Why Is Laravel The Best Php Framework?

Technology is now an essential component of our lives in this digital age. To grow their presence, traffic, and sales, businesses are moving to the online platform and creating a website with intuitive navigation, a secure design, and other features. One of the most complex parts of the early stages of product development is picking the appropriate framework for your application. One of the most established and well-known PHP frameworks is Laravel.

Symfony, Phalcon, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Yii 2, Zend, CakePHP, Slim, etc., are only a few of the frameworks for the PHP scripting language that have strong technological skills. However, the top spot among PHP MVC frameworks has remained with Laravel. 77.5% of all websites with server-side programming languages we are aware of utilize PHP, according to a survey report by W3Tech.

However, Laravel is still the most widely used of them all. On GitHub, Laravel has 71.6K stars and 23.2K forks as of this writing. Despite all this, Laravel has several built-in features that will reduce the cost of development and handle several low-level aspects while supplying a beautiful MVC architectural pattern. So, let’s examine what factors make Laravel the finest PHP framework.

Reasons Why Laravel Is the Best Php Framework

Although there are several PHP web development framework options, Laravel is the one developers favour the most. Consequently, why use Laravel and what makes it unique? Laravel is equipped with every feature a developer might need to create a cutting-edge PHP application. It puts the end user in the centre and facilitates their completion of tasks. The following section will examine how Laravel helps programmers create dynamic websites and robust web applications. Laravel is the best PHP framework for the reasons listed below.

Robust Security

The PHP framework Laravel assures that security is incorporated into your design because it is a crucial database component. The Laravel architecture and framework guarantee that application security is considered. Passwords saved by Laravel are not stored as explicit texts that are vulnerable to hacking. An automatic token is generated each time a specific user logs into the system to prevent unauthorized access to the website. By utilizing the Bcrypt hashing technique, the password is afterwards encrypted. Injection attempts on your database are also made more challenging by Laravel because it already has prepared SQL statements.

Authorization & Access Control

Data in the different databases are secure, and their integrity is preserved thanks to authorization and access control. Using configurable settings, Laravel makes creating access control and permission easier. Laravel automatically builds elements like a login manager, register, and views when you configure authentication. You may quickly extend the functionality of the components based on your application and its logic. Through social networking Sites like Instagram and Twitter, users can be authenticated thanks to the integration of social apps in the Laravel social package. Among Laravel’s outstanding features is how simple and convenient authentication and permissions are.

Database Migration

The term “database migration” refers to migrating your data from the database where it is now stored to another. Numerous factors, such as a switch in database platforms, may lead to the migration of the database. During migration, synchronizing the databases on additional development machines is necessary. Incorporating modification onto the major development devices is made possible by Laravel’s quick and simple migration process. The most noticeable feature of Laravel is this one. You can hire Laravel developers with experience in migrating databases to laravel for the better.

MVC architecture

By facilitating clarity between your site’s logic and presentation, the Model View Controller Support can help. Additionally, MVC helps with performance improvement, better documentation creation, and the delivery of several built-in functionalities. This architecture offers a simple approach to creating apps for companies and corporations. When working with large projects, MVC support makes unstructured coding simpler. You can segment your work into easily accessible files in logical directories. Additionally, it helps with how the application generally seems to users, enabling you to brand the finished product better.

Task management

Every web application needs to manage tasks and configure its environment. Sending emails, cleaning up databases, and other operations are simple to set up and schedule using the Laravel PHP web framework. Using the command scheduler adds a new entry to your server and frequent requests for the scheduler. This command scheduler executes each task that has been scheduled and makes it simple to calculate the number of tasks that have been scheduled.

Automatic Package Discovery

Installing packages is frequently complicated due to compatibility issues. The deployment of modules was complex in Laravel’s earlier iterations. This restriction prompted the incorporation of the new auto package discovery functionality. The ability to automatically recognize packages users want to install has been available since Laravel 5.5. There is no longer a need for initial aliases when a new configuration is necessary.


It might be said to fall within the techniques and packages category. For additional details on Artisan, let me say that it is a particular command-line interface style typically employed to aid in the development of anything else, usually an application. Thanks to artisans, programming codes must no longer be repeatedly and diligently written.

Blade Template Engine

By fusing data with templates, a template engine creates documents. Integrating static files with your application is possible using a template engine. This procedure is performed using a templating language. The Blade Template Engine, available with Laravel, functions admirably with PHP and HTML applications.

Eloquent ORM

One of the many methods accessible in computer science is object-relational mapping. It is used to transfer data from incompatible systems into more compatible systems. Object-oriented programming languages are used for this. By doing this, a simulated database that is accessible from the scripting language itself is created. You can accomplish it thanks to Laravel’s ORM system. A formal syntax allows you to communicate with data items and comprehend database relationships.


One of the top PHP frameworks for websites and web projects is Laravel because of its many features, like the Oops libraries, MVC pattern, command-line interface, a robust templating engine, and an emphasis on security in software architecture. If all of this sounds persuasive enough, we advise you to consider this suggestion and, keeping the points in mind, hire dedicated developers with the necessary experience for your project. The framework’s previously described functionalities can only be utilized after then.

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