10 dances from movies – list of the best, videos to watch on colady

10 dances from movies - list of the best, videos to watch on coladyAfter watching the film, the brightest moments and episodes remain in the memory for a long time. If an actor is dancing in the frame, this cannot be ignored by the viewer. Moreover, these dances are not always perfect in performance or difficult in technique, but they become the “highlight” of the film.

Our TOP-10 includes the most famous dances in films.

Black Swan

The plot of the drama Black Swan is built around the ballerina of the theater – Nina, who is preparing for the most important performance in her life in the production of Swan Lake. Nina must play 2 heroes at once – the White and the Black Swan. But the choreographer is not sure that Nina is an ideal candidate for this role, because she copes perfectly with the part of the White Swan, and for the Black one she is not liberated enough. After making sure that the ballerina has potential, the choreographer still approves her for the role.

For the filming of the film “Black Swan” Natalie Portman, who played Nina, trained for 8 hours a day at the bench for a whole year. It was choreographed by Georgina Parkinson, who worked with Natalie on every detail from her eye movements to her fingertips.

Dance of the Black Swan

In one of her interviews, the actress admitted that no picture was given to her as difficult as this one. For her role as ballerina Nina Portman, she won an Oscar in the Best Actress category.

Her dance looks amazing and mesmerizing. Portman seems to be a professional ballerina. By the way, ballet was present in the biography of the actress. She attended a ballet studio as a child. Of course, the most difficult scenes were performed by a stunt double – professional ballerina Sarah Lane. But about 85% of the dance scenes were still performed by Natalie herself.


Released in 2003, Honey, starring Jessica Alba, has become one of the actress’s most famous films thanks to its spectacular choreography. Alba played the young choreographer Hani, who choreographs dances for video clips.

Her boss regularly makes the girl proposals of an intimate nature, agreeing to which Honey could rapidly move up the career ladder. But Hani refuses the boss and decides to take a desperate step – opening his own dance studio.

Movie Sweetheart – Jessica Alba Dance

Despite the uncomplicated and even banal plot, the film found its audience. Dancing Jessica Alba emits a tremendous energy that makes you re-watch dance scenes again and again – and dance to the beat.

An excerpt from the film, where Jessica, surrounded by a crowd of young dancers, twists a T-shirt behind her back, exposing her belly, and begins to dance hip-hop, can be called the most spectacular scene of the film.

Did you know that belly dancing is easy to learn at home using video tutorials?


In 2002, actress Salma Hayek played the famous artist Frida Kahlo in the film of the same name, Frida. There are many interesting and difficult scenes in the drama, but one of the most memorable and emotional ones is the dance of Salma Hayek and her partner on the set Ashley Judd.

Film Frida – Dance

The actresses danced a passionate tango. Smooth, graceful and sensual movements of dancing women and their passionate kiss in the finale – this episode of the film makes an indelible impression on the viewer.

let’s Dance

The romantic and momentary comedy film Let’s Dance was released in 2004. Such great movie stars as Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez were able to demonstrate their dancing talent in it.

The dances in the film became a real highlight, distracting the viewer’s attention from a slightly drawn-out and boring plot. The dances here are so enticing that the viewer involuntarily catches himself thinking that it would be nice to enroll in a dance school.

Tango from the movie Let’s dance

The film features beautiful, memorable soundtracks. It can be seen that professional choreographers worked with the actors. One of the most striking scenes of the film is tango performed by the main characters, which they performed in a dark studio.

Tango is truly a passionate and exciting dance full of emotions and sensuality. You watch every movement of the actors with trepidation and sinking. This movie is worth watching at least for the sake of this scene.

Rock and Roller

In the crime thriller Rock ‘n’ Roller, released in 2008, Gerard Butler and Thandie Newton dance, at first glance, a little awkward, like a poorly rehearsed dance.

Dance from the movie “RocknRolla”

Defining his style is difficult. Rather, it is an improvisation created under the influence of alcohol, flirting and a dose of self-irony.

But we can say with confidence that this is one of the funniest moments of the film.

