Is it possible to dye your hair during pregnancy

Pregnancy is not a reason to become unkempt; regrown hair roots can and should be painted over. Another question – what, and what color to choose for painting, so as not to harm the health of the baby and yourself?

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Important rules for dyeing hair during pregnancy

  • In the first trimester, hair should not be dyed. During this period, an active growth of the fetus is carried out, a colossal hormonal change in a woman, so you can get not the desired color, but multi-shade stripes on the head. As the masters of the salons say: “you can paint, starting from the 6th month of pregnancy, then you will get the expected color.”


  • Women suffering from toxicosis should not paint on their own. Too pungent odors will provoke another attack. If there is a need for urgent hair coloring, then it is better to have this procedure carried out by a specialist in the salon, in a normally ventilated room.


  • It is better to stop the choice of paint on natural remedies. Although there are relatively safe chemical dyes, there is no need to risk it, because the full effect of such dyes on the pregnant body has not been studied.


  • The safest, according to hairdressers, is hair coloring, bronzing or highlighting, since the dye does not touch the hair roots, through which harmful substances are absorbed into the blood of the pregnant woman.


  • If you dye your hair with permanent paint, then keep it on the hair for at least the time specified in the instructions and put on a gauze bandage so that paint vapors do not enter the respiratory tract.

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If we talk about hair dyes, then dyeing hair during pregnancy is recommended with the following types of cosmetics:

  • Balms, tonics, tint shampoos;
  • Ammonia-free paint;
  • Henna, basma;
  • Folk remedies.

Natural hair dye

Using folk remedies, you need to be prepared that the color will change gradually, not the first time.


So, to get:

  • Light chestnut color – you need to pour one liter of boiling water over one glass of long tea. When the tea has cooled slightly and is warm, strain it to remove the tea leaves. Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar and massage into hair, previously washed with shampoo.
  • Dark chestnut color – you need to remove the green peel from young walnuts and grind it in a meat grinder. Then add a little water to form a gruel. Apply to hair with a brush or toothbrush. Soak on hair for 15-20 minutes and rinse.


  • Golden color – Get a bag of henna and a box of chamomile flowers. Prepare half a glass of chamomile infusion and mix with henna. Apply the resulting mushy mass to the hair and maintain the appropriate time indicated in the instructions on the package, depending on the selected shade
  • Light golden hue can be achieved using onion peels or chamomile infusion. Moreover, it helps to strengthen the hair. Pour 100 grams of onion husks with water (1.5 cups of water), bring to a boil and leave to simmer for another 20 -25 minutes. When the infusion is at a comfortable warm temperature, you can start rubbing it into your hair. Soak on hair for 30 minutes and rinse.


  • To obtain a golden hue – make a concentrated decoction of chamomile (pour 3 tablespoons of chamomile flowers with a liter of water). Let it brew until the broth is warm. Strain and apply to hair. After keeping the broth on the hair for an hour, rinse the hair.
  • Dark shades can be obtained by applying basma. By following her instructions, you can achieve almost black color. Combining it with henna, you can adjust the shade. For example, a bronze tint can be achieved by using basma with henna in a 1: 2 ratio (for one part of basma – 2 parts of henna).
  • Reddish tint achieved with the use of cocoa. A package of henna mixed with four teaspoons of cocoa and applied to the hair. Wash off after the time indicated on the henna package.


  • Reddish blond shade can be achieved using henna and instant coffee. Mixing a bag of henna and two tablespoons of coffee and soaking on your hair for 40-60 minutes will give this effect.

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The myth that during pregnancy you cannot cut your hair, paint, etc., lazy women came up with an excuse. Pregnancy is a reason to admire and admire your beauty!

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