What to see on Old Arbat

One of the oldest streets in the heart of the Mother See has always attracted both guests of the city and the townspeople themselves. Its amazing atmosphere and uniqueness, sung in many songs and films, has remained unchanged over the years.

The COLADY editorial office presents the most interesting sights of the Old Arbat in Moscow. What must a tourist see?

Old Arbat in Moscow: the most interesting sights
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The content of the article:

Map of Old Arbat in Moscow – how to get to Old Arbat

Walking tour along the Arbat Is a journey into the past and an excursion to the present, from the Arbat Gate to Smolenskaya-Sennaya Square. This is a multitude of historical lanes, architectural monuments and an ever-living legendary street.

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Sights of Old Arbat – what to see on Old Arbat?

  • Arbat Gate Square, which got its name from the Arbat entrance tower of the White City in the old days. The word “arbat” is believed to have been brought to the capital by the Crimean Tatars (translated as a suburb).
  • Cinema Artistic, opened in 1909, is one of the oldest operating cinemas. And opposite it is a memorial sign in honor of the church of St. Boris and Gleb. The temple itself, recreated according to the drawings, is located on Znamenka in front of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense.
  • Immediately behind monument to Gogol the boulevard of the same name originates, and on the other side – House of Mosselprom
  • Restaurant “Prague”, which has existed since the 19th century, and was discovered by the merchant Tararykin. It was here, in the exemplary dining room of Mosselprom, that Kisa Vorobyaninov danced in his famous novel.
  • To the right of “Prague” begins New Arbat, sarcastically nicknamed by Muscovites “false jaw”. Not far from the restaurant, on Povarskaya – Church of Simeon the Stylite
  • Right behind the restaurant – house number 4 (mansion of the 19th century), which belonged to the relatives of Natalia Goncharova – the noblemen Zavazhsky.
Old Arbat in Moscow: the most interesting sights
  • Here – burenka, advertising symbol of restaurants “Mu-mu”… It has nothing to do with history, but everyone loves to be photographed with it.
  • Georgian restaurant Genatsvale in B. Afanasyevsky lane – a beautiful facade, sculptures, carved stairs and an entrance resembling a wine barrel.
  • House 23 on Arbat is commemorative plaques dedicated to the Great Patriotic War (To the soldiers of the Arbat and the pilot Zenin) and to the residents of the building, known to the Korin brothers (painter and restorer).
  • The 19th century includes house 25 by architect Gedike, originally belonged to the “society of Russian doctors”, and since the 20th century was given to the classes of painting and sculpture. They trained Kuprin, Mukhina and other artists.
  • In Starokonyushenny lane you can see a monument of wooden architecture (19th century) – one-story log homestead, which belonged to the merchant Porokhovshchikov.
  • Arbat, 26 is a well-known Vakhtangov theater, and next to him is the princess Turandot – a sculptural composition. Opposite – the central House of the Actor, 19th century.
  • An element of the alternative culture of the past – wall of memory of Viktor Tsoi… And a masterpiece of the Russian avant-garde – Melnikov’s house, early 20th century.
  • Church of the Transfiguration on the Sands… This church (the only one that survived on the Arbat in the 30s) was created in 1711 and rebuilt in the 20th century. Not far from the temple there is a square with a monument to Pushkin.
  • Arbat, 43 – the house where Bulat Okudzhava lived, and a sculptural composition in his honor, which occupies an impressive part of Plotnikov Lane. And on Arbat, 51 – the house in which the author of “Kortik” and “Children of the Arbat” lived, Anatoly Rybakov
  • Arbat, 53 – Museum-apartment of the sun of Russian poetry, Pushkin – a two-story blue mansion, to which Alexander Sergeevich brought his wife after the wedding.
Old Arbat in Moscow: the most interesting sights
  • McDonald’s, located at the intersection of Novinsky Boulevard and Arbat since 1993, could not have been mentioned in the list of memorable places if it had not been in a 19th century mansion. And also, if it were not for one of the first establishments of this type in our country, which in the early 90s was considered a real luxury for wealthy people. Not a quick bite for young people.
  • Smolenskaya-Sennaya square… Previously, it was in this place that the border of the Earthen City was located.
  • Grocery store on Novinsky Boulevard, in which Koroviev and Bulgakov’s Begemot were hooligans based on the novel.

Old Arbat is a metro station. How to get to Old Arbat by public transport?

It is impossible to get to the Old Arbat by car, bypassing traffic jams. Therefore, the best option is the subway:

  • Before Arbatskaya metro station (Filevskaya line) – to the beginning of Stary Arbat street.
  • Before metro Smolenskaya (Filevskaya line) – towards the end of the street.

You can also go by ground transport – by trolleybus B you can get to Smolenskaya Square, from where it is already a stone’s throw to the Arbat.

Shops, restaurants, cafes, theater on Old Arbat

The most successful time for walking along the most famous street of the capital are weekend and friday evening… It is on these days that life on the Arbat is most saturated with meetings with artists and musicians, live music, clowns and artists, etc. You will not be bored! Do you want to buy souvenirs? You are welcome. Would you like to get a tattoo? No problem! Arbat is a historic street-mood.
Where can you go on the Old Arbat?

Cafes and restaurants:

  • The original bard-cafe “Blue Trolleybus”. Arbat, 14.
  • Restaurant “Prague”.
  • The cuisine of the Prague restaurant known throughout the capital.
  • McDonald’s.
  • Navruz (Uzbek cuisine).
  • Mom’s pasta (Italian cuisine).
  • Peking duck.
  • Varenichnaya “Victory”. Cafe of the Ukrainian network – Soviet interior, affordable prices, waiters in school uniforms and hits of the 80s from the speakers.

Cultural rest:

  • Museums of Pushkin, Tsvetaeva, Lermontov.
  • Vakhtangov Theater.
  • Theater “Old Arbat”.

Shops on Old Arbat:

  • Hair shop. A wide range of textures, colors, etc.
  • Adidas with constant discounts and special offers (Arbat, 29).
  • Gems – “jewelry greetings from the Soviet past” (Arbat, 35).
  • DD Shop is a shopping center with a shop for girls with an impressive “bust” (Arbat, 10).
  • Nike is a sportswear store with traditionally held promotions (Arbat, 19).
  • Russian watches. The assortment includes all Russian watch brands that have survived after perestroika to the present day (Arbat, 11).
  • Lots of antique shops, souvenir and jewelry shops.

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