10 best folk remedies for food moths – how to get rid of moths in the kitchen

A gray-brown butterfly (food moth) can be found in every housewife. The reason may be purchased bags with cereals, flour and other dry bulk products, infected with moth larvae. Moths are attracted by long-stored cereals, and, going towards their goal, they are not stopped by either closed packs or plastic bags.


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How to get rid of moths in foods?

First, you need to get rid of the croup, which has already been visited by the moth.

After a thorough audit, you can deal with food moths with proven folk remedies:

  • The smell of lavender and citrus fruits cannot be tolerated by moths. Spreading orange and lemon peels in the corners of cabinets, as well as lavender oil applied to cotton swabs or a small bouquet of these flowers wrapped in gauze, will help get rid of food moths.


  • Treating lockers with vinegar is also effective. First, you need to thoroughly rinse all hard-to-reach places, cracks with soapy water, ventilate the room, and then wipe the entire surface of the cabinet where the bulk is stored with vinegar.


  • Garlic will come to the rescue in the fight against moths. If you put cloves of garlic in containers where cereals are stored, then its smell will scare away uninvited guests. Garlic does not affect the smell of cereals and their taste.


  • Bay leaves are also not to the liking of food moths. It is necessary to arrange bay leaves along the perimeter of the shelves with cereals, as well as in jars where moth-attracting foods are stored.


  • Moths are scared away by the smells of cloves, geraniums, wild rosemary, tansy, fir, rosemary, basil. You should apply aromatic oils with these odors on cotton pads and spread out in places where moths can start.


  • The moth does not like the smell of wormwood… Small bushes of wormwood, spread out in places where food adored by moths are stored, will scare it off.


  • Walnut leaves with a specific smell, are good at fighting moths. It is enough to spread a few fresh walnut leaves in the corners of the cabinet so that the moth will forget the path to the products stored there for a long time.


  • A proven remedy is natural camphor and camphor essential oil… The camphor smell will prevent moths from settling in food cabinets.


  • The tobacco smell is unpleasant for moths. Tobacco spread on shelves is a good remedy for food moths.


  • Pungent odors scare away moths. You can, after thorough cleaning and disposal of contaminated products, sprinkle perfume in the cabinet. Thus, the odor that is unpleasant for the moth will not spoil the food.

Moth prevention methods in the kitchen – tips for housewives

  • After buying cereals in the store, be sure to ignite it in the oven, and then pour into glass containers, cans or plastic containers with a tight lid;
  • Keep the kitchen clean: wipe the shelves with a bite, ventilate, apply plant oils, with a smell that is unpleasant for moths;
  • Periodically review stocks and long-stored cereals, if necessary, fry in the oven for 15 minutes at a temperature of 60 degrees;
  • It is worth disassembling the littered corners of the house: long-lying things, grandmother’s dowry (scarves, feather beds, blouses, pillows, rolled carpets). After all, a moth can live not only in cereals, but also in things. And, if you do not completely liquidate her lair, then after a while she will visit the kitchen again.

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