your number will help you get to know yourself better

Like astrology, numerology contains interesting information to unravel your life path, and this cognitive science can also reveal various aspects of your personality. Experts believe that numerology gives an idea of ​​who you are, as well as what your pros and cons, inclinations and weaknesses will be.

The numerological number of the life path is very easy to calculate by adding up all the numbers from the date of birth and bringing them by further addition to one figure.

For example, if you were born on July 5, 1990 (07/05/1990), then you need to add all the numbers together, that is, 0 + 5 + 0 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 31. Add the resulting two-digit amount again to get one number, which is the number of your life path. In this case, 3 + 1 = 4. You are a “four”.

And here is what your personal life path number says about your hidden traits.


Life path 1

You are a person who actively goes towards your goals, and many people perceive you as a proactive and pragmatic leader. On the other hand, you are very creative, because your rational goals and aspirations can somewhat limit and hold back your creativity. You often have a struggle inside you to find a balance between emotional impulses and a cold mind. When you can balance both sides of your nature, you will find balance and harmony.

Life Path 2

You are a sensitive and intuitive person who knows how to support, sympathize and empathize with the people around you, but you often struggle with your inner critic and analyst. At times, it can be difficult for you to find motivation in yourself, and then you sink into discouragement. You are drawn to those with a more positive outlook on life for inspiration and strength.

Life Path 3

You have excellent communication skills and know how to connect with anyone. You are very popular, and people are constantly drawn to you, wanting to become your friends. You are active and energetic, grabbing for several projects at once, and therefore often dissipate your efforts and do not bring anything to the end. As a result, you may be considered unnecessary and irresponsible. Planning and prioritization will come in handy.

Life Path 4

You are a consistent and extremely responsible workaholic who knows what to strive for and where to go. At the same time, you want stability, security and guarantees, and this is not always possible. People around you see in you only a practical and reasonable person, but they do not notice your insecurity and susceptibility. Perhaps you previously faced a number of major problems and now want to secure your future.

Life Path 5

You are a very rational person, but also very flexible. You are open to accepting other opinions and are good at listening to people. Others think that you are somewhat withdrawn and detached, but this is only because you have your own boundaries, and you defend them. You become very attached to the people you love, and this often becomes your problem, as you lose objectivity and allow them a lot.

Life Path 6

You are constantly looking for a feeling of complete safety and security in your life and people who will give you this feeling. However, on the outside, you are like a thorny hedgehog, defending against an insidious and unfriendly outside world, although you also have compassion and generosity. If a difficult situation arises, you want to hide in a corner and close your eyes, because you are afraid of difficulties and do not know how to cope with them.

Life Path 7

You are focused on justice, truth and righteousness and want to “cure” society of evil and vices. You care about your family, but you are confident that if you can make the world a better place, then you will make it better for your loved ones. Kindness is your main quality, and you always have a soothing and supportive word for everyone. Sometimes it even seems to you that you came to Earth to be a mentor and teacher for the ignorant.

Life Path 8

You are an intellectual who loves to look for patterns in events, analyze and deeply reflect on everything that surrounds you. You are also a very scrupulous person who needs the highest standards in everything you do, but people shy away from you because you demand a lot from them. You are welcoming and friendly, but you hate crowds and noisy parties. It is more pleasant for you to spend time in nature than in society.

Life Path 9

You are the one who commands respect in any company and any team, since you are a typical peacemaker, guided by a sense of justice and wanting to correct all mistakes – both your own and those of others. You are a very charismatic person, and people are always crowding around you, feeling the leader in you. You do not mind being close to them and helping them, but sometimes you are powerfully irritated by human pettiness, superficiality and selfishness.

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