13 ways to rinse hair dye at home

Unsuccessful dyeing is that force majeure when all means are sought to quickly get rid of traces of hair dye before dyeing again. Not all of us have the opportunity and time to visit a beauty salon for a procedure or a series of procedures to remove hair dye.

Today COLADY will tell you how to remove dye from your hair at home.

How to rinse hair dye at home - 13 popular methods that will definitely help to wash off hair dye
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What to remember before removing hair dye?

  • The wash that is offered in salons is very aggressive and often very harmful to the hair. Therefore, it is better to first use natural home remedies to wash off the dye, which are good for the condition of the hair.
  • Home remedies and recipes for removing hair dye are quite mild, so you need to repeat them several times for a good result.
  • Hair dye for black shades and with a red undertone is the most difficult to wash off, therefore, to remove such dyes, you can use several methods at once and perform a series of procedures until a satisfactory result.
  • In one procedure, the paint is washed off by 1-3 tones.
  • After removing the dye from the hair, the color of the hair will not match your natural shade. But after washing, you can dye your hair again by carefully choosing the dye.

13 popular methods to rinse hair dye

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  1. Masks with vegetable oils.
    As an oil mask for hair, you can use olive, linseed, sesame, sunflower, burdock, almond oil and others. The washing effect of such a mask will be greatly enhanced if a little cognac is poured into the oil (for 5 parts of oil – 1 part of cognac). Apply the mask to the hair and keep it under a warm turban of a towel for three hours, then rinse with a mild shampoo and rinse with water acidified with lemon juice.
  2. Hair washing with tar or laundry soap.
    The alkali contained in this soap very well removes the artificial color from the hair. But keep in mind that washing with soap is very drying to your hair and scalp, so after washing your hair, use a mild hair conditioner and conditioner.
  3. Mask with mayonnaise to remove hair dye.
    Heat three to four tablespoons of mayonnaise in a water bath, you can add a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Apply the mask to dry hair, put on a plastic cap and a warm scarf on top. It is recommended to keep the mask with mayonnaise for 1.5-2 hours, then rinse it off with a mild shampoo, rinsing your hair with water and lemon juice.
  4. Aspirin for removing hair dye.
    This product is very good at rinsing off the residual greenish tint left over from the paint. Dissolve 5 aspirin tablets in half a glass of warm water. Moisten hair along the entire length with a solution, remove under a plastic cap and a warm turban. After an hour, the solution from the hair can be washed off with a mild shampoo.
  5. A decoction of chamomile for removing hair dye.
    If you regularly (2-3 times a week) rinse your hair with water and a decoction of chamomile, you can achieve a noticeable lightening of the hair tone.
  6. Soda shampoo for removing hair dye.
    Stir about a tablespoon of mild shampoo with a teaspoon of baking soda. Apply the mixture to the hair – a thick foam will appear. Wash the hair with the mixture, rinse with plenty of water, add lemon juice to the last rinse. The mixture dries hair, so you need to use conditioner moisturizing hair conditioners.
  7. Lightening hair with honey.
    A mask with honey for hair is good to do in the evening, because you will have to keep it all night long. Before applying the mask, rinse your hair well with shampoo (you can shampoo + tbsp. L. Soda), without using a balm. Apply honey to damp hair, spreading along the entire length (honey from acacia is best lightening hair). Put a plastic cap on your head, on top – a thin kerchief (not a warm cap). Keep the mask on the hair for 8-10 hours, then rinse with lemon acidified water.
    Attention: if you are allergic to beekeeping products, this mask should not be used!
  8. Dry white wine for lightening hair.
    Dry white wine heated in a water bath is applied to the hair (if the hair is dry, any vegetable oil can be added to the wine in a ratio of 5 to 1). Keep the mask for 1.5 to 2 hours. In order to significantly lighten the hair and wash off the paint in several tones, apply the mask with wine daily for a week.
  9. Hair mask with dry wine and rhubarb.
    Pour 200 grams of dry rhubarb with half a liter of dry white wine, put on fire. Boil the solution over low heat until half of the liquid has boiled away. Cool, drain. Apply the mixture to the hair, cover with a plastic cap and keep up to 2 hours. This wash can be used daily for a week.
  10. Homemade hair dye remover with peroxide and chamomile.
    This remover works well for lightening very dark hair. Pour 100 grams of chamomile flowers (dry) with boiling water (300 ml), cover the dishes and leave for half an hour. Strain, add 50 ml of hydrogen peroxide (30%) to the solution. Lubricate the hair with a solution along its entire length and hide it under a plastic cap for 40 minutes. Wash off the mask with shampoo.
  11. Soda wash.
    Dissolve two teaspoons of baking soda in half a glass of warm water. Lubricate your hair with a solution along the entire length, put on a plastic cap and keep the wash on your hair for half an hour. Wash off the mask, use conditioner to soften and moisturize hair.
    Attention: A baking soda wash is best for those with oily hair. For dry hair, it is better to use other recipes.
  12. Mask of kefir or yogurt to remove hair dye.
    Kefir or curdled milk (you can also use natural yogurt, ayran, tan, kumis) apply to the hair along the entire length. Remove hair under a plastic cap, keep the mask for 1 to 2 hours, rinse with water acidified with lemon. If the hair is very dry, it is recommended to add a tablespoon of vegetable oil to the mask. If your hair is oily, you can add a tablespoon of mustard powder to kefir or yogurt.
  13. The most effective mask with vodka, kefir and lemon for home wash.
    Mix half a glass of kefir (yogurt, koumiss, ayran, natural yogurt) with two raw chicken eggs, the juice of one lemon, a quarter glass of vodka, two tablespoons of mild shampoo (for dry hair, you can take a tablespoon of mustard powder instead of shampoo). Apply the mixture to hair under a cellophane cap. Keep the mask for 4 to 8 hours (it is better to do it at night). Wash off with water and a mild shampoo. This mask can be done daily – the hair will only get better.

Attention: When using various masks and home washes, check first if you have an allergic reaction to the components of the products. To do this, apply a small amount of funds to the back of the forearm, observe this area of ​​the skin for 2 hours. If redness or burning appears, the remedy is not suitable for you!

You must remember that by performing professional procedures on your own, you fully assume full responsibility for non-compliance with the methods, as well as improper use of all cosmetic components.

How to wash hair at home – video

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