10 best products for washing the head and body of newborns

10 best products for washing the head and body of newborns and slightly older childrenThe health of each newborn baby depends on many factors, including breastfeeding, proper care for the baby, as well as the environmental friendliness of the selected cosmetic products. The skin of the crumbs is still too sensitive to external irritants, and even a seemingly not too dangerous component (there is no need to talk about harmful chemicals) can cause severe allergies.

Therefore, we choose cosmetics for the bathroom carefully – and with passion!

The content of the article:

  1. How to choose cosmetics for bathing your baby?
  2. What kind of bathing products does a newborn need?
  3. 10 best remedies for bathing your baby from birth

What to remember when choosing baby cosmetics for bathing newborns?

In addition to being very sensitive, baby skin is also thin. Therefore, the entire “set” of harmful substances, which can consist of bath products from unscrupulous manufacturers, instantly penetrates the skin, and then accumulates in the baby’s body with all the ensuing consequences.

10 must-have baby care products in mom’s arsenal

Therefore, when choosing baby cosmetics for bathing and washing, you need to remember the following:

  • We buy only certified products – and, preferably, in stores that comply with storage rules and can present a quality certificate upon request.
  • We check the expiration date and age category. Sometimes, grabbing shampoo in a bright bottle from the shelf, mothers only notice the “3+” mark at home. Moreover, “so that money is not wasted,” this shampoo is used for a baby who has not even started to walk yet. Be careful! Age marks are put on the packaging for a reason!
  • Checking the composition. Study in advance (or write down) the list of components that should not be in children’s cosmetics, so that later it will be easier to navigate by labels.

Components that should not be in children’s cosmetics:

  1. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES).
  2. Mineral oils (petrochemical products).
  3. Parabens (approx. – propylparaben, methylparaben, butylparaben).
  4. As well as formaldehyde, PEG and

In order not to be mistaken, look for the eco-label on the packages

Of course, such funds will cost an order of magnitude more, but the baby’s health is more important than 100-200 rubles added for quality and safe composition.

  • ECOCERT (France). Guaranteed absence of harmful components.
  • BDIH (German marking). Present at the funds of Weleda and Logon.
  • Bio cosmetics – clean and high quality.
  • COSMOS (European certification). For example, Natura / Little Siberica.
  • NATRUE (European certification). Natural and organic cosmetics.

10 best products for washing the head and body of newborns - and a little older children

What kind of bathing products does a newborn need?

Of course, an infant who has just been brought from the hospital does not need much. He has enough herbal decoctions for bathing and potassium permanganate, as well as soft foam for bathing.

But for a baby a little older than 3 weeks, the range of products is already wider:

  1. Baby soap. You cannot do without it after changing the diaper. Also, many mothers give him preference when washing toddlers. Negative: bar soap is not very convenient for bathing a baby.
  2. Liquid soap for children… It is much more convenient when washing a baby during daytime hygiene procedures and is more hygienic in essence (it does not sour in a soap dish and is hidden in a bottle from other people’s dirty hands).
  3. Baby shampoo… It is customary for a baby to wash his hair at least once a week, and the means for washing a cannon on a tiny head should be as soft and 100% safe as possible. In addition, the shampoo should be free of eye irritation and strong fragrances. Remember that the more the shampoo or other bathing product lathers, the more sulfates it contains, which are responsible for the formation of a thick foam. Natural products tend to have extremely low foaming properties.
  4. Bath foam… For newborns, only safe foams are used, which contain extracts of anti-inflammatory or soothing herbs. But you shouldn’t use them more often 1-2 times a week.
  5. Bath foam… An ideal modern product that replaces soap when washing your baby. Moms choose gentle and light foams for their convenience and quality.
  6. Universal remedies… Usually, this term refers to a product that is used as a shampoo, gel and bath foam.

10 best products for washing the head and body of newborns and slightly older children

10 safest remedies for bathing newborns – a list

The modern list of components used in the production of cosmetic products includes more than 17,000 items. And, alas, the lion’s share of them are harmful components of the means that we use, without even knowing about the harm done to ourselves. But if you can think about yourself later, then the child’s health cannot be pushed into the bottom drawer – you need to think about it constantly.

When choosing cosmetics for bathing a child, take the time to study the composition.

It is recommended to do this in advance so that you already know exactly what to buy and which funds will be safe.

