20 best gifts for kids for graduation at school – what to give a son or daughter?

Among the most important holidays in life, the first for a child is, of course, graduation from school. And all loving parents prepare gifts for their matured children for May-June – to the best of their strength, capabilities and imagination. It is more difficult to please modern children than 10-20 years ago, but you still can’t do without a memento – the child deserves! To your attention – the most relevant gifts for graduation for boys and girls.

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10 best gifts for a daughter’s graduation

Most often, parents purchase a gold chain with a cross, a ring, a thin bracelet or earrings. The choice of jewelry today is very wide – you can pick up a gift for any wallet. The price of a gold chain is about 2500-12000 rubles.

  • Tour to the sea

Well, would a girl refuse to rest after 11 years of harsh school life on the coast? Of course not! Deserved? Deserved. True, it’s too early to send her in splendid isolation. It will be better if you go with her, for example, a mother or a friend. Cost – from 2000 rubles / day.

trip to the sea

  • Digital School Album

That is, a modern digital frame into which parents will carefully upload their daughter’s school photos – from the 1st grade to the very graduation. An excellent memorable present for years to come. The average price is 1500-8000 rubles.

  • SPA certificate

Any young girl will be delighted with this present. A whole set of pleasures in one certificate! Manicure, pedicure, massage, body wraps, etc. Based on the wishes of the child (you know better what your daughter needs). Average price – from 1500-2500 rubles and … to infinity.

Feeling yourself in the center of attention is only half the joy of a gift. After all, all girls, without exception, dream of a professional photo shoot. Give your child joy. Moreover, the wallet from this gift will not be very empty. Costs for 1 photo session will be 1000-1500 per hour. This is if you count it along with the printout of photos and the work of a make-up artist.

We do not look back at the omen (in the end, you can take a “pretty penny” from your daughter and calm your conscience) – we choose a fashionable and stylish watch. For example, Casio G-Shock. Average price – from 4000-6000 rubles. Or Armani (for wealthy parents). Average price – from 15,000 to 20,000 rubles. However, you can limit yourself to replicas (exact copies), if funds do not allow.

Well, where without him in our time, when on the Internet today, almost everyone – friends from afar, work, paying bills and even wallets. Moreover, this gift will become simply irreplaceable for the future student life. Average price – from 15,000 rubles.


  • Real school album

That is, bound, with real photographs. You can order it from professionals, and choose a photo yourself from home “folders” on your computer. Many parents can boast of long-forgotten folders in the computer with photographs in which a child sits down for the first time at a school desk, takes an exam for the first time, celebrates a birthday with friends, etc. It’s time to pull out these memories and put them in an album. Autographs of classmates, cartoons, funny inscriptions are welcome! The average price of the album itself will not exceed 3000 rubles (unless you encrusted it with precious stones).

  • Electronic book

Of course, today you can read both on a tablet and in a smartphone. But a highly specialized device is more preferable. First, a different weight. Secondly, there is less eye strain. Thirdly, longer battery life. It is better to choose books with an additional card, the ability to read all text formats and listen to audio formats. The average price of such a reader is from 6,000 rubles.

  • Personal deposit

Why not? It’s time to grow up! And what to do with the amount on the account – let the child decide for himself. Whether to spend immediately or to put together “capital” for the future. The gift is serious and solid.

What to give for a graduation son – 10 original gifts

Boys are much more difficult. You cannot give them either a decoration or a certificate to the spa salon.

How can you please your son?

The dream of many boys. And they are far from being boys. Why, every second person dreams of such a useful thing! One of the most advanced and powerful cameras in the world. You can even take pictures with it underwater! Average cost – from 30,000 rubles.


Not only girls will need this thing in adulthood. If your son still spoils his eyesight near an old stationary PC or “breaks” his father’s tiny netbook – it’s time to make the child happy with his own high-quality computer. Price – from 15,000 rubles.

Of course this is a joke. The child must earn money for the car himself. Only in this case will he become truly desired and joyful. And not the best moment – buying a car for an 18-year-old boy – in terms of upbringing. But you can help a child to get a license. Give him the opportunity to study at a driving school. The cost of training is about 30,000 rubles.

  • Certificate for the purchase of sporting goods

If your son is an athlete, then the gift will be very useful. Perhaps the child has long dreamed of a mountain bike or snowboard. Or oh – a hiking fan who dreams of a new and complete travel outfit. Present your son with a certificate – let him choose for himself. The price of the certificate depends on your wallet – for 3000, for 10000 rubles. etc.

  • Gym membership

Not every graduate can boast of his own money earned. But almost all the boys go to the gym (or want to go). Therefore, such a gift will definitely not be superfluous. The average price will depend on the region and the schedule of visits. The most profitable (and more practical) one is an unlimited subscription.

Has your son long wanted to see the pyramids of Egypt? Or go around the Crimean mountains with a backpack? Or go on a tour of Europe? There is a reason for a gift! Based on a week’s rest, the voucher will cost from 20,000 rubles. In Crimea, it is cheaper, closer and more interesting, but more dangerous: after all, even a trip through the mountains without parents is not a walk in the park. Even if there are friends nearby. But there is a way out here too – you can purchase a mountain tour in advance. That is, with a guide, food, comfortable accommodation and compliance with all safety rules. There are plenty of such guides (wild tourism) in Crimea. There are usually no dissatisfied people. And the prices will be lower than when traveling to Europe.

  • Mobile phone

There is already a choice for the parents. The capabilities of phones are changing rapidly, and even a phone bought a couple of years ago is already unfashionable and “old”. If you have enough funds to please your child with a novelty – why not? The average price depends on the model (usually from 20,000 rubles and above).

mobile phone

  • Concert tickets

The son will be especially pleased if it is a ticket to the concert of his favorite band. If you are a good parent, you can easily identify a group. The main thing is that her concert in your city takes place not in a year, but in the near future. Although you can buy your son a ticket to the city where musicians perform – book a hotel for a couple of days and send the child to enjoy life. How much money you need depends on the group and the place where it is performing.

Every growing child has the right to privacy. Let your son have his own safe – he needs somewhere to hide the notes of his beloved girl, a record book and other purely personal things from you. And as a start-up capital, you can put an envelope with money in the safe. The price of a good safe is from 10,000 rubles.

  • Education at the university

Who said that parents are obliged to pay for tuition? Not everyone has this opportunity. And for educational purposes, this is completely harmful. The child should strive to enter with his own mind and strength. But if he has a dream – to enter a certain university, and there is an exclusively commercial basis, and you just have the opportunity to make such a gift – then it will be symbolic and generous. A present like this will devastate you $ 1500- $ 6500 / year.

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