3 Ice Machine Buying Errors and How to Avoid Them

A clean ice machine is all anyone needs to be happy.

Before you get your new machine, though, there are some ice machine buying errors you need to avoid. We all make mistakes, especially when we’re doing something new or excited about what’s ahead.

Don’t make the same mistakes everyone else does.

With this guide, you’ll know just what to do when you start shopping for the perfect ice machine for your bar or restaurant. After all, your clean ice machine is all that stands between you and your business’s success or failure.

1. Ice Machine with the Wrong Compressor Type

It’s essential to select the right type of compressor to ensure your ice machine is able to properly produce and store the right amount of ice. Regularly studying customer reviews, investing in expert advice, and researching various makes and models of ice machines can all help to avoid this type of mistake.

It’s also recommended to look into the warranty on the most suitable model, as well as any potential ice machine maintenance requirements. With the right knowledge, expert guidance, and adequate research, buyers should be able to purchase an ice machine with the compressor type that will suit their needs.

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2. Ice Machine Incompatible with your Plumbing

An incompatible ice maker may not be able to fit into the available plumbing, particularly if the machine uses a commercial water connection. If possible, get a professional contractor to measure the plumbing and select the right machine to ensure a perfect fit. It is also important to ensure compatibility between the machine, the condenser, and the drain system.

If incompatible components are used, the machine may fail to produce ice or function poorly leading to costly repairs. Furthermore, if the intended space cannot accommodate the chosen ice machine, then the wrong size may have been purchased, leading to wasted time and resources.

3. Wrong Type of Ice Machine

Different types of ice machines produce different types of ice. If a buyer needs cubes for cocktails, then a flaker or nugget ice machine is not suitable. The buyers need to carefully consider the type of ice that is needed, as it has an impact on the production rate and the storage space required.

For cubes or crushed ice, or a combination of both, buyers may need to get a dedicated machine for each type of ice. Additionally, buyers should consider whether the ice machine needs to be air-cooled or water-cooled, whether it needs to be self-contained or modular, and whether to choose a machine with built-in storage or one without.

Knowing the exact requirements of the machine and what type of ice is needed are key factors in avoiding ice machine buying errors.

Avoid These Ice Machine Buying Errors

As an ice machine buyer, it’s important to factor in all possible risks before making a purchase. Research, ask questions, read reviews, and take manufacturers’ claims with a grain of salt. Investing in an ice machine is a big decision, and it requires proper planning. With the ideas from this guide in mind, you can rest assured that you’re making an informed decision and avoiding costly errors.

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