15 fashionable women’s haircuts for straight hair short, medium, long

15 women's haircuts for straight hair that are trendy this seasonModern hairdressing salons offer fashionable women’s haircuts for straight hair in a variety of interesting and attractive options. These haircuts are for every taste, they all have an expressive appearance that can beautifully emphasize the image of the owner. However, every haircut may not suit everyone. How not to get lost in this variety, not to make a mistake with the choice, how to find the right style?

So, we present to your attention 15 of the most fashionable options.

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Elongated bob

This type of haircut is ideal for women with medium hair length. The haircut is very practical, it looks natural and pleases the male eye. For more than one year she has been in high places in the list of the most common haircuts, confidently holding the gains in popularity today.

A long bob will look great with any shade of hair, and as a bonus, it will highlight the best features of your face.

Here are some examples of an elongated bob:

Long bob for straight hair Long bob for straight hair


Perhaps one of the most famous types of hairstyles today. The haircut looks very impressive on girls with an extraordinary appearance, soft facial contours and a slender figure. On ladies of a different type, it can look ugly and even ridiculous, therefore, it is necessary to take such a risky step consciously after reading the necessary information in the fashionable segment of the Internet.

Kare for straight hair

Stylists distinguish several variations of the square, but they are all very similar to each other, and the differences are often seen only by a real hairdressing professional. Be that as it may, it is not in vain that this type of haircut has held a leading position for more than a decade.

Super length

Recently, a haircut with the simple name “super length” has begun to gain rapid popularity among women with straight hair. It fully reflects the essence of the hairstyle: you just need to grow the length of the hair below the level of the waist, not forgetting to carefully care for your hair.

Super length haircut for straight hair

However, many girls may have problems washing and caring for such a haircut, so first you should carefully weigh the pros and cons for yourself.

Suitable for women with an athletic figure, tall and soft features.

Bob with bangs obliquely

If you don’t like the traditional bob, try this option. It emphasizes facial features, fully reveals the expressiveness of the eyes and lips. Suitable for women of almost all ages and physique.

Bob with bangs obliquely for straight hair

A bob haircut with oblique bangs for straight hair is versatile, in high demand and highly regarded among lovers of female beauty.

Bob with bangs up to eyebrows

Another variant of the bean that has become known relatively recently. Now it is gaining momentum due to its functionality and practicality.

Bob with bangs for straight hair

This type of haircut for straight hair is suitable for many, so you hardly have to worry about the wrong choice. It is not very difficult to perform, it is easy to care for it. A bob with bangs gives additional expressiveness and volume to the hair, which is so lacking for many of the fair sex.

Long bob

This type of haircut is often inherited from birth, which is in the future for one girl – happiness, and for another – suffering and “curse” for eternal meetings with curlers. Nevertheless, now this haircut looks quite stylish, youthful and extraordinary.

Long bobPixie with long bangs

Long bob emphasizes the rounded features of the face, but on some girls it may not look. Again, as in the previous versions, it is necessary to consult with specialists – and draw the appropriate conclusions.

Pixie with long bangs

Over the past year, the haircut has received a very high demand due to the desire of girls to be extraordinary, and to stand out from the total mass of long straight hair. It makes the eyes and face expressive.

Pixie with long bangs for straight hair

Suitable for those who hate styling, gels and long-term washing of the voice. Squeaks with long bangs are very practical, they look quite defiant and, undoubtedly, presentable.


This type of haircut is hair just below shoulder level in the form of a classic square. The only difference, in addition to the square, is the throwing of the bangs obliquely, which gives additional expressiveness and uniqueness.

Cascade for long straight hair

Suitable for girls with rounded and oval face shapes, blue eyes and an athletic physique. It is a very beautiful option for those who do not want to have too short hair, but also do not want to suffer with too long hair.

Graduated square

The graduated bob is a kind of prototype of the traditional bob and cascade, which have been merged together. Perfect for women of fashion with dark skin pigments, rounded features and brown eyes.

Graduated bob for straight hair

It is also considered a good option for tall girls, but does not look very good on the fair sex with small stature. However, there are exceptions, it is necessary to consult with the master.

In general, a very original option for those who want to have a unique bob with bangs obliquely.


This type of women’s haircut for straight hair is very similar to a cascade. The only difference is the fringe, which hangs more strongly on the forehead, but also retains its shape and volume.

rvanaya pricheska

Ideal for girls with reddish and light hair. Accentuates the contours of the face. Looks good on both young and elderly women. One of the most versatile options.

Asymmetrical square

This type of square, although it does not enjoy the same wide demand as its “competitors”, but also has a lot of advantages.

  • Firstly, an asymmetrical square looks almost on anyone, and on any hair color. Combines with all face and body shapes.
  • Secondly, it does not require gels, special styling, etc. It is very simple and quick to care for it, washing and drying your hair with such a haircut is less problematic.
  • Thirdly, this version of the square always stands out from the gray mass, forcing passers-by to look at the owner of this hairstyle.

Asymmetrical bob for straight hair


The traditional pixie has long been universally recognized by women due to its practicality, expressiveness and peculiar attractiveness. This type of haircut is ideal for those who are used to short, straight hair and do not want to change anything.

Pixie for straight short hair

Looks good on young girls – and older, emphasizes the contours of the face. In a word, a very bold and unusual option for many who want to take a chance – and try something extraordinary, original.


This option is very similar to the previous one – but, nevertheless, they cannot be attributed to the same type:

  • The first reason is the presence of bangs in the pixie. The “hat” does not have it, and if it does, it is insignificant.
  • Also, the length of the hair is slightly different. In the first type, it is larger, which allows you to make expressive bangs.

Cap for straight short hair

Nevertheless, the “hat” is very good on modest, optimistic girls. Looks perfect on dark and reddish hair, and is also often a trump card and the main “chip” of some fashionistas.


The traditional hairstyle of Italians has spread all over the world. Now they are very popular, although they are difficult to perform – and, unfortunately, not everyone will suit.

Haircut Italian for straight hair

She strongly resembles a cascade – but, unlike him, the Italian has several “steps” that are visible to the naked eye. The initial hair is rather short by female standards, and the length of the subsequent strands gradually increases.

Suitable for girls with a thin build and with a dark complexion.

Elongated bob

Perhaps the most suitable and beautiful option for most girls. This hairstyle is done only for straight hair, and differs from the usual bob only in the length of the hair. The technique remains the same.

Extra long bob for straight hair of medium length

The haircut looks spectacular on young and middle-aged ladies with elongated face shapes and a slender figure. Also suitable for girls with blonde and red hair.

The extended bob will save you from prolonged drying and washing your hair.


It is quite possible to choose your own unique style with straight hair. You just need to find the necessary information about a particular haircut, consult with experts – and finally choose the most suitable option, based on your preferences and desires.

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