Wwe Raw John Cena Vs Jack Swagger

The WrestleMania 29 Pre-Show featured the main event of WWE Raw, John Cena vs. Jack Swagger. The match was a back and forth battle that ended when Cena threw an elbow and got the upper hand. This led to the ensuing double clothesline that both men suffered. In the aftermath, Swagger hit Cena with an elbow, allowing him to take the win.

After the match, John Cena retained his WWE title against Jack Swagger after a singlet to the shoulder. This was followed by the release of a new video promoting WWE Hell in a Cell. The event will take place at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, with Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon being the featured guests.

After the main event, both men will be aiming for the WrestleMania title. The winner will be crowned at the show. As a consequence, this match will feature the winner of each title. The event will also feature the Night of Champions. Besides the two main event contenders, AJ Styles and Shane McMahon are also scheduled to take part.

Jack Swagger beats Cena on Monday Night RAW after the latter tapped out with a Texas Cloverleaf. The winner of the match will be the one who retains the WWE title. The main event of WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 will also feature Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens. You can watch the match online at WWE.

After the Raw in Kansas City, Cena pinned Swagger with the Neutralizer. However, the match was stopped prematurely by Jack Swagger’s interjection. This is a good sign for both men. But the match could be a flop. Both men would be a perfect match. Regardless of who wins, the crowd is sure to love the match.

The WWE Raw ’17 title match between John Cena and Jack Swagger will feature the World Heavyweight Championship. The match will feature a number of matches between the two. In a match between the two, the winner will be the one who wins the ‘Mania’ title. The winner will be the one who retains the title. The title, however, remains in the hands of the winner.

The two men have been in the ring for a long time. This was a match that featured both men’s respective champions. A couple of years later, the WWE title match was held in New York. In the ring, they fought in a televised event. The event was also aired in the USA. At WrestleMania, the champion won the ‘Battle Royal’.

The match was a back and forth battle with Swagger winning the first round. The match ended prematurely when the former tag-team partners clashed. After the match, Swagger was forced to tap out after being locked in the Texas Cloverleaf. The winner had to be removed from the match, and the match was then rescheduled for the Night of Champions.

After the match, Dallas powers Jack Swagger into the corner and hits him with a short arm clothesline. The match ends with a chin lock and a kneelock. The match was delayed until late in the show when the referee interrupted and cut off the match. But he is not about to give up. He is a strong competitor.

Despite the fact that both men are WWE champions, both men have been accused of political maneuvering to win. In the past, the two fought at WrestleMania in front of millions of fans. The match is expected to be a great one and the two were supposed to win the match. But the WWE has yet to decide. The title match is scheduled for WrestleMania on December 14.

The match will end in a no-contest. Both men are expected to win their matches. In case of a no-contest, Cena will lose the title. The match will also feature a back-and-forth draw. In the second match, Cena will face Jack Swagger. They will face each other later on in the Raw PPV.

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