Why Did Black Burton Punch John Thornton

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the case of “Black Burton” is why he punched John Thornton in the throat. Buck was a wealthy man who lived in southern California with his parents, and the two were feuding over the raft. When Thornton stepped in to stop the fight, Buck was so angry that he tore the man’s throat. Although the story is controversial, there are several explanations for this event.

First, Buck’s motives for intervening are unclear. The reason is that he is afraid that if Thornton beats him, he might lose his life in the process. After all, he saved Thornton from drowning, and now he is angry with him for saving him. It is not clear why Buck was so upset at Burton, but he does acknowledge that his actions saved Thornton’s life.

Another reason is that Buck has no idea why Thornton attacked him. He has only seen this scene once, but it shows the importance of Buck to the plot. In the novel, Buck does not know why Burton would do such a terrible thing. In the movie, Burton is angry because he won a bet against Thornton. The fight between the two men ends when John Thornton steps in to help his friend.

Lastly, the reason Buck punched Thornton is largely emotional. The actor is scared that if he continues to fight with Thornton, the villain will take his life and leave him for dead. He does not like this, and that’s why he was angry at Thornton. But this does not mean Burton is a bad guy. He is just a victim of his circumstances.

In the book, Thornton and Black Burton met in Circle City. In the novel, Buck is a good man and has been portrayed as a vicious, evil man. He is a friend to both Buck and Burton. In the film, he has a sister, and she has a son named Jeremy. He is a friend to a few people, but is not a good one to others.

After the meeting in Circle City, Thornton was able to stop the fight between the two men. He had a chance to save Johnson Thorton, but he is not willing to allow him to do it. He is afraid that the man will leave his life and kill him, but he was able to stop it by intervening. However, his friend has already been killed, so he is not aware of the incident.

In the movie, Black Burton punches John Thornton in the chest after he has been beaten by Buck. In the book, Buck is an evil person, but Thornton tries to intervene and saves Thornton. In the movie, Buck comes forward to scratch Burton’s throat, but he doesn’t fight back. This is how the film has changed over the years. The original novel had a much more violent scene, and it was not filmed because of this.

The novel calls for Thornton to kill Buck, and it is unclear if Burton will kill the young man. In the movie, Buck’s fear for his life is further fuelled by his anger towards Burton. In the book, Burton saves the young man from drowning, which causes the second film’s title. The novel was written by William Shakespeare and adapted by David Stratton.

The story is based on the novel. The film has many twists and turns. In the novel, Buck is a rich man who lives with a wealthy family in southern California. The book was modified to make the story more “family-friendly” for younger audiences, and it contains some racist elements. It is important to note that the movie will always maintain its original intention. For instance, it might change some things in the movie.

In the movie, Buck is injured by John Thornton’s sled, but the crowd cheers for Thornton. The dog was rescued by John Thornton, and Thornton has since become the ideal dog master. Its name is Buck, and it is the reason why Black Burton punched him. The film is based on the novel by Jack London. The characters of the book are also very different from the ones in the movie.

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