10 romantic gestures to please your loved one

While many people (men in particular) think that romance is superfluous in established relationships, the facts show that it is not. Women, for example, always, deep down, expect a demonstration of love and attention from their partner.

Romantic gestures can really make a huge difference, so do not give up the manifestation of affection – such signs will only strengthen your union and will not let your feelings cool down. So how do you let your partner know that they are loved and appreciated? How do you show it, even if your loved one doesn’t ask for it directly?

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1. Hold hands in public

This seems to be a small and barely noticeable manifestation of feelings, but it has a great meaning. It means “we belong to each other” and the fact that we are holding hands in public sends the signal that “we are together.” So feel free to take your loved one by the hand without hesitation or hesitation. Physical contact is really important!

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2. Important dates

It can be the birthday of her best friend, his beloved grandmother, or another significant date. If you are not reminded or told about it, take the initiative yourself and mark this date on the calendar on your phone. The same, of course, goes for Valentine’s Day and the anniversary of the first meeting (date, kiss).

3. Sharing thoughts and emotions

What could be more intimate and bonding in a relationship than sharing thoughts and feelings? This is by no means a manifestation of weakness, but a sign of the highest trust, and this will be highly appreciated. There is no point in hushing up your experiences (both positive and negative), be completely open to each other.

4. Messages

Romantics like: 10 romantic gestures to please your loved one
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What could be nicer and more romantic than writing cute messages? Even wanting to have a good day can fill a person with a sense of happiness and inspiration. This is a great habit that should not be neglected. Just be careful not to overdo it. The message “I love you” every half hour is already overkill.

5. Surprises

If we know that a loved one has had a particularly stressful and exhausting day, let’s surprise him with something unexpected and romantic in the evening. It can be dinner in a cozy restaurant, dinner prepared at home, or just a small gift.

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6. Understanding

Be understanding when your partner comes home and complains of fatigue and burnout after a day’s work. By the way, a simple verbal “I understand” may sound like a duty phrase, so you should still show this understanding in practice. And if your chosen one (chosen one) looks very tired and nervous, it would be nice to help her in the kitchen or in other household chores.

7. The last piece of cake (or pizza)

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If a little yummy is left on your plate and you are salivating, remember – the last bite for your loved one. It’s not enough just to offer – you really need to leave the piece, and not wait for the person to abandon it in your favor, looking at your torment.

8. Compliments

Showing your partner appreciation and gratitude, praising him in public is an invaluable gesture of love. Mentions: Pay attention to your beloved’s appearance, appreciate the new dress and, of course, do not lose sight of her new haircut or hair color.

9. Romantic places

Take your loved one for a walk (or take on a trip) to places that matter to both of you and make you relive the happy moments from your shared history. It’s a fail-safe way to create shared experiences and overall experiences.

10. Handwritten love letter

Even in the age of gadgets dominance, a love letter written by hand is a real gift that delights and warms the soul and heart. Write a long letter or a short but sweet phrase on a postcard! A message on paper is a tangible and tangible object that can be saved and re-read many times.

What kind of romantic gestures do you make?

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