10 best educational games for babies from 6 months to a year

Games are not only a fun pastime for our little ones. With their help, kids get to know the world and acquire new knowledge. Moreover, we are not talking about modern toys and gadgets that busy parents fill up their children with, but about educational games with dad and mom. Such games help to focus attention and increase the child’s exploratory interest.

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What games are most effective for developing crumbs?

The best educational games for a child from 6 months to a year

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  1. Cabbage
    We wrap a small toy in several layers of paper. We give the kid the opportunity to find a toy by expanding each layer.
    The best educational games for a child from 6 months to a year
    Purpose of the game – development of perception and fine motor skills, control of hand movements, getting an idea of ​​the permanence of things.
  2. Tunnel
    We create a tunnel from the boxes available in the house or other improvised means (of course, taking into account the safety of the baby). The size of the tunnel assumes for the kid the possibility of free crawling from point A to B. At the far end of the tunnel we put the child’s favorite bear (car, doll …) or sit down ourselves. In order for the kid to understand what is required of him (and not to be scared), first we crawl through the tunnel ourselves. Then we launch the baby and beckon him to us from the other side of the tunnel.
    Purpose of the game – development of perception, self-confidence and coordination, strengthening the muscles, relieving tension, fighting fears.
  3. Overcoming obstacles
    Mom and Dad take part in the game. Mom sits on the floor and stretches her legs (you can bend both legs, or bend one and leave the other straightened, etc.), puts the baby on the floor. Dad sits down opposite with a bright toy. The task of the kid is to crawl to the toy, crawling through or under the legs and independently thinking over a way to overcome the obstacle.
    The best educational games for a child from 6 months to a year
    You can make it harder by throwing a couple of pillows on the floor between the parents, or making a tunnel out of boxes.
    Purpose of the game – development of quick wits, coordination and motor / motor skills, strengthening of muscles, development of a sense of balance and dexterity.
  4. Rustling
    We give the crumbs a sheet of paper, teach them to crumple. We use the crumpled paper ball for the game – “who will throw next”, as a ball for “bowling” (putting light pins on the floor), throw it into the air (whoever is higher) and throw it into the box (“basketball”). With every successful hit, we praise the baby. We do not leave the baby with paper balls even for a second (the temptation to try paper on a tooth is present in almost all children).
    Purpose of the game – acquaintance with new materials (you can periodically change the paper to a glossy magazine sheet, napkin, foil, etc.), development of hand motor skills and coordination of movements, improving existing skills, learning to manipulate objects, developing research interest and stimulating visual coordination.
  5. Boxes
    We prepare several boxes of different sizes, colors and, preferably, textures (with lids). We fold “one into the other”, after hiding the toy in the smallest box. We teach the kid to open boxes. After he gets to the toy, we teach to fold the boxes in the opposite direction and close them with lids.
    We praise the child for every successful movement. You can put the toy in one of the boxes (so that the kid can see) and, having mixed all the boxes in front of the child, arrange them in one line – let the baby determine the very box with the “prize”.
    Purpose of the game – development of new movements, the development of motor skills and visual coordination, the study of the classification of objects by color and size, the development of sensory organs and memory, stimulation of visual / tactile perception.
  6. Cups
    We take 3 transparent plastic glasses, under one in the presence of the baby we hide the ball. We offer the baby to find a toy. Next, take 3 handkerchiefs, repeat the “trick” with the toy.
    The best educational games for a child from 6 months to a year
    Later (when the kid understands the task) we take out the opaque cups, and show the trick according to the principle of the game “twirl and twirl”, but slowly and not too much confusing the glasses.
    Purpose of the game – the development of attention, the formation of an idea of ​​the independent existence of things.
  7. Guess the melody
    We put a metal basin in front of the child, put a slide of toys of different textures and contents on the floor next to it. We throw each object in turn in a basin to hear the sound of each toy. We gradually move the basin away from the child so that he learns to hit him from a certain distance.
    Purpose of the game – the development of intelligence and coordination of movements, the development of the ability to manipulate things, the development of creative thinking, the study of the classification of objects by sound (do not forget to accompany each sound with comments – knocks, rings, etc.).
  8. Home sorter
    In an ordinary small box, we cut out holes of different shapes and sizes. We put toys in front of the baby, we suggest that he put the toys in a box through the holes.
    The best educational games for a child from 6 months to a year
    Purpose of the game – development of motor skills, attentiveness, logic and coordination, familiarity with shapes and texture.
  9. Packaging
    We put 2 boxes in front of the baby. We put toys nearby. We suggest that the baby (by his own example) put white toys in one box, and red toys in another. Or in one – soft, in the other – plastic. There are many options – balls and cubes, small and large, etc.
    Purpose of the game – the development of attentiveness and intelligence, familiarity with colors, textures and shapes, the development of fine motor skills.
  10. Who will blow harder
    To begin with, we teach the baby to simply blow on you, puffing out his cheeks. Show by example. We inhale and exhale with force. As soon as the baby learns to blow, we complicate the task. Please blow on the feather (light paper ball, etc.) to move it. Blowing “race” – who is next.
    The best educational games for a child from 6 months to a year
    Later (after 1.5 years) we start inflating soap bubbles, playing a fun game with bubbles through a straw, etc. Games with water are strictly under control.
    Purpose of the game – development of muscles (for the formation of speech) and lungs, control of your breathing.

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