10 best motivational films for women – life is like a movie!

When a black streak comes in life, hands give up, it seems that there is no strength to continue to do something further, then you need to take time out from life, make a cup of aromatic coffee, wrap yourself in a blanket on the sofa and watch a motivational film that will inspire new deeds and accomplishments.

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  1. “Strong woman” – a film about how not to lose your dignity, moving towards the intended goal, while being imperfect, making mistakes, not giving up. The main character Beverly D’Onofrio, who has a talent for writing and dreams of becoming one, falls in love at the age of 15. After a while, she learns that she is pregnant from her chosen one. Thanks to endurance, talent, inner core, she did not give up and was able to raise her son alone and write a book. The film will inspire those for whom it is important not to lose themselves in the maelstrom of life’s circumstances.
  2. Erin Brockovich. The main character Erin Brockovich, played superbly by Julia Roberts, was left without a job. At the same time, she alone brings up three children. But she does not despair and believes in the best. Ed Mazri’s lawyer, who crashed into her car, she forces herself to be hired by his law firm. For the first case entrusted to her, she undertakes with full responsibility, although she is not entitled to a fee. Erin discovers that a huge corporation is polluting the environment by releasing its goods. She brings the matter to court, where she seeks material compensation for all residents of the area. The motivating film demonstrates how, thanks to sincerity, perseverance, attention to people, you can achieve not only self-realization, but also good money.2
  3. “Businesswoman”… Tess McGil is already 30 years old. Behind her there are many places of work where she could not stay for a long time and a colossal desire for self-improvement. Now she got a job where there is a professional growth perspective. Tess, played by Melanie Griffith, has a brilliant idea, which she voices to her boss. But the boss criticized Tess’s plan. After a while, it turns out that the boss passed off Tess’s idea as hers. Tess alone, under risky circumstances, implements her idea behind the boss’s back. The film inspires new achievements and the realization of our plans in spite of everything: internal and external circumstances. Teaches you to believe in yourself and use your chance.3
  4. “Eat Pray Love”. 32-year-old married Elizabeth – the main character, loses her taste for life, she is in a depressed state, nothing pleases her. Entangled in monotony, she decides to change her life. She divorces and has an affair with David, but relief does not come. A dialogue takes place between Liz and David, which prompts Liz to take action. When David says: “Stop waiting for something all the time, go for it!” These motivating words make Elizabeth move, and she sets out on a journey. There she re-cognizes herself, discovers unknown facets, is filled with spirituality and finds peace of mind. After watching the film, you should think about your life and make, like Liz, your life brighter and more diverse. Do not miss the opportunities that allow you to fill every day with new emotions.4
  5. “Gorgeous”. Every girl in her childhood dreams of a prince on a white horse. But the girl Vivienne was not lucky: she is not a princess, but a prostitute. But she has a goal – she wants to learn. Once a financial tycoon takes her off and in the morning invites her to accompany him all week for decent money. When the week came to an end, everyone understood: this is love … But will Vivienne achieve the intended goal? The film teaches you to believe and never give up.5
  6. “Pride and Prejudice”. The action takes place in England at the end of the 18th century. Lizzie grew up in a family where, in addition to her, there are four sisters. Her parents are racking their brains over how to marry their daughters. A young man, Mr. Bingley, appears in the neighborhood. He is surrounded by many gentlemen who will gladly give the attention of the young Bennet sisters. Elizabeth meets the proud, arrogant, but handsome and noble Mr. Darcy. Serious passions constantly occur between them, which can lead to both love and hate … After watching the film, you want to change something in yourself, to become better, kinder.6
  7. “Another Boleyn One.” The film is based on historical events of the early 16th century, taking place in England. King Henry VIII cannot wait for the birth of an heir: his wife cannot give birth to him. At the Boleyn estate, where the king came to hunt, he met lovely girls – sisters. One of them, the eldest, is pragmatic and calculating, and the youngest, who recently got married, is kind and gentle. Each will end up in the bed of the king and a struggle will flare up between the sisters for the attention of the king and the royal throne. The sisters have one goal – to give birth to an heir to the king. But is it worth crossing over all that is sacred, through family ties in order to achieve the goal?7
  8. “Secret”. Lun, a student of the Tamkan School and a gifted pianist, once heard an extraordinary melody within the walls of the school. The author of the insanely beautiful music turns out to be a charming girl Yu. Lun tries to find out what the girl was playing for the melody, but she only replies that it is a secret. The film shows that what is created by our minds is brought to life. Whether it’s melody or desired happiness, abundance or spiritual harmony created by our thoughts, in our head. What a masterpiece of life you create for yourself is up to you.eight
  9. Pass on. The film reveals the ways to achieve success. World leaders of our time reveal their secrets of victory. Movie stars, celebrity athletes, speakers, inventors, marketing gurus and bestselling authors come together to share proven, powerful ways to achieve your goals. They tell how you can make your life filled with wealth, success, happiness, inspiration. Perhaps, after watching this film, you will be inspired and light up the realization of your idea, which will lead you to happiness and success.9
  10. “Seven lives”. Through the fault of Ben Thomas, an accident occurred, where his girlfriend and 6 other people died. Ben decides to do good deeds within 7 days that will change people’s lives for the better – this is his payment for 7 sacrifices, for atonement for his sin. The film needs to be watched to the end, there is the whole denouement. 7 lives that were destined to die by the will of fate (a blind musician, a girl with a sick heart, a patient with cirrhosis of the liver) were saved. The film tells about the responsibility behind which are compassion, love, sacrifice and mercy.10

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