your dream vacation will reveal your personality

While all of your travel and travel plans have most likely been disrupted by the pandemic, that doesn’t mean you can’t dream and even start planning your next vacation. The places you yearn to go can tell a lot about your personality. Here’s a fun test to help you find out what your dream vacation says about your personality!

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Fun Quiz: Your Dream Vacation Will Reveal Your Identity

1. Paris

If you dream of sitting under the Eiffel Tower and having breakfast coffee and croissants in a tiny cozy cafe, then you are an incorrigible romantic. In life, this romantic spark is extremely important for you, which feeds your creative and very gentle soul. You are a typical idealist with a love of aesthetics and an innate gift of empathy.

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2. Safari

You cannot live without movement and adventure. It’s incredibly boring for you to lie on the beach and passively spend your vacation, because you need a constant rush of adrenaline, and for this you need to explore new places, preferably risky and even dangerous. You definitely need to face some challenges in order to tickle your nerves.

3. Alaska

You are completely independent and are not afraid to be a leader in any situation. You are also an incredibly inquisitive person, and it is curiosity that drives you when choosing a place to spend your vacation. You have a desire to explore nature and almost untouched space. You are drawn to mountains, forests or to those parts of the planet that have not yet been spoiled by civilization.

4. Greece / Italy

You are a connoisseur of history and the spirit of antiquity. You are interested in archeology and ancient monuments, and you understand the importance of artifacts of bygone times in modern society. You use your vacation as an opportunity to gain new knowledge, information and knowledge in order to expand your knowledge of the people and cultures of the past.

5. Tropical island

You see your vacation as a time to completely relax. In everyday life, you are an ambitious and hardworking person, so when it comes to free days, you really want to forget about everything and disconnect from reality. Leave your work phone and laptop at home and use the weekend for lazy relaxation and communication with loved ones.

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