10 best ab exercises at home

the best ab exercises for girls at homeEvery woman (and not only a woman) dreams of a toned and beautiful tummy. And if he also has abs cubes – it’s great!

Naturally, cubes on their own do not appear on the stomach, and in order to achieve the ideal in this matter, you have to sweat in the literal sense of the word. But, first of all, we note that the most effective workouts for the press are in the morning, on an empty stomach and with correct breathing.

So, to your attention – a rating of the most effective ab exercises for which you do not need to go to the gym!

Exercise bike

This exercise is familiar to everyone from school physical education classes. But many will learn about its effectiveness after spending many years on completely useless training.

“Bicycle” confidently ranks in the TOP-3 of the best exercises for the press – moreover, it takes the first place among exercises for the rectus muscle, and the second – for the oblique muscles.

How to do?

We lie on our back with our hands behind our head (we don’t cling to the lock!) – the hips are perpendicular to the floor, we imitate riding a bicycle. That is, we “pedal”, straightening one leg and at the same time pulling the knee of the other to the chest as we exhale (approx. – we straighten our leg as we inhale).

Exercise bike - in the best ab exercises

It is desirable that when approaching the chest of the right knee, the left elbow moves towards it (and, accordingly, vice versa) – they should easily touch each other when they meet (however, this is not necessary).

The number of repetitions is 10-20, the number of approaches is 3-4, for rest between approaches – half a minute.

Rules: We do not lower our legs to the floor, we do not strain our neck, we do the exercise slowly, smoothly and on a hard surface.

Raises the legs for the press

No matter what simulators modern manufacturers invent, no matter how many fashionable fitness programs appear on the Internet, the most effective are old and good hanging leg raises. They provide the most powerful development of endurance and relief of the abdominal muscles.

This exercise is a direct competitor to the “bike” in abdominal workouts.

How to do?

We grab the horizontal bar or crossbar with our hands, hang on it, straightening our legs and arms. At the same time, we slightly bend the back in the lumbar region. Then we take a breath and quickly raise our legs up as high as possible. Preferably above the horizontal. We freeze for a second, straining the abdominal muscles as much as possible.

Exercise corner - hanging legs

Next, exhale and slowly return the legs to their starting position. Beginners can raise their legs with bent knees.

The number of repetitions is as far as the strength is.

Rules: we leave the body as motionless as possible, move our legs, constantly monitoring the work of the muscles of the press.


An ideal exercise for working out the lower press.

The lower the legs are at the time of exercise, the greater the load on the abdominal muscles.

We lie down on the floor (on a hard surface, not on the sofa!), Pull our arms out at the seams and press them as much as possible to the floor. Further, raising our legs (outstretched!), We begin to perform them crosswise movements.

Exercise scissors

Number of approaches: 3-4. Time: half a minute for each approach.

Rules: leave the legs straight, do not tear the lower back off the floor.

Fitball crunches

This wonderful “simulator” today is almost every woman who at least periodically trains at home.

Fitball crunches train both the rectus abdominis muscle and the hips and buttocks, and are considered very effective exercises.

How to do?

We lay down on our stomachs on the inventory, hands on the back of the head, then, slightly spreading our feet to the sides, we rest them on the floor. Now slowly raise the body up and, taking a breath, slightly round the back. Then – to the starting position, take a deep breath and bend back, stretching the abdominal muscles.

Exercise for the press on a fitball

Rules: do not change our position, regardless of the behavior of the ball.

Fitball rollouts

Another effective exercise.

How to do it: we rest on the ball with our hands so that they lie entirely on the inventory – from palms to elbows. We rest our feet on the floor, slightly spreading them to the sides (the legs remain straight!). Now we tighten the abdominal muscles and roll the fitball forward until the arms are straightened.

10 best ab exercises at home

The return to the starting position begins as soon as the abdominal muscles stop tense: we roll the fitball back in the same way.

The number of approaches – 3. The number of exercises – how much the body will pull.

Exercise plank on the press

Another super-exercise from the TOP-3 of the most effective not only for the press, but also for other muscle groups.

An ideal exercise for anyone who wants to remove a saggy tummy and a sagging waist, replacing them with beautiful cubes. Naturally, one bar of cubes will not give – do not forget about proper nutrition and cardio training.

Despite the seeming ease of the exercise, it is difficult to give, and a beginner, as a rule, cannot stay on the bar for more than 30-40 seconds.

How to do?

We accept the emphasis lying down, stretch the body and rest against the floor with our toes. As for the hands, you can rest your palms on the floor or lie on your elbows (the second option is preferable). The back should be pulled with a “string”, the muscles of the abdomen should be tightened and kept in this “straight line” as far as possible.

Exercise plank

Rules: the priest should not protrude, the stomach should not sag. We hold the body in a straight line for at least 30 seconds.

The number of approaches is 3-4. Gradually bring the exercise time to 1.5 minutes.

Saw bar

We stand in the same position as with the above-described bar (we rest our elbows and toes on the floor, stretch out with a “string”), pull in the tummy to the maximum and begin to swing back and forth with a small amplitude.

Saw bar

Rules: the shoulders at the moment of movement go beyond the line of the elbows and back, deflections and arcs in the lower back are prohibited – “sawing” with an even back!

The exercise time is 1 minute, the number of approaches is 3-4.

Roller crunches

Not the most powerful, but quite effective exercise in the absence of simulators and at home – if, of course, you perform it in combination with other exercises.

How to do?

We get on our knees – and, holding the roller on the floor with our hands, roll it forward until the tension in the abdominal muscles is felt. Then we roll it back.

Roller Press Exercises

Rules: the hips should not sag during the exercise.

The number of repetitions is the maximum, the number of approaches is 3-4.

Raising the legs from a prone position

A great option to throw off a couple of extra centimeters from the waist.

How to do?

We lie on our backs, arms extended along the body. We tighten the press strongly and gently, slowly and while exhaling, we tear off our legs from the floor until the formation of a right angle, lifting the pelvis.

Lying Leg Raise

The number of approaches is 3-4, the number of repetitions is 10-20.

You can also train your abs with weighted leg raises. This exercise is performed in the same way, only a weighting agent should be attached to each leg (starting with 0.5-1 kg).

Rules: do not touch the floor with your heels. Beginners can raise their legs bent.

Reverse crunches

A very effective exercise, but it will provide cubes only after you burn off excess fat.

How to get rid of internal fat with exercise?

The main task of the exercise is not to lift the pelvis up, but to “twist” it towards the head.

How to do?

We lie down on the floor, hands along the body – or hide behind the head. Next, bend the legs and pull the hips towards us so that they are perpendicular to the floor (this is the starting position). Further, on exhalation, with the effort of the abdominal muscles, we sharply twist the pelvis to our head, lingering in the peak position for a second.

Crunches for the press

Now you can breathe in and lower the pelvis with your legs, but without touching the floor with them. The closer the knees are to the head, the stronger the load.

Rules: we use the entire range of motion, do not lower the pelvis, do not twist to the sides – strictly vertically.

Be sure to breathe with each repetition – holding your breath for the entire approach is not recommended.

According to the results of careful scientific research, the most effective exercises for “building” beautiful abs cubes are such exercises as the “bicycle”, the leg raises we described in the hanging and twisting.

But only – with a fat content of less than 12%. Otherwise, your fantastic cubes will simply get lost in the depths of the fat folds.

Therefore, in addition to hard training – diet, regimen and the right approach to classes! website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your feedback and tips in the comments below.

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