10 family traditions for family happiness. The role of family traditions

Each family has its own large and small traditions that unite all household members not necessarily, but exclusively – at the request of the soul. For one family, such a tradition is to watch comedy novels together on weekends with popcorn crunching, for another – making New Year’s toys before the holiday, for a third – traveling on vacation to new, unexplored places.

What traditions can bring all family members closer together and create that very atmosphere of happiness and family unity in the house?

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What traditions will make a family strong – commentary by psychologist Yegor Semyonov

10 family traditions that will make your family strong and happy

What traditions will make a family strong? The answer is in a sense banal – everything that unites people, everything that contributes to the fact that the spouses spend their free time together. It can be a variety of hobbies, hiking and travel, raising children, working together in the garden, finally.

It is important that these common points of contact exist, then the situation from the series “I have nothing to talk to him / her about” will definitely not affect you. And I would like to focus on something else, go from the opposite, so to speak – to talk about those traditions, the observance of which can adversely affect the family climate.

If, for the sake of observing family traditions, someone in the family needs to regularly step over themselves. Do what you don’t want to do. For example, for a wife who does not like fishing, out of solidarity with her husband, stand for hours with a fishing rod by the pond. Or to cook a traditional Sunday dinner for numerous relatives, and then wash the dishes for several hours, mentally cursing all this. The husband must accompany his wife on shopping, help her choose sandals for hours.

Another great tradition is to devote the entire Saturday to ironing bed linen. Are you a five star hotel owner? If not, think about the fact that perhaps these hours spent by your wife at the ironing board could be spent together, and more interesting.

There are many examples of such traditions. If too often one or both partners have to step over themselves, the accumulating irritation will sooner or later make itself felt. Love each other, try to make life easier for each other, take care of each other.

Family going out

A simple but pleasant family tradition – once a month (or better – on weekends) to go to the cinema for a promising novelty, to McDonald’s for a “belly party”, out of town – for a water or horse ride, etc. It doesn’t really matter – you will whether you are picking red leaves in the park or taking pictures of the “beauty” from the Ferris wheel, the main thing is to spend time with your family and recharge yourself with fresh impressions and positive emotions.

Shared shopping

Family travel to supermarkets and other shops in the city is a great way to cheer yourself up. And at the same time teach younger children the science of economy, counting, the right choice of things and useful products.

Family picnic

Family regular outdoor recreation can be anything, in accordance with desires and the time of year – swimming and juicy barbecues, fishing with the whole family, night gatherings around the fire with a guitar and tea in a kettle, a trip to Mother Nature’s pantries for mushrooms and berries, or even picking medicinal herbs for the home folk medicine cabinet.

Sea, seagulls, beach, cocktails on the shore

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Of course, it will be too expensive to follow this tradition every weekend (but what can I say there – very few people can afford it), but at least once a year is just a must. And so that the rest does not go boring (only with books in sun loungers), you need to use all the opportunities to diversify it. That is, teach your little ones to stay on the water, go diving, go on interesting excursions, take the most amazing photos and have fun with all the heart, so that later there will be something to remember.

New Year’s and Christmas

As a rule, it turns out that all preparations for the New Year’s fairy tale begin at the last moment – both gifts, and the tree, and decorations. Why not start a wonderful tradition – with the whole family to prepare for this magical holiday? So that later the grown-up children will remember with joy and warm smiles how you decorated the house with your whole family, decorated the Christmas tree, made funny toys and Christmas tree compositions with candles. As they wrote notes with wishes, seeing off the old year, and burned them to the chimes. How they laid out boxes with gifts and pasted funny pictures with names on them. In general, the New Year with Christmas is the most significant reason for creating a family tradition – to be close to each other.

We attract the whole family to gifts

Is there another holiday on your nose? So, it’s time to start a tradition – joint preparation of a gift. And it doesn’t matter for whom it is intended – everyone should participate (except the congratulated one, of course). Moreover, we are talking not only about beautiful packaging and a colorful postcard created by our own hands, but also about the ceremonial decoration of the house, a jointly prepared festive dinner, about a special congratulation from the whole family and, of course, about a surprise (a ticket to a concert, a live tropical butterfly, a “box in a box “, etc.).

Family album – a memory for future generations

Such albums can be created not only by simply stuffing photos into “headings” – they can be accompanied by interesting funny comments from each family member, diluted with children’s drawings, memorable napkins, dried leaves / flowers, etc. How to design a family album – see the best ideas!

An evening with family

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It’s a great tradition to forget about your business at least once a week and have fun sitting on the couch with the whole family. It doesn’t matter – a chess tournament, a competition for collecting puzzles, a competition “who will make a mummy out of a brother (dad) faster with the help of toilet paper”, building a tent of blankets in the middle of the room, followed by an evening of horror stories in the light of a flashlight – if only everyone had fun, interesting and delicious! Adults can dive into childhood for a short while, and children can finally remember what their parents look like if they are taken away from work. See what games and contests you can hold with your family for interesting leisure time.

We are going to the dacha!

Family travel to the country is also a tradition. It is usually accompanied by the sharing of interesting responsibilities among all family members – the younger ones water the future strawberries, the older ones do the harder work. But after that (so that going to the dacha does not turn into hard labor, but was a holiday that everyone is waiting for) – a compulsory rest. The whole family can come up with an interesting original dinner in advance. Let it be salmon on coals, and not the usual kebabs. And after supper, the whole family (in accordance with the tastes of the household) play by the fireplace accompanied by the rain drumming on the roof. Or a joint mushroom picking with baskets and baskets.

We start a tradition – to be healthy

The basis of the foundations is a healthy lifestyle. You should accustom your kids to it as soon as they cease to fit across the bench. These can be family “five-minutes” exercises with music, categorical protests to fast food, Coca-Cola and chips, painted on funny posters, joint cycling, volleyball and even hiking in the mountains with tents (sometimes). If only, as they say – to health.

Commentary by psychologist, sexologist Lyudmila Andrpova

10 family traditions that will make your family strong and happy

I have been working with clients for almost 20 years and I can say for sure that the presence of any family tradition strengthens relationships. It is important that only those who enjoy them participate in these activities. And these are not necessarily complex rituals and major events. It could be a black and white movie on Friday nights with the obligatory popcorn, or a stroll to your favorite spot on the first Saturday in March. The birthday boy wakes up to loud music and a cake with candles, a letter for Santa Claus left in the freezer.

The main thing is that it should be a regular event and only with rules that are understandable to the family, then it will grow overgrown with legends and superstitions, but this will also help strengthen relationships.

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