Pulp Fiction

In the cult film Pulp Fiction, John Travolta and Uma Thurman danced their famous fiery dance. It was one of the most challenging scenes for the actors, and took 13 hours to shoot, not counting the preparation time for the dance itself. By the way, Travolta and Tarantino himself participated in thinking over the movements.

The difficulty in staging the dance arose due to the tightness of Uma Thurman. She could not catch the right rhythm and liberate herself in any way. But Travolta, having the talent of a dancer, did not experience difficulties – and, on the contrary, helped his partner to master the movements. Feeling the importance of the dance scene for the film, Uma Thurman was even more worried, which only increased her stiffness in the frame.

In the end, the dance was a success!

The legendary dance of John Travolta and Uma Thurman from the movie “Pulp Fiction”

The star couple performed their legendary twist based on the plot of the film at the Jack Rabbit restaurant. In terms of complexity, it can be safely called a choreographic number. It contains elements of swing and twist, and some of the movements are borrowed from the characters of the cartoon “Cats of the Aristocrats” and the movie “Batman”.

The Taming of the Shrew

The dance of Adriano Celentano, trampling grapes, in the film “The Taming of the Shrew” firmly attracts the views of the viewers to the screens. The actor smoothly wags his hips to the composition of the group Clown – La Pigiatura.

The film “The Taming of the Shrew” – Celentano’s dance

By the way, this song was performed by the legendary band Boney M.


One of the most famous films with the participation of comedian Jim Carrey is “The Mask”. Its most striking moment can be called the rumba dance, which the hero of Jim Carrey – Stanley Ipkis – performed together with the stunning blonde Cameron Diaz at the Coco Bongo restaurant. This dance has forever entered the classics of world cinema.

Many dance movements were performed by the actor himself, without the participation of professional understudies. But the complex supports, of course, were performed by professional dancers. Yes, and not without computer graphics – in particular, when creating a scene where the Mask’s legs are twisted into spirals. Jim Carrey has amazing plasticity and flexibility, perfectly feels the rhythm and is endowed with explosive energy, which is reflected in his dance.

Film “The Mask” – Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz, dance at the Coco Bango Club

Dance with Cameron Diaz is not the only choreographic act in the film. We cannot forget the incendiary solo performed by Jim Carrey with maracas on the street. In terms of the complexity of execution, it can even be equated to an acrobatic number. Complex movements and playful wagging of the hips to the beat of the music are complemented by the actor’s amazing facial expressions.

Jim Carrey’s Dance with the Maracas – The Mask Movie

Interestingly, at the time of filming The Mask, Jim Carrey was not yet a highly paid actor, and received a fee of 450 thousand dollars for his participation in the filming. After the release of the cult comedy, the actor became incredibly popular, and his fees increased tenfold.


The popularity of the beauty Demi Moore has skyrocketed after the release of the movie “Striptease”. The brunette performed an erotic pole dance in it, which became the most expensive dance in the history of cinema. For this role, the actress received a fee of $ 12.5 million, which at the time of the filming of the film (1996) was a tidy sum.

Demi Moore Dance – Film “Striptease”

The actress was seriously preparing for her legendary dance: she had to surgically enlarge her breasts, undergo liposuction, sit on a strict diet and engage in strip plastic surgery.

And Demi Moore, in order to get used to the role, visited strip bars and talked with real strippers. The pole dance technique was taught to her by several trainers and choreographers at the same time.

We are the Millers

Incendiary dance of Jennifer Aniston in the comedy “We are the Millers” was a real shock to viewers. These couple of minutes of the film turned out to be the most talked about. The fact is that at the time of filming the comedy, the actress was 44 years old, and Jennifer’s dance was performed in her underwear.

Jennifer Aniston striptease – film “We are the Millers”

But the director of the film noted that the actress has nothing to be ashamed of with such a figure! Aniston herself commented on her dance as follows: “I really liked it! I have worked with such an amazing choreographer that I am seriously thinking to put the pole in my house and continue training. “

Film critics joke that Jennifer’s erotic dance has brightened up an hour and a half comedy with half-childish jokes.

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