Women’s moon rovers, or moonbuts – these are not fools for you

What to wear with lunar rovers this winter - women's moonboots in 7 stylish looksWomen’s moon rovers are a must-have for this winter! Practical and functional for the winter season are the so-called moonboots (English Moon Boot – “shoes for the moon.” Italian shoe brand). Fashionable warm boots will allow you to look original, and at the same time move comfortably even in bad weather.

The unusual appearance of shoes has become a subject of discussion and controversy among fashionistas, so it is especially important to figure out how to wear moon boots correctly. You will always look stylish and beautiful in moonboots if you learn to combine the product with other clothes.

The content of the article:

  1. Refined style or sheer bad taste?
  2. What brands do the famous moon rovers produce?
  3. These are not fools for you!
  4. Where to take moonbuts this winter?
  5. The most stylish images of stars

Refined style or sheer bad taste?

Outwardly, the footwear is very similar to the outfit of astronauts, which is why it got its name.

Women's moon rovers are ideal shoes for winter
Invented moonbuts, or moon boots, by Italian designer Giancarlo Zanatta, inspired by a TV report about the first man’s walk to the moon

Most often, the product is produced in sizes S, M, L (from 36 to 41). The lunar rovers are small and have a three-dimensional shape. The shoe is very comfortable to wear, there is no difference between the right and left boot. The main feature of the product is that it takes the shape of a leg and does not deform the foot when worn.

The moon rovers are very comfortable, warm and moisture resistant, so they are ideal for any weather. Sturdy rubber outsole prevents falls on slippery terrain. Waterproof raincoat fabric, as well as high rubber edges at the bottom of the boot will keep moisture out. Insulation will allow you to move comfortably at low temperatures.

When developing moonboots, more and more attention is paid to design and decoration. Today it will be possible to purchase the product in a variety of colors, with embroidery, prints and other decor. Boots can be complemented with fur inserts, sequins and rhinestones.

Boots will fit perfectly into sporty as well as casual style.

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What brands do the famous moon rovers produce?

The idea of ​​making the moon rovers belongs to the Italian fashion designer Giancarlo Zanatta. The young designer developed footwear for astronauts in the 70s after the first manned landing on the moon. Giancarlo was so inspired by this event that he decided to show his vision of which moon rovers are suitable for earthlings. The principle of the shoe cut was largely repeated by the astronauts’ boots.

The very first lunar rovers were presented by the Italian shoe brand Moon Boot. Currently, the collection of this brand will be able to find a large number of exquisite boots in black, red and silver.

Other brands also quickly picked up the fashion trend, so you will be able to meet this model at:

  • Love moschino… The manufacturer always processes the textile top of products with a special impregnation that repels moisture. The shoes are made in solid colors and are decorated with an inscription with a logo.
  • Ferragni. Designers use metallic colors and shiny décor in the decor.
  • Gucci… Dropped boots are complemented by a cured wool insulation in the middle. Particular attention is paid to models with a print with the Gucci logo.
  • Adidas. In appearance, the models are similar to winter sneakers, as they have a thick rubber sole (sometimes supplemented with stripes on the sides).
  • Jimmy choo… The manufacturer offers the largest selection of colors and styles. It will be possible to purchase moon boots of an understated and high cut. Most often, models are decorated with fur decor, and the top is decorated with a zebra, leopard or tiger print.

These are not fools for you!

Some fashionistas mistakenly believe that dutik and moon walkers are one and the same shoe, but this is not so. These two models are only vaguely similar to each other, since their cut is completely different.

Lunar rovers are more practical and comfortable for walking in bad weather. The presence of a non-slip sole and high sides in the lower part of the product distinguishes the lunar rovers from the dutik. Many manufacturers use an anatomical insole and heel insert in the manufacture of moonboots, which protects the foot from impacts and provides good cushioning.

The cuff in the ducks is adjustable and fixed thanks to the Velcro. In the manufacture of moon boots, metal loops and cross-shaped lacing are used. The right and left boots are identical in the lunar rovers; in dutik boots, the boots are different.

