls, or more precisely, interferes with the work of the sweat and sebaceous glands.

In general, it is the so-called “heavy artillery”, and we do not recommend using it regularly as a primer.

Roll-on deodorant

This, of course, is exclusively about roll-on deodorant. Although it does an excellent job of matting and partial smoothing of the skin’s relief, it is simply unsafe to use it on the face every day.

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2. After shave balm

You can go further and look into the small arsenal of men’s cosmetics. There you have a ninety percent chance of finding aftershave balm.

After shave balm

So, its beneficial properties are skin hydration and restoration. This means that it will help well to relieve irritation, partially anesthetize rashes and remove oily sheen from the skin, as well as simply moisturize it properly.

3. Moisturizer

By the way, about moisturizing. Sometimes, dehydration can be the cause of skin problems, such as excessive oiliness or dryness. When applying a foundation on such skin, you will notice that, after a couple of hours, the tone literally “rolls down”, and unpleasant pigment residues remain on the face in places. It looks very ugly.

Why is this happening? The fact is that the foundation also contains water. And dehydrated skin absorbs it into itself, leaving on the surface all the other substances that make up the tone.

Moisturizing cream

A moisturizer will help to cope with this unpleasant result. Therefore, it can be used not before applying the primer, but instead of it. The main thing is that it is well absorbed and saturates the skin with moisture. All this can be checked by eye.

Depending on the absorbency of the cream, you can apply makeup from two minutes after the moisturizer has been applied.

This makeshift primer can be used every day – it does not harm the skin, but just the opposite.

4. BB cream

This product already contains pigment from the very beginning, with which you can cover the skin with an even tone.

However, it can and should also be used as a base. For this, it is important that it be a shade lighter than the tonal applied over it. Another important nuance – BB and tone should be based on the same substance.

BB cream1

Like most foundation, this cream has water as its main ingredient. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find a “pair” for him.

Life hack: it is better to take products of the same company and brand: in this case, the components will be more comfortable to coexist with each other.

5. Cream for irritation

Such creams are rarely found in the store – they are sold in pharmacies. In their main purpose, they help relieve irritation from mechanical action on the skin, as well as from the consequences of allergic reactions.

It is not surprising that a small portion of such a cream will benefit the make-up, making it more persistent and at the same time harmless to the skin of the face.

  Irritation cream

It is also important to monitor how it is absorbed, and only then apply to the problem area. Before a long event, it is best to apply this cream on the whole face two times a day: in the morning and in the evening. This will help the skin to be better hydrated and the makeup durability will increase.

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