Bottle nails – what it looks like

The emergence of new technologies and materials has opened up endless possibilities for beauty salons. Over the past decade, trends in the world of nails have changed faster than ever: pointed, almond-shaped, square, French, with glitters and stickers, multi-colored and pastel. This year, the fashion for manicure has taken a new direction – bottle nails.

Remembering the sea

A new trend came to us from America. For the first time, a photo of bottle nails appeared on Instagram of a resident of New York, the famous manicurist Jessica Washik.

“They are transparent matte, like a bottle glass that has been lying on the ocean coast for many years and washed by the waves of the surf, the girl writes in her blog. Such a manicure will certainly remind you of the sun, sea and serene relaxation. “

nautical nail design

Fact! Voshik herself uses exclusively green and blue shades for bottle-colored nails, but her idea quickly spread across Internet communities, and images of a similar manicure in brown, transparent and even pink shades appeared in them.

Acrylic vs. Gel

For her clients, the American uses transparent forms. However, she is not at all against gel or acrylic.

“For bottle nail designs, top coat is key to create a matte, non-sparkling, translucent surface. reveals Voshik cards in one of the master classes. The material is practically irrelevant: with the same success, manicure can be done on the basis of gel or acrylic “

The girl’s colleagues, who picked up her idea, have already created hundreds of variations with sequins, rhinestones and patterns, but the original transparent bottle nails are still out of competition.

aquarium nail design

Manicure for the little mermaid

Meanwhile, serious passions have flared up on the network about the new trend. If some users considered the novelty “absolute bad taste, not worthy of a modern girl,” others are simply delighted with it.

“If the little mermaid could sign up for a manicure, but she would certainly choose such a design, commented on the work of her colleague Violetta Bruz. It’s a stunning combination of brightness and lightness. “

Other users compared the design to lollipops and thought it was Kylie Jenner’s style.

Manicure for the little mermaid

Four winter trends

Jessica Voshik not only introduced bottle nails into fashion, but also developed 4 more manicure trends for autumn-winter 2019/2020:

  1. “Pearl scattering”: the use of large artificial pearls in the design of nails.
  2. “Multicolor”: manicure in several shades of the same tone.
  3. Golden Luxury: A bright and shiny color for those who are not afraid to stand out.
  4. New French: intricate shapes, shapes and lines in classic colors.

unusual jacket

Bottle nails are a continuation of the modern manicure trend towards simplifying shapes and colors. They will remind you of summer vacations, the sun, the sea and will look good in any look: both a business woman and the stars of a club party.

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