10 child prodigies of Russia – the most famous and successful

Prodigy Timofey TsoiHow does it feel to know that you are better than the millions of your peers? Only child prodigies can simultaneously bathe in the rays of popularity, feel the respect of others – and be afraid of not living up to the hopes of their parents and teachers.

Here is the TOP-10 of the most gifted children in Russia.

Irina Polyakova

Russian woman Irina Polyakova, at the age of 5, read 26 volumes of works by Jules Verne. The girl learned to read early and loved books. Irina’s mother, a specialist in early childhood development, has been teaching her daughter from a young age.

Ira went to the first grade not at the age of 7, like her peers, but 2 years earlier. She quickly mastered the school curriculum and “jumped” from class to class.

After graduating from school at the age of 13, the girl easily entered Moscow State University. After graduation, she rapidly climbed the career ladder, becoming the youngest member of the board of directors in a large company.

Prodigy Irina Polyakova

Today Irina is a beloved mother and wife, but for her child she does not want her fate to be repeated. Irina notes that she, like many child prodigies who showed their abilities early, experienced enormous difficulties in the social sphere. When her classmates and classmates in the first years of the institute were walking in noisy companies, “little Ira” was sitting at home with her parents.

It was very difficult for the girl to find contact with the guys from her environment. During her institute period, she diligently hid her age so as not to feel like a “black sheep”, but still could not afford much of what was allowed to her classmates.

Nika Turbina

The name of the young poetess Nika Turbina was known all over the world. Her first poems appeared when the girl was only 4 years old. Moreover, their content was by no means childish.

At the age of 9, Nika wrote the first collection of her poems, which were translated into different languages ​​of the world. Her creative guardian was Yevgeny Yevtushenko, who took the young poetess to perform in Italy and America.

At the age of 12, Nika was awarded the Golden Lion in Venice.

Nika Turbina

But soon the girl’s interest in poetry dried up. A surprise for fans of her work was Nika’s marriage with a professor from Switzerland, who was 60 years older than her. The marriage did not last long – after a year of married life, the girl returned to Russia without her husband.

Nika could not find a way to earn money in Russia and started drinking. At the age of 29, the girl threw herself out of the window.

Andrey Khlopin

Russian gifted children record their achievements in the Guinness Book of Records.

Andrei Khlopin from the Krasnodar Territory from an early age demonstrated an extraordinary desire for knowledge. He, like many other child prodigies, began to read early. But instead of children’s fairy tales, Andrei chose more serious literature – about space. One of the first books he read was the book “Mars”. The kid was carried away by astronomy thanks to his parents, who encouraged the curiosity of the young genius.

At the regional competition in honor of Cosmonautics Day, Andrei took first place, voicing his hypothesis about the appearance of an asteroid belt between the planets Jupiter and Mars. Then the boy was 9 years old.

The next victory was the Astronomy Olympiad, where Andrei once again surprised the jury with his knowledge. The young genius has solved the mystery of the “noctilucent clouds” glowing in the dark. Scientists have puzzled over this question for over a century. For this, the boy was entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

Andrey Khlopin

Andrei, whose photos were published in all newspapers in the Krasnodar Territory, does not consider himself special. He is sure that all children have equal abilities from birth, but it is important to develop them. For this he is grateful to his parents.

At one time Andrei was one of the most famous boys in the Kuban. He received a scholarship from the Helena Roerich Foundation. But over time, the boy began to doubt whether he really wanted to connect his life with the study of space.

As a teenager, he started kickboxing. After moving with his parents to Krasnodar, he entered law school, and rarely tells his friends about his past achievements.

Mark Cherry

Children of prodigies, who early showed their unusual talents, often appear on the stage of the popular Russian TV show “Minute of Glory”.

In one of the episodes, the audience exploded with applause after the performance of a three-year-old baby – Mark Cherry. He counts complex examples in his head: he multiplies, adds, subtracts three-digit numbers, extracts square roots, tells a table of sines and cosines. The kid quickly became known as the “calculator boy”.

Parents recall that the baby was already counting up to 10 at the age of one and a half, and up to a billion at 2 years old. By the way, the boy’s parents are philologists. It came as a surprise to them the son’s love for mathematics.

Mark Cherry

Like many other gifted children in Russia who participated in the talent show, Mark was popular for only a short time. Then the boy was at a very young age – 3-4 years, and still did not understand why they were showing such interest in him.

