16 best active remedies for fine lines and wrinkles

Many women are concerned about how to maintain their beauty before and after 40 years. The most insidious type of wrinkles are mimic, because they appear regardless of age-related changes in the skin. Since such wrinkles visually greatly age the face, many women are concerned about the question “how to get rid of them?” This is what we will try to answer today.

The Colady editorial team presents you the best facial wrinkle remedies according to women’s reviews.

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The most effective cosmetic products for mimic wrinkles

  • Botox
    To date, Botox is the most effective treatment for mimic wrinkles. This drug is of a protein nature. It blocks nerve impulses in muscle fibers, because of this, the muscles of the face are in a relaxed state for quite a long time. Botox injections will help you get rid of the expression lines around the eyes and on the forehead. However, this procedure should be carried out only by professional cosmetologists or doctors with special training.

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  • Perfectionist Wrinkle Corrector [Cp+R] by Estēe Lauder
    This product will erase all traces of time from your face and refresh your look. It is your main ally in the fight for smooth skin. It is based on a new technology that doubles the skin’s ability to produce collagen and peptides to correct wrinkles. The concealer has a very light texture, is easy to apply with a convenient applicator and is quickly absorbed into the skin. This product is suitable for all skin types, does not cause inflammation and does not contain perfume.
  • Darphin Series – Ideal Resource
    Darphin – Ideal Resource – Rejuvenating line to fight expression lines – it is formulated with cream, serum and fluid. This complex is intended for women 30+, whose expression lines are already deeper and more noticeable. The composition of these cosmetics includes such plants as Japanese knotweed, white hibiscus and Asian centella. They improve the general condition of the skin, smooth out wrinkles. Within two months after using this anti-aging complex, you will notice a tangible positive result.
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  • Clinique Urnaround Concentrate Radiance Renewer Smoothing Serum
    Clinique’s Urnaround Concentrate Radiance Renewer is the perfect anti-wrinkle treatment. This product promotes the renewal of skin cells, the texture of the face makes it delicate and the color is bright. It contains 80% natural ingredients: chestnut extract, sage enzymes, burdock root extract, vitamin E. The principle of action of the serum is based on three main stages: cell maturation, enzymatic action and exfoliation. Once you start using it, you will notice every day that your wrinkles are getting smaller and your skin tone is improving.
  • Dior Capture Totale Anti-Aging Line
    This line includes all the necessary skin care products: serum, concentrated cream and eye contour care. All of them have the same purpose: to reduce the number of wrinkles, to make the skin of the face more elastic and elastic. This effect is achieved with the help of stem cells, which not only rejuvenate the upper layer of the skin, but also affect the deeper layers of the dermis, where changes are difficult to adjust.
  • Concentrate for youthful skin Age Delay Concentre Jeunesse from Chanel
    This remedy will help restore the freshness and radiance of your complexion. It contains yeast extract, which helps to restore the vital functions of cells, a strengthening lipopeptide that corrects signs of aging, vitamin E, a moisturizing plant extract and an Aglycal complex, which protects elastin and collagen fibers from glycation. This product will restore radiance to your skin, hide all signs of aging, and restore the metabolic process in skin cells.
  • Caudalie Vinolift Serum Au Resveratrol de Vigne
    It is a light gel that stimulates cell renewal and improves skin texture. It contains the grape molecule resveratrol and 11 plant components (extracts of alfalfa, oats, witch hazel, ginseng, grapes, sunflower, etc.). Cosmetologists advise to start using this serum after the first wrinkles appear, before using the night and day cream. Already after the first application, you will notice that the expression lines have disappeared, and the skin has become smooth and elastic.
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  • Firm Profile Serum by Swisscare Givenchy
    It is a highly concentrated anti-aging remedy with green tea and antioxidants. It contains such plant components as honeysuckle extract, wheat proteins, beech bud extract, green tea polyphenol. This product reduces the destructive activity of free radicals, protects elastin and collagen fibers, stimulates blood circulation in the capillaries and removes toxins. Already after the first application, you will notice how the wrinkles are less visible and the skin color is more uniform and brighter. Cosmetologists recommend using this product for women aged 30+ daily before basic care.
  • Lancome Renergie Yeux Multiple Lift Anti-Aging Eye Cream
    It is an anti-aging cosmetic product with a multi-lifting effect. It contains GF-Volumetry complex, which promotes the acceleration of intercellular metabolism, and argan oil, which improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  • Christina Fluoroxygen + C EyeC Eye Cream
    This is a highly effective eye cream for the sensitive skin around the eyes. It visibly smoothes expression lines, relieves puffiness, and helps get rid of dark circles. In addition, this product protects your skin from negative environmental influences. This cream contains the following herbal ingredients: rapeseed oil, bearberry extract, soy protein, almond oil.
  • Cream for skin care around the eyes Yves Rocher SERUM VEGETAL “Clear look”
    This is an excellent product made from natural ingredients, suitable for all skin types. It contains: aloe vera gel, cornflower juice, apple oligosides, extracts of coffee, Indian chestnut, sesame oil. This cream perfectly smoothes mimic wrinkles, removes bruises and puffiness under the eyes. Cosmetologists recommend using it for women over 35 years old.
  • Means of correction of mimic wrinkles Myokine by Vichy
    This is a French cosmetic product for correcting the first mimic wrinkles. Perfect for women aged 25+. The active ingredients of the product are adenoxine (a complex that smooths wrinkles and relaxes the skin), tocopherol and shea butter. Already on the sixth day of application, you will notice how your expression lines have become less noticeable.
  • L’Oreal Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle Face Contour Cream
    This is one of the best anti-aging treatments for expression wrinkles. It perfectly smoothes and tightens the skin of the face and neck. This cream has a double effect: it smoothes the skin and makes it firm. The main component of the cream is the antioxidant pro-ritinol – A. It heals the skin and normalizes the immune system.
  • LacVert Wrinkle Lift Serum by LacVert
    This highly concentrated serum provides elasticity to the skin in areas most prone to wrinkles. Thanks to the unique component Medi-Vita with tocopherol, this serum has a double effect: smoothing wrinkles and caring for the skin surface. This product is also suitable for sensitive skin, does not cause irritation.
  • Avene Ystheal + Eye Contour Cream
    It is a unique remedy that prevents and corrects the signs of aging. It smoothes wrinkles perfectly. The secret of its effectiveness is hidden in the synergistic active ingredients of the new generation. We are talking about retinaldehyde (vitamin A, rejuvenates the skin both on the surface and deep in the dermis) and pretocopherol (provitamin E, strengthens fibers and slows down the aging process). Cosmetologists recommend using it for women aged 35 and over.
  • Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Eye Contour Cream
    It is a highly effective universal remedy that nourishes the skin with vitality. Its formula has been developed using the most modern technology. It includes a proprietary Shiseido ingredient, an anti-wrinkle complex and a hydrating biosystem. This cream perfectly smoothes wrinkles, removes dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

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