What Were Followers Of John Calvin In Scotland Called

What were the followers of John Calvin called? In the early 1600s, they were known as Presbyterians in Scotland, Huguenots in France, and Puritans in England. However, they were never called that. In the United States, they were the “Puritans.” It is important to note that the French and English Protestants had nothing to do with the Protestant Reformation.

The theological system developed by John Calvin is called Reformed theology. Those who followed Calvin’s theology were also called Huguenots. The French Protestants who followed him were called Huguenots. The Reformed churches were often referred to as Reformed. This term is used today when referring to a group of Christians who have embraced the principles of the Reformed church.

The movement was named after John Calvin. His followers, or Huguenots, were English Reformed Protestants in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The name Presbyterians arose because they followed the same principles that Calvin taught. The Puritans are the French denomination of the Reformed Church. But the Presbyterians in Scotland were known as the Scottish Calvinists.

The Reformation led to a split in society. Many people who followed John Calvin became Catholic, while some followed the Reformation as a whole. In England, followers of Calvin were known as Huguenots. The Huguenots were a branch of the Protestants, but did not become a Catholic state. There were also some Reformed-era Protestants in Scotland.

What were the followers of John Calvin in Scotland? Their followers were referred to as Huguenots in England, and Puritans in America. In Scotland, they were known as Presbyterians. In France, the Huguenots were a different name. Their beliefs were not unified with those of the Reformation in England or France. Therefore, the Scottish Calvinists were called Presbyterians.

In America and Scotland, the followers of John Calvin were referred to as the Huguenots. While they were Huguenots in Northern France, they were known as the Puritans in Scotland. In America, they were referred to as the Presbyterians. They were also known as the Scottish Calvinists. There were other names for these people, but what were their names?

In the 16th century, the Protestant Reformation led to a change in the name of the people who were religious. In America, the followers of John Calvin were called Protestants. In Scotland, they were known as the Puritans. In Scotland, the people who followed this idea were known as the Huguenots. In France, they were also known as the Presbyterians.

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