15 best step platform exercises for weight loss – how to do it right at home?

Exercises with a step platformExercises with a step platform are gaining popularity nowadays. The step platform is a fitness trainer that helps you lose extra pounds, tone your muscles and improve heart function. Lessons on the step platform involve dance movements with music.

You don’t need a lot of space to do this type of fitness. Play some rhythmic music and do the following exercises.

Attention, classes on the step – platform have a number of contraindications, consult your doctor!

Warm up

In order to start exercising, you need to warm up well, without this, there is a high probability of injury.

The warm-up lasts at least 10-15 minutes.

  • Movements begin from top to bottom, for example, turning the head left – right, rotating the shoulder joint, slight back bends, stretching.
  • Further – you can walk in place for five minutes. It is necessary to walk so that the hand goes towards the leg, it is like a march.

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Exercise 1 – Basic Step

This exercise is similar to walking up the stairs.

  • Step with one foot on the step platform, then the other, and lower yourself in the same order.
  • Change your legs after 3-5 minutes. The exercise is done at a fast pace.

Basic step exercise

The next version of BASIC-step is complicated:

  • Stand directly in front of the step platform with your hands on your belt.
  • Take a step with your left foot on the platform, raising your left arm to your right shoulder, then lower your leg first, then your arm and repeat this exercise with your right leg and right arm.

After you get used to this exercise, you can complicate the task with dumbbells or weights.

Exercise 2 – Step-up

The exercise is not hard, it can be done between intense movements, allowing some muscle groups to rest.

  • Place your right foot on the step platform, then your left foot on your toes and lower your left first, therefore your right.
  • The one-leg exercise is done for three to five minutes, after which the leg changes.

Step-up exercise

During the exercise, keep your body straight, do not bend over, take a step with your full foot. Make sure that the heel does not hang down.

Exercise 3 – Step-knee

  • Place your right foot on the platform and bring your right knee to your stomach. For balance, it is allowed to tilt the body slightly forward.
  • The knee should be pulled up so that the leg is looking straight, and not left or right.

Exercise Step-knee

Do the exercise for 3-5 minutes, then change your leg.

Exercise 4 – Basic Over

Starting position – feet shoulder width apart.

  • Begin the movement of your right leg, lifting it to the platform, and substitute your left leg to it.
  • We descend from the platform to the other side with the right foot, then with the left.
  • We turn the body and make a similar movement.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat the movement for a few more minutes. It is necessary to do these movements from 8 to 10 repetitions.

Exercise 4 - Basic Over

Performing the exercise, you can not go down from the platform, but jump off – do as you like.

To complicate the task, you can perform the exercise diagonally or on the other side of the platform, which is narrower.

Exercise 5 – for the hips

This exercise is aimed at working with the thigh muscles.

  • Stand to the side of the platform so that you look away from it.
  • Step forward, jump with two feet, then return back to the platform.
  • Next, try to jump on the platform with both feet and go down from it on the other side. Repeat the same movements: step, jump, step back to the platform, jump to the platform and then, jump from the platform.

Exercise for the thighs

Do this exercise for three to five repetitions on each side.

To complicate the exercise, the movement is performed with slightly bent legs or in a more intense load.

Exercise 6 – maximum load on the legs

The exercise is suitable for those with high endurance, as it uses the platform with the maximum height.

  • First you need to stand sideways to the step platform.
  • Jump on it with two feet – and again jump around its axis.
  • During the jump, it is recommended to make as many revolutions as possible to the starting position – first in one direction, then in the other.
  • Beginners are allowed to make four turns, then three and two.

Exercise - Maximum Load on the Legs

After you have mastered this exercise, do platform jumps on one leg, then on the other.

Do the exercise without distraction, carefully!

Exercise 7 – Intensive for the legs

This exercise must be done vigorously.

  • First, step on the step, put your hands on your waist.
  • Jump with one foot to the floor, go back, jump off with the other foot – go back.
  • When performing this exercise, you must jump as high as possible.

