How to get rid of cockroaches forever folk and proven ways

How to get rid of cockroachesCockroaches are the most undesirable neighbors for us who, without demand, break into our apartments or houses and disgust even the most persistent people. These unbearable and disgusting insects darken our rest and leisure. But fortunately, modern man has an impressive arsenal against cockroaches. This article helps the owners of houses and apartments find the perfect “weapon” that will help drive out these reptiles.

The content of the article:

A few words about the “life” of a cockroach

We specially collected the most effective tips for fighting and exterminating cockroaches in an apartment or house:

  • How to get rid of cockroachesScientists have proven that cockroaches cannot live without water for a long time… You’ve probably noticed more than once that turning on the light, these insects run faster not to food, but to accumulations of water: a toilet bowl, accumulations of droplets on the floor and table, sink. According to long-term observations, it was noticed that if a cockroach ate the poison, but managed to “swallow” the water, it will survive in any case. From this, we advise that during the fight against unwanted neighbors, the kitchen should be kept in order, especially pay attention to wiping the surfaces, everything must be dry… Undoubtedly, they have the main “watering hole” as a toilet bowl, but there is nothing we can do about it.
  • For help, cockroaches are able to live without food for a long time… So if you left home and took all the products, then do not hope that insects will leave you, this will not happen.
  • How to get rid of cockroachesCockroaches are stupid insects, they don’t share their experience. In addition, very individuals often infect each otherbringing to your own nest, poisoned substancewhich you put. It is precisely on this feature that many methods of fighting insects lie.
  • Cockroaches are curious, they are interested in everything that bright and pleasantly smelling

The question arises – How can you still drive out cockroaches from an apartment or house, taking into account the above features?

Folk ways to fight cockroaches

First, let’s use the “folk” methods. But we want to warn you right away that these methods require about 3-4 weeks of time, but note that these methods very effective

  • How to get rid of cockroachesOver the years, man has noticed that these insects are very afraid boric acid… Boric acid, of course, does not immediately kill a cockroach, this substance acts much more interestingly. With perfect contact between the cockroach and the acid, insect overcomes the strongest itchingwhich takes a long time. The insect transfers the same substance to its brothers, and they are subjected to the same torments. The method is clear, now we are starting to practice: we go to any pharmacy and buy boric acid, then we process the surfaces of water sources, ventilation, baseboards, and all those places where cockroaches accumulate with it… We want to calm you right away, this substance has no contraindications for humans and pets… But there is one minus, cockroaches are quick-thinking insects, so they can find another, safe source of water.
  • How to get rid of cockroachesHowever, there is another method in which we will use their great curiosity against insects. Boric acid remains the main active weapon. But now we additionally boil eggs and potatoes, then we mix all the elements, add for persuasiveness butter… We achieve a thick mass, from which we sculpt small balls, put them in the sun or a battery, until they dry, then we lay out all the balls throughout the room… We recommend scattering more balloons around the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. We also advise remove the poison for the dayso that they do not interfere with your everyday life, but at night, be sure to return them to their place, at this time of the day the insects are especially active.
  • What is the advantage of this method, you ask? Due to the food mixture, insect will not feel boric acid in advance, but due to the predominance of the instinct of curiosity, it is necessary come up to the ball and touch it with a mustache… As soon as he touched the bait, he is doomed. In addition to all this, he will return to his nest and infect his relatives. More and more curious people will approach the balls. Soon you will see more and more corpses and fewer and fewer active cockroaches. When all individuals have disappeared, do not remove all the balls at once, please note even after disappearing completely cockroaches, they can come to you again from neighbors.

Industrial remedies for cockroaches

But these were folk ways, now let’s talk about ready-made purchases… Immediately we want to say that with chemical poisons you need to be careful and extremely attentive… The main drawback of these substances is smell which remains after their frequent use, especially this applies to sprayers… Secondly, chemistry can be dangerous to your pets… Also, these substances, for sure will not benefit your health… Therefore, consider the choice of chemicals judiciously, and most importantly, carefully follow the manufacturer’s recommendations… And so we have specially prepared a list of chemicals that will help kill cockroaches.

  1. Different types of gels… The substance is sold in portions in ready-made syringes. Dignity gel is unnecessary preliminary preparation before use. The gel is applied in small portions 15 centimeters apart, along the perimeter of the room. Minus this method of struggle: to treat an entire house or apartment, you may need a couple of such syringes.
  2. How to get rid of cockroachesTraps… They are small boxes with holes for insects to enter. A poison is laid inside the box, entering the trap, the cockroach picks up the infection and infects its relatives.
  3. Aerosols… To achieve maximum results, it is necessary to spray all areas of congestion of cockroaches, crevices, baseboards, door frames with an aerosol. We advise you to change the sprays more often in order to avoid addiction.
  4. Small houses… Physically, they are miniature, houses of cards with duct tape and tasty bait inside. Because of curiosity, cockroaches will definitely go to the bait and inside will stick firmly to the walls of the house. A pleasant smell will attract more and more individuals, and most importantly, the sight of already dead comrades will not frighten them.
  5. Special services… Services go home, with special equipment and poison. All the “corners” of the room will be thoroughly processed and the cockroaches will disappear.

Cockroaches are the most disgusting and disgusting insects that can settle in a house or apartment, their residence strongly threatens human health. Breeding these insects is a difficult and long time, but at this time, there are many effective methods for the complete destruction of cockroaches.

Feedback from forums on how people successfully got rid of cockroaches


I bought the Globo product, which is very good. This is a gel, 10 years ago I smeared everything once, and then I forgot how cockroaches look!


To get rid of these creatures, you need to literally start a war with them! Buy an ointment, such as glue (sold in syringes, I don’t remember the name) and make paths in places of residence, put battalion commanders in plumbing places, in a toilet in a plumbing closet, in hard-to-reach places. Put jars of petroleum jelly in the kitchen at night (they get in there, but they can’t get out). Buy poisons in cans (2-3 pieces for a 2-room apartment) and spray them all over the house before leaving for work. Under such pressure, the mustachioed scoundrels will not stand it and will be forced to either die or leave the battlefield forever! Good luck everyone!


Until you eliminate the “hotbed”, there will be no sense! We have such a living above us, drunk. As soon as he moved out, the cockroaches moved with them. And so they smeared with crayons, and “Trap” -gel, helped, but not for long. Then we bought another powder, now I don’t remember the name, something like Phenoxine, something like that. It can be sprayed through the hole in the bottle, or you can make a suspension and then through a spray bottle.
But the most, they say, long-lasting and effective method is to boil a hard-boiled egg, grind it with boric acid, roll balls and put them in places where cockroaches hang out. Gradually those will come down. Well, periodically change these balls for fresh ones. An acquaintance of ours lived in a hostel, so she said that it was only by this method that they were saved.
Yes, and the main thing is that there is not a drop of water anywhere. We washed the dishes – wiped the sink dry, the bath, with the toilet, of course, is more difficult. So that the taps do not drip, in short, so that the cockroaches have nowhere to drink water.


Buy six male large African cockroaches. They eat all the smaller critters with all the broods, and then they eat themselves! 🙂 Tested on yourself! 🙂

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