10 best best-selling weight loss books!

The topic of literate weight loss is invariably on the lips of most of the female population of the earth. How to lose weight quickly, what is the best way, how to eat right, so that men look after them with admiration, and your favorite dress does not just fit, but even a little too big?

The COLADY editors present you with a rating of the best weight loss books according to women who have already become better.

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Rating of the best books on weight loss. TOP 10

With the help of which authors can you really lose weight? What books about weight loss have become real bestsellers? All these questions are answered today by books by modern authors, designed to help girls in the fight against extra pounds.

1. “I don’t know how to lose weight” Pierre Dukan – about his food system

Dr. Ducan describes in his book a nutritional system that instantly gained popularity due to its effectiveness (rapid and severe weight loss) and the reasonableness of dietary restrictions. It is clear that all the recommendations of the author are mandatory, but the Ducan system is quite within the reach of every woman. The first two stages of the system are a severe impact on excess weight, the next two are the consolidation of the result. Dukan’s diet products are available in all Russian stores – this is one of the undoubted advantages of the diet. The second advantage is the variety of dishes.

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2. “Diet” Doctor Bormental “” Kondrashov and Dremov – confident steps towards harmony

The technique presented in the book helps to get rid of fifty extra pounds or more. Each step to weight loss is described in detail. The main task of the book is to reprogram the psyche. That is, thinking and acting aimed at fast weight loss without suffering, and at getting pleasure from eating without the cult of food. Thanks to exercises and psychological techniques, you go first to internal, and then to external harmony.
This book for weight loss has become popular not only in Russia, but also abroad!

3. “The Montignac Method especially for women” – Michel Montignac on effective weight loss

This technique is based on the use of extremely healthy fats and proteins, as well as slow carbohydrates. Fast and really effective weight loss is what you can only dream of! A shortcut to weight loss with the Michel Montignac system.
By the way, this book for weight loss is online.

4. “3000 ways not to hinder harmony” L. Moussa – psychological aspects of the path to harmony

This book is especially recommended for those who suffer from complexes. Psychological “training” from the author is the fulfillment of tasks, the main goal of which is ideal weight and self-love. With the help of the book, you will forget about your low self-esteem, lift your spirits and, most importantly, achieve what you want with a minimum of financial costs. Do you want to lose weight in a fun and interesting way without changing your habits? Desperate to lose weight? So, this is what you need.

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5. “Women’s problem areas” D. Austin – about losing weight and getting rid of cellulite

A book in which a renowned aerobic trainer talks about good nutrition, effective training and self-guided sports programs. Using the tips in this book, you can remove cellulite, get rid of extra centimeters on the buttocks, abdomen and thighs.

6. “Negotiations with sausage, or we are what we eat” Marianna Trifonova – about psychotypes, taste preferences and weight loss

Nutritionist and physiotherapist Trifonova divides people by psychotypes, in accordance with their taste preferences, and teaches them to listen to their body. With this book, you will learn how to enjoy food that is good for you, determine the limits of overeating and choose the right foods.

7. “Gorgeous figure in fifteen minutes a day” K. Bobby and C. Greer – body flex for weight loss

A popular technique that allows you to bring your figure to perfect condition, from the creators of “Bodyflex”. Just fifteen minutes a day, and minus fifteen centimeters a month. The exercises presented in the book are detailed and understandable to everyone. Advantage: the ability to play sports and lose weight right at home.

8. “And I know how to lose weight! Notebook for easy gait and unearthly beauty “Yu. Pilipchatina – about losing weight with humor

An optimistic, humorous, effective book that has already allowed many girls to lose weight. Ten weeks of complete transformation are waiting for you, psychological tasks for every seven days and special spreads, in which you will record what you have eaten, excess, useful, etc. With this method, you can lose weight with the whole company, if you present each friend with such a book.

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9. “Minus 60. System and recipes in one book” E. Mirimanova

Diary book. The author shares his story of losing weight – sixty kilograms in a year and a half. Of course, this is not a set of rules or a textbook. But the author’s recommendations, motivation – this is exactly what determines the right direction and sets you on the right wave. With the help of this book, you will not only lose weight, but you will also be able to completely change your self-esteem and your life.

10. “The end of gluttony” D. Kessler – about the reflex of overeating and victory over gluttony

With the help of Kessler’s book, you will regain faith in yourself and understand why we become slaves of gluttony. You will learn which foods are addictive, where the overeating reflex comes from, and exactly how to get rid of food addiction. The book is about how to lose weight and learn the right attitude to food.

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