The best educational cartoons for children under one year old

Educational cartoons for children under one year old help your child not only to relax, but also to learn valuable knowledge. All-round development of the baby is the duty of every responsible and caring mother. But sometimes mom needs at least a little rest. How to distract a child under one year old in order to win 5-10 minutes of rest for yourself? There are many options – educational toys and cartoons. True, it is worth remembering that watching TV for more than fifteen minutes a day is harmful for such a crumbs.

On the instructions of the COLADY editors, I have prepared for you a list of the best educational cartoons for children.

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What cartoons should be shown to children under one year old?

All “advanced” parents know that the best cartoons for babies are those that contribute to the all-round development and are able to captivate the child.

For this age, there are special educational cartoons, with the help of which kids learn a lot of new and interesting things in various directions. Cartoons for smart children “tell” about:

  • About body parts shown on toys and other characters.
  • About cities and villages.
  • About flora and fauna.
  • About fruits and vegetables.
  • About numbers and shapes.

Children under one year old and educational cartoons

  • Music. Educational cartoons for toddlers up to a year combine video footage and a pleasant sound sequence. Cartoon characters appear to high-quality classical music, which is ideal for children who are just starting to show interest in the world around them.
  • Fauna. Animated cartoons are good for children with the opportunity to see animals, hear their voices and remember the main differences between animals.
  • Painters. Cartoons from the field of culture, dedicated to artists, art, introduce children to the process of drawing. Thanks to such cartoons, children begin to draw quite early, already from seven to eight months they feel a craving for beauty.
  • Multi-part cartoons for all-round development. Such cartoons are designed to teach the child the most basic words and introduce them to objects from the world around them. The usual amount of information in one series is the minimum that is easily absorbed by the baby. Vivid characters contribute to faster assimilation of the material.

Should I show cartoons to children under one year old?

Of course, there is no need to talk about the benefits of educational cartoons for children under 1 year old. Undoubtedly, they are useful. Moreover, double – and the baby develops, and the mother can rest a little. But you shouldn’t abuse your TV. In such a “young age” more than twenty minutes of watching TV every day are glasses that will have to be worn at school.

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Educational cartoons and the psyche of the child

Disputes over “Is it worth watching cartoons for a baby under one year old?” and “If it’s worth it, then what to watch?” will probably never subside. There are no unequivocal answers to such questions – each parent solves this problem himself. Of course, cartoons are one of the favorite pastime options for crumbs. But how do they affect the development of the child? And do they? What do you need to know before putting your child to the screen?

  1. A child at this age should not be in front of the TV for more than twenty minutes a day… Firstly, he is simply not able to concentrate on the cartoon for such a long time, and secondly, it is harmful to children’s eyes.
  2. Best selection of cartoons – developing… You can watch them online or download them on many sites today.
  3. The high level of development of the crumbs, which is achieved with the help of educational cartoons, is a myth. Of course, cartoons by themselves will be able to enrich the child’s inner world with new images, but nothing more.
  4. The most effective method of developing a child is live teacher… And if you really want to take a break, then sit down while watching the cartoon next to the baby and comment on what is happening on the screen. In this case, the benefits will be much greater.

What cartoons do parents choose? Rating of cartoons for children under one year old – top 10

  1. Tiny love
  2. Jess’s riddles
  3. Cartoons Ruby and Yo-Yo
  4. Ozzy Boo
  5. Luntik
  6. Baby Cartoons: Hopla
  7. Little Raccoon
  8. The Adventures of Lolo the Little Penguin
  9. Prankster dino
  10. Cheburashka.

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