Exercise - intensive for the legs

If the step platform is low for you, then do it on a higher one.

Before jumping, make sure that the flooring is not slippery, so as not to slip and not get injured!

Exercise 8 – jumping

  • Stand in front of the step platform (narrow side).
  • Start moving with your right foot. Raise your leg to the step, then the second, then jump to the floor so that the step is between your legs.
  • Then you jump up again and again jump to the floor.

Exercise 8 - jumping

Repeat this exercise a few more times.

For complication, add arms, increase the intensity of the exercise.

Exercise 9 – Leg Stretch

  • Stand with your back to the step platform, step back with your right foot, place your other foot on the platform.
  • Put your hands on your belt, your back should be straight.
  • Begin to lower your back leg down. It is necessary to bend the leg so that an angle of 90 degrees is formed from the lower leg to the knee.

Exercise - Leg Stretching

Repeat about 10 reps on each leg in 3 sets.

Exercise 10 – with hand support

To do this exercise, you need to stand to the side of the platform.

  • Place one foot on the platform. Legs should be parallel to each other.
  • Transfer body weight to the leg on which the main load will be performed. Take the pelvis back.
  • With the hand that is closer to the platform, lean on it and jump over to the other side.
  • Then you need to change your leg and repeat this exercise.

Exercise with an emphasis on the arm

Exercise 11 – Wi-Step

This exercise is performed with high intensity.

  • Stand directly in front of the step platform, feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Begin the exercise with the right leg. Raise your right leg to the right corner of the platform, then your left leg to the left corner, then lower your right foot, then your left.
  • When performing the exercise, the socks should look towards the platform and resemble the letter V.
  • Do the exercise for a few minutes and repeat on the other leg.

Exercise Wi-step

Exercise 12 – for stretching the thigh muscles

This exercise will help you warm up your thigh muscles both before and after fitness.

  • To do this, you need to stand facing the step platform. Put one leg on it and shift the center of gravity of your body, bending and unbending the other leg.
  • Change your leg.

Exercise to stretch the thigh muscles

On each side, it is recommended to perform this exercise for 3-4 approaches.

Exercise 13 – lying on the platform

At this stage of the exercise, twists are performed, so before performing, adjust the platform: on one side, put on the third level, and on the other – on the very first.

Exercise lying on the platform

  • Lie with your back on the step so that your head is on the first level.
  • Place both feet on the platform, cross your arms at your chest, and lift your torso 20 times slowly and 10 times quickly. If it is difficult to perform such an exercise, then reduce the number of times to 10.
  • You need to perform twisting in 3 sets, when lifting the body, twist and exhale.
  • Then rest and do the side crunches in the same way.

Exercise 14 – push-ups with an emphasis on the back

This exercise is aimed at push-ups.

  • For push-ups, you need to sit on a platform, put your palms on it and move your legs forward so that the body is suspended.
  • Bend your elbows at the elbows, and while exhaling, lower the pelvis lower to the floor. As you inhale, rise.
  • You need to lower the pelvis so that it does not touch the floor. Repeat the exercise several times.
  • Next – tear off your left hand from the step and stretch it to the toe of your left leg. Repeat the same with the other hand.

Exercise - push-up

Repeat the steps at least 10 times.

For weight loss, you need to perform these exercises more intensely and alternate with cardio loads.

Exercise 15 – push-ups with an emphasis in front of the chest

  • It is necessary to stand in front of the step platform. Starting position – feet shoulder width apart.
  • Bend over and place your palms on the step. Try to keep your back straight.
  • Jump up and move your legs back. Squeeze out so that one line forms. Don’t arch your back!
  • Next – jump and return your feet back closer to the step platform.
  • Tear off your arms and return to the starting position.

Exercise - Push-ups with an emphasis in front of the chest

After doing the exercises, be sure to stretch for 5 to 10 minutes so that the muscles recover faster after training.

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