Further, in order not to develop “star fever” in the child, the parents decided not to stir up interest in his person among those around him, and not to tell Mark himself about his performance on television. The boy grew up as an ordinary child, like all his peers, and only at the age of 9 he learned about his triumph at the “Minute of Glory”.

It’s been 11 years since the kid’s performance on the TV show. Today Mark no longer dreams of becoming a mathematician. He enjoys drawing and wants to work as an animator. The young genius plans to study at the University of Texas as an animator or programmer.

Milena Podsineva

Musically gifted children are rare. Milena Podsineva is one of these talents.

At the age of 7, the girl played the domra masterly. She participated and won prizes in city, regional and international music competitions. The young talent was nicknamed the Nizhny Novgorod prodigy.

Milena Podsineva

The girl dreamed of Gnesinka, but everything turned out differently.

Milena’s parents were alcoholics. Despite all the persuasions of their daughter, they continued to drink. The girl’s mother died, her father was placed in a rehabilitation center, and Mila herself was placed in an orphanage.

There was no question of any musical education. The girls quickly forgot about the unique talent.

Pavel Konoplev

They are admired, talked about and written about in the newspapers. But how is their life going after a few years? How do grown-up children of prodigies live? In Russia, examples are often tragic.

One of these gifted children is Pavel Konoplev.

At the age of 3, he read, solved math problems difficult for his age. At the age of 5, he knew how to play the piano, and at 8, he amazed with knowledge of physics. At 15, the boy studied at a Moscow university, and at 18 he entered graduate school.

Pavel Konoplev

Pavel participated in the development of the first programs for household computers, was engaged in mathematical forecasting of the future. He was predicted to be a great scientist.

But the young genius could not withstand such a load. He’s out of his mind.

Pavel was placed in a psychiatric clinic, where he was treated with “heavy” drugs, the side effect of which was the formation of a blood clot. It was the thrombus that got into the pulmonary artery that caused the death of the genius.

Polina Osetinskaya

At the age of five, the talented Polya played compositions on the piano, and at the age of 6, her first solo concert took place.

The girl was taught to play a musical instrument by her father, who dreamed of the fame of his daughter. She studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory, class of Marina Wolf, trained with Vera Gornostaeva at the Moscow Conservatory.

At the age of 13, the girl ran away from home and told reporters the cruel story of how her father taught her music using his own “Double Stress” method. Her father beat her, forced her to play for hours, and sometimes days, and even used a hypnotic effect on the girl.

Polina Osetinskaya

Today Polina is a famous pianist, she performs all over the world, takes part in festivals, creates her own works.

Few child prodigies in Russia have been able to overcome the turning points in their lives – and grow their talent. Among them is Polina Osetinskaya.

Zhenya Kisin

At the age of 2, Zhenya Kisin, according to his relatives, had already improvised on the piano.

A unique child at the age of 10 performed with the orchestra, playing works by Mozart. At the age of 11, he gave his first solo concert in the capital, 2 years later he performed 2 concerts at the Moscow Conservatory.

Zhenya Kisin

At the age of 16, he began touring Eastern Europe, conquered Japan.

As an adult, the pianist continues to tour various countries and is considered one of the most successful musicians of our time.

Timofey Tsoi

On the popular TV show “You are the best”, the audience was conquered by a unique child – Timofey Tsoi. The boy was called the genius of geography.

He learned to read when he was 2 years and 10 months old, and his parents did not insist on early education of the baby.

Timofey Tsoi

Timofey showed particular interest in the countries of the world. At the age of 5, he can easily recognize the flags of different countries, he can name the capital of any state without hesitation.

Gordey Kolesov

Russian child prodigies are known not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders. An example of this is Gordey Kolesov.

The boy was born in 2008 in Moscow. When Gordey was 5 years old, he won the China Talent Show. He sang a song in Chinese, played the guitar and asked tricky questions to the jury members, amusing the audience with this.

Gordey Kolesov

The boy surprised everyone with his excellent knowledge of the Chinese language. After Gordey’s victory in a Chinese TV show, the boy’s parents received dozens of invitations from TV channels.

Unfortunately, not all children are prodigies who showed their unique abilities at an early age, growing up, continue to amaze the world with them.

But those who have managed to overcome the so-called “crisis of giftedness” and increase their talent become true geniuses of our time.

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