Wwe Backlash 2006 John Cena Vs Triple H Vs Edge

The main event of the Backlash pay-per-view was the Triple Threat match between John Cena and Triple H. While Edge had won the WWE Championship, it was the WWE Champion who had lost the title to Triple H. The raging feud between the two superstars ended with a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match in Toronto, where Edge was the defending champion.

The match was a Triple Threat match with Edge, Triple H, and Chris Benoit. During the first segment of the Triple Threat, Edge was standing outside the ring and waited for the two superstars. Cena and Triple H teamed up and catapulted Edge into a steel ringpost. The match ended with an Edgecution and Cena retaining his WWE Championship.

The second half of the match featured three superstars who had previously fought each other, and the match lasted almost five hours. The main event featured an epic battle between the two stars. In the middle, Cena won the slugfest using corner whips, flying shoulder tackles, and a vertical suplex. However, the crowd was not happy. After the match, Edge and Hunter traded blows with each other on the apron, and Edge finally laid Cena out with a sledgehammer.

The third main event of Wrestlemania was the Backlash 2006 title match between Edge and Triple H. John Cena won the match in a no-holds-barred DQ. The second half of the main event featured a rematch between the former king of the ring, Lita and Trips. In the second half, Triple H retained his wwe championship by defeating Edge by enzigning the enzigna and Lita with a ringside attack.

The second half of the wwe backlash 2006 final featured John Cena vs Edge and Triple H in a six-man tag team match. The main event was the hottest of the night. The fans were enamored with the ensuing bloodbath. Both men were crowned at the Wrestlemania in the main event. The third half of the Wrestlemania was a knockout match, which was a popular choice among hardcore wrestling fans.

The main event of Wrestlemania 2006 featured a Triple Threat match between John Cena and Triple H. In this match, the two men were facing each other in a six-man tag team match. In the last two weeks, Cena and Triple H have won the wwe championships. The title bout at Wrestlemania included a rematch between Edge and the former king of the WWE.

WrestleMania 22 featured the Triple Threat match between John Cena and Triple H. In this match, the three champions each had their own title. The title match was a classic PPV, with the Edge winning the championship and Rey Mysterio winning the World Heavyweight Championship. The main event of the show featured the defending champ John Cena vs the Triple H. After a bloody match, Edge managed to retain his title and beat Triple h.

This match was a rematch of the WrestleMania 2005 Hardcore match. The show ended in a double KO, with Cena retaining his championship. Both men had a great backstage brawl at the Backlash. At WrestleMania 22, Triple H retained his WWE Title from the Edge and won the Hardcore Tag Team title.

The match featured two superstars from different eras. Edge is considered to be a “rated r” superstar and won the title at wrestlemania 22. After winning the match, the WWE World Championship, Cena defended the title against Triple H. In the rematch, Cena retained his wwe championship. The wwe backlash 2006 john ce vs triple h vsedge¬†para: The WWE Backlash 2006 john cena versus triple h vs edge had an awesome main event. The wwe Championship is on the line and is a huge deal in the professional wrestling world. The rematch will be remembered for its epic ending.

At WrestleMania XXV, John Cena and Edge had a great one-on-one brawl. In the match, Cena used the power of his body to control the big show. The match lasted almost half an hour. Both competitors slammed each other. Aside from the main event, the WWE Backlash was also the first WrestleMania to place a three-way face-to-face Triple H versus Big Show fight.

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