How to bathe a newborn baby – important rules for bathing babies from 0

In the meantime, your attention is the safest means for bathing newborns and older babies:

The list was compiled by the editors of magazine after a thematic survey of employees – and solely on their feedback after practical use when bathing their children.

  • Baby soap “Our mother” with string and chamomile. The composition does not contain harmful and even questionable components. Added natural herbal extracts (string, chamomile), as well as chamomile oil. The cost of the product is absolutely affordable – about 40 rubles. Baby soap Moms are enthusiastic about this soap, noting the absence of dyes and the hypoallergenic composition. The soap does not dry baby skin, provides gentle lather, fights redness and pimples, does not sour in a soap dish. In addition, the product has a mark on the packaging that the soap has been tested for hypoallergenicity by the institution TsNIKVI.
  • Bubchen shampoo with wheat proteins, aloe and chamomile extracts… The products of the Bubchen brand, alas, are far from all characterized by an ideal composition, so not every product of this brand should be taken “with your eyes closed”. As for this particular shampoo, it is 100% safe. Bubchen shampoo with wheat proteins, aloe and chamomile extractsIn addition to these components, the composition also contains vitamin E and provitamin B5. The shampoo is very gentle, smells of natural chamomile, does not sting eyes, does not cause dandruff and dry skin. Despite the small volume, the product is consumed economically. The average price is about 250 rubles.
  • Bubchen gel “From the first days”, for bathing and washing. Completely safe. The composition contains panthenol and shea butter. This hypoallergenic German remedy smells delicious and gently cleanses the skin, does not cause allergies, does not dry the skin. Bubchen gel True, you will not see strong foaming from it (there is no SLS in the composition). The average price is about 500 rubles for 400 ml.
  • Sanosan Moisturizing Soap… A German product that provides delicate and gentle skin care. Ideal soap for skin allergies, dermatitis, etc. Sanosan Moisturizing SoapOnly vegetable oils are used in the composition, there are no harmful components – all this, of course, affects the price. The average price for a block is about 90 rubles. It contains milk proteins and olive oil.
  • Baby foam Little Siberica with burdock and nettle. The average price of the product is about 280 rubles. There is no chemistry in the product. The composition is perfect and completely safe. From useful components: nettle and burdock extract, extracts of juniper and dwarf pine. Baby foam Little Siberica with burdock and nettleThe foam is soft and delicate, very economical and has anti-inflammatory properties. Has an eco-certification mark – COSMOS.
  • Little Siberica mild shampoo with soapy water and angelica… The average cost of a product is about 350 rubles. 100% safe product. The composition contains extracts of soapwort and angelica, Siberian fir and yarrow, Siberian juniper. Little Siberica mild shampoo with soapy water and angelicaThe shampoo is very aromatic and delicate, gently but qualitatively cleanses the hair, does not sting the eyes, and is easily washed off. If you’ve been looking for the perfect safe shampoo, this is one of them.
  • Weleda Baby Bathing Treatment with Calendula and Herbs… For this pleasure, you will have to fork out almost 1000 rubles for a bottle of 200 ml. The composition is ideal, there are natural extracts of calendula, thyme and thorn juice. Weleda Baby Bathing Treatment with Calendula and HerbsThe product not only gently cleanses, but also soothes the skin, relaxes, and promotes sound sleep. The product smells very pleasant, has no side effects, is consumed economically.
  • Weleda Calendula Shampoo Gel… The average cost of 200 ml is about 700 rubles. The composition contains almond oil and sesame seeds, extracts of calendula and red seaweed. Weleda Calendula Shampoo GelThe product is Natrue and BDIH labeled. The shampoo removes redness and pimples, does not dry the skin – it moisturizes and retains moisture, and smells like herbs.
  • Weleda vegetable soap with calendula. For a block of 100 g, you will have to pay about 400 rubles, but knowledgeable mothers say that it is worth it. In a 100% safe composition added: sea salt, extracts of calendula, chamomile, iris root, rice and malt, violets. Weleda vegetable soap with calendulaCoconut and olive oils are used as a soap base. The soap does not cause allergies and does not dry out delicate skin, perfectly foams and cleanses, does not sour, it is consumed for a very long time.
  • Mustela body and head wash gel, for bathing babies. The product is not cheap (about 1000 rubles per bottle), it contains panthenol and avocado extract. Mustela body and head wash gel, for bathing babiesCleans gently and gently, cares for the skin, does not sting the eyes, suitable for newborn babies.

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