Moonbuts have not only a thoughtful cut for bad weather, but also a beautiful design. If dutik are made, most often, only of textiles, then the lunar rovers are additionally decorated with fur inserts, prints, sequins.

Ugg boots, high fur boots, timberlands have a certain similarity with lunar rovers. In the process of making ugg boots, natural sheepskin is used, in the case of lunar rovers it is, most often, a textile upper with a protective membrane. High fur boots when sewing are abundantly decorated with fur, they do not provide for the presence of fasteners and lacing.

It will be easy not to confuse the moon rovers with dutik or other footwear if you pay attention to the following features when buying:

  • The right and left boot do not differ from each other.
  • Cross lacing.
  • The shoe has a waterproof outer layer and a “warm” toe.
  • Inside, the boots are soft and quickly take the shape of the foot.
  • The boot is free.
  • There are only three shoe sizes S, M, L.
  • The boots have high protective sides at the bottom.

Considering all of the above nuances, it will be easier not to fall for a fake.

Where to take moonbuts this winter?

You will always be able to look organically in lunar rovers only if you put them on for the right reasons. Moon boots are not suitable for the office, but in other cases they can be safely worn and combined with various clothes.

Moonbuts will look most harmonious if you put them on for a walk or for outdoor recreation. Shoes are ideally combined with a ski suit, so putting on the product is important for skiing. While practicing other types of winter sports, you will always be able to feel comfortable in the moon rovers. A heel insert and quality rubber outsole provide stability in snow and dangerous terrain.

It is important to put on moon rovers under an inflated jacket and short down jackets. If a fur insert is provided in the design of moonboots, then they will look organically with a sheepskin coat.

It will also not be difficult to look bright and perky on a date in the winter season in moon boots. In this case, it is important to combine shoes with a knitted dress, a voluminous sweater. Plain jeans (or leggings) and moon walkers are practical options for walking.

What women moon rovers wear – the most stylish images of stars

In everyday life, the fashionable novelty of this season was actively picked up by celebrities, bloggers and other media personalities. The famous singer is a lover of moon boots Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

The celebrity prefers to combine moon rovers with puffy jackets, which always looks organic. The presence of fur inserts on the boots is combined with the general image of Mariah. The singer combines two contrasting shades with each other (black and red), which always looks good.

A rather bold image was picked up by the famous presenter Julia Baranovskaya… You can combine moon rovers with jeans and a fur coat, but not in this case. Such an outfit is not suitable for daily walks, but rather for photo shoots or events where you want to express yourself.

Julia Baranovskaya

Fashionistas who love experiments can take note of this look, in other cases it is appropriate to choose a fur coat of a more classic design and color.

Actress Kate Hudson prefers practical moonboots in everyday life. The star knows how to properly combine shoes with another wardrobe.

Kate Hudson

The elongated and shortened lunar rovers are organically combined with a sheepskin coat and a fur coat. Kate wears classic jeans under her moonboots, which always looks tasteful.

Home Star 2 Liza Polygalova For her look, she picked up cropped lunar rovers in a neutral shade.

Liza Polygalova

The shoes are in perfect harmony with leggings and a parka. A similar look is perfect for walking around the city.

Lover to shock the audience Paris Hilton also prefers comfortable moonboots. The star pairs the shoes with jeans, sweatpants and leggings. The first two looks look bright, but they are not suitable for everyday life in cold winters.

Paris Hilton

The third look, where Paris is in a puffy white jacket, looks organic. Fur inserts on boots, jacket, and fur hat complete the look – and are suitable for both walking and dating.

Famous American model Olivia Palermo prefers to wear bright green boots. The celebrity combines shoes with both a parka and a fur coat. A similar look is suitable for daring fashionistas who love experiments.

Olivia Palermo

The third option, where Olivia is wearing black moon rovers, a fur hat and a down jacket, is suitable for every day.

Closes the list of famous personalities who prefer moon rovers, style icon Victoria Beckham… The designer opts for moon boots for winter sports.

Victoria Beckham

She combines moon rovers with both sweatpants and bell bottoms, which looks beautiful in all three cases.

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