10 best exercises for the orbicularis of the mouth

10 best exercises for the circular muscle of the mouth - to tighten the oval, cheeks, lipsWhat is the orbicularis muscle of the mouth? What exercises are there for the circular muscle of the mouth against nasolabials, wrinkles and sagging cheeks?

In this article, we will talk about the features of this muscle and the tips that should be followed so that the face always remains fit and in good shape!

The content of the article:

  1. What is the orbicularis muscle of the mouth
  2. The benefits of exercise for this area
  3. Training
  4. Start, warm-up
  5. 5 best muscle exercises
  6. 4 exercises with inventory

Where is the circular muscle of the mouth and what it affects

What muscle is called a circular muscle? The one that is the basis of the motor apparatus of the lips.

The muscle is very tightly attached to the skin, so this area often raises questions and problems during surgical interventions and plastic surgeries, since it cannot be straightened or cut out.

If the skin in this area is severely depleted and wrinkled, cosmetologists and doctors suggest doing procedures such as cleansing, peeling and resurfacing faces.

10 best exercises for the circular muscle of the mouth - to tighten the oval, cheeks, lips

In order to more consciously understand what the meaning of this muscle is, you need to understand its structure.

It has the shape of a flat plate, in which there are two layers: deep and surface.

Deep layer muscles go to the center radially. Wherein surface layer consists of two beams that are in the shape of an arc and go along the upper and lower parts of the mouth. It is this muscle that has a tendency to fade with age, and because of this, the lips become like two thin tubes.

Circular muscle of the mouth
Circular muscle of the mouth

Most of the folds in the area of ​​this muscle are laid at a very early age. It’s hard to believe, but there are explanations for everything.

Most girls are sure that aging of cells, and skin in general, begins at the age of twenty-five, but this process has nothing to do with the formation of folds.

For example, nasolabial folds near the nose begin to form in childhood. At the same age, folds are also laid in the area of ​​the circular muscle of the mouth – we can say that from birth.

Unless after 30 a person does not need to grimace to see them.

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Benefits of Regular Exercise for the Circular Mouth Muscle

In order for the muscle to be always in good shape, you should start doing exercises at the earliest possible age. They will come to the rescue not only to achieve a visual result, but also to solve internal problems, such as an incorrect bite. Also, the exercises will serve to correct correct breathing and prevent orthodontic problems.

For example, in children, a frequent problem is non-closure of the lips, therefore, gymnastic exercises for the circular muscle will be a mandatory procedure for such a feature. They need to be given special attention, since it is quite difficult to wean a child from mouth breathing.
It is also helpful to exercise for interlabial gaping.

This muscle belongs to psychosomatic zones of the human body… It often happens that with a spasm of this muscle, spasm of other muscles of the digestive system occurs. Therefore, with the restoration of this muscle, the rehabilitation of the intestinal function will begin.

Are there any contraindications?

Such exercises can be done by absolutely everyone, but the main thing is to monitor the technique and accuracy of their implementation, so that all efforts are not wasted.

You do not need to use any creams and ointments to complete it. Training takes place on dry, clean skin.

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Preparing for a workout – what do you need?

It is advisable to do the workout every other day so that the result is visible, but you can also do it 2-3 times a week. The main thing is the system.

You will not need special conditions and equipment for classes, almost all exercises can be done by helping with your hands.

It is best to wash your hands before exercising, as it is not a good idea to touch your face and lips with dirty hands.

If the exercise is performed by a child, then they can be made more interesting with the game. For example, you can invite your child to blow on a feather, or use soap bubbles. When the child blows them, the circular muscle of the mouth will work.

But for some exercises, you will still need equipment: buttons, a ruler, cotton swabs, a spinner and a mirror. In general, all this is in every home, and you don’t need to bother much.

The goal of any girl is to tighten all the muscles of the face, and especially the circular one. How can you achieve this? Systematic exercise and proper nutrition are the keys to success.

Where should you start your workout?

It will be very helpful to start with a warm-up.

A useful warm-up will be considered when the muscles on the face are warmed up. This requires pronounce all vowels clearlyopening his mouth wide.

Here is such a simple and quick warm-up. Next, you should move on to the exercises.

One of the most effective exercises is the proboscis

You will need to sit down, you can also stand up. The back should be straightened throughout the exercise.

  • The lips need to be tightened and pulled out with the “proboscis”. For this workout, you will need your fingers: you should touch your index fingers to the upper lip, and with your thumbs – to the lower one.
  • What should be done next? Press into the area around the mouth with your fingers.

To begin with, this exercise should be performed ten times, then pause for ten seconds – and again do ten repetitions. Gradually you need to increase the number of clicks, and at the end bring it up to twenty times in each approach.

It is important not to loosen the tension in the sponges, they must maintain the shape of the ring. If suddenly the lips have lost this shape and closed, you need to immediately concentrate – and restore their shape. In this case, the fingers must perform clear movements.

This is not the only exercise that will help you get away from the problem.

Video: Massage techniques for the circular muscle of the lips from wrinkles

Five of the best exercises for the orbicularis of the mouth against wrinkles, pronounced nasolabials and sagging cheeks

Most of the exercises for this muscle are best done while sitting in bed. The shoulders should be lowered, and the lower back should certainly be flat.

1. So, the first exercise exercise

  • It is necessary to draw out the lips with a tube, while inflating the cheeks and moving the air from one cheek to the other.
  • When pronouncing all the vowels, it is better to repeat this exercise from three to 10 times.

2. The next action to tighten the muscles

  • Take a deep breath and exhale (and inhale through the nose, and exhale through the mouth). The lips should be in a relaxed position during this.
  • Next, you need to repeat this, but already pull out the lips with a tube (for example, as during a kiss).

Repeat – 3-5 times.

3. One more step

  • Inhale through your mouth while clenching your teeth and lips, and release air from one corner of your mouth, and then from the other.

You can do this exercise 10-15 times.

4. The next step towards beauty

  • Compress your lips (but do not purse them), while straining the corners of your mouth and try to lift them up in a barely noticeable smile. Next, you need to omit them. During this exercise, under no circumstances should you clench your teeth!
  • Further, in the corners of the lips, movements of the fingers should take place with small pulsating movements.

You need to do up to thirty of these repetitions, while trying to relax.

5. And – the last thing to do

  • Firmly clench your lips, but clenching your teeth is undesirable!
  • Next, you need to tap with your index finger in the middle of the lips – and slowly remove your finger from the lips, until an unpleasant sensation appears.
  • Then make a movement with your finger up and then down – and count to thirty.

At the end, relax.

4 exercises to do with inventory

1. Exercise Button

  • Put a large plastic button between your lips (always horizontally) – and hold it.

For starters, you can start with one minute, and eventually extend the execution time. It is important that the teeth should not participate in this exercise.

2. Exercise Ruler

  • You will need to squeeze the edge of the ruler with your lips and hold it in a horizontal position.
  • Then you can complicate the exercise by placing a weight on a ruler and increasing the amount each time.

3. Exercise balloon

  • The essence of this exercise is to inflate 5-10 balloons in the morning and in the evening.

4. Pinwheel

  • Make a simple turntable out of paper, or buy from the toy department.
  • It is necessary to blow on its blades so that they rotate as if from the wind.

The best exercises for the circular muscle of the mouth

This charging will take very little time. But, with stable practice, you can provide your face with a healthy look, without wrinkles and folds.

Just 10 minutes a day will provide the circular muscle of the mouth – health, and its owner – beauty!

Take care of your health, take care of your body, eat right – and you will find happiness!

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