3 ways to inform your husband about pregnancy in an original way

How to inform your husband about pregnancyThe appearance of a baby is an important event in any family and it is better to tell such news to the future father so that he feels the significance of the upcoming changes in life and at the same time receives a charge of positive emotions. It’s no secret that, in addition to the joy of future fatherhood, men often experience stress from the responsibility that awaits them. Indeed, unlike girls, for whom the skills of how to behave with a baby are laid from the age when they are still playing with dolls, the stronger sex does not always understand the role of the father, and the course of the “young father” often has to be taken “on the battlefield” …

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to talk about the upcoming replenishment in the family, avoiding head-on straightforwardness and at the same time, without too transparent hints, like cabbage leaves spread around the house, which might be mistaken for a desperate appeal for healthy eating …

Elementary, dear “Sherlock”!

Most men love to play and receive pleasant surprises, and therefore it will not be difficult to involve them in the quest to find the “treasure” in the apartment.

You can start the “game” by sending this SMS to your husband’s phone: “At home, a pleasant surprise awaits you, read the note on the table.” And then events can develop according to different scenarios.

One of the options – finding a surprise in different parts of the house (each note contains a hint where to look for the “gift”). This exercise develops the patience and intelligence that a father-to-be needs so much!

The result of the search will be a cute gift packed in a box – with an inscription revealing the secret (author’s postcard, mug, keychain, expensive pen, etc.).

There is an option when the places in which the notes are hidden should gradually push Sherlock into certain thoughts; for example, under a child’s toy, in a book for young parents, in an album for children’s photos. The appearance of the expectant mother at the end of the quest will be especially impressive.

Tell your husband about your pregnancy

Soon on the screen …

An original way to inform your husband about replenishment in the family can be author’s collagemade on a computer and printed in color. The poster presents a blockbuster called “Parents”, the director and screenwriter are the future happy dad and mom, and the main role is the child. Screen time – the estimated month of birth of the child.

The poster gives room for creativity, depending on preferences, fantasy, comedy, sports films or even anime are presented … The poster can be sent by e-mail (suitable when the husband is on a business trip), but it is better to present it at a special family dinner in person.

Torment me sweetly …

When you tell an important secret, you just want to “stretch the pleasure” a little and watch how the other half is looking for an answer to the question “What would that mean?” For lovers of intrigue, recognition in 2 stages is suitable.
First stage – romantic evening with dessert – a mystery… It can be a cake with an implicit hint, such as a picture of a family of rabbits, other animals, or a more abstract plot that will raise certain questions from the husband.

At the second stage, it is reported that there is a very valuable surprise for the spouse, and he must know how to handle the “gift” with care… And here the intrigue is revealed, because the husband is handed a book – “A Guide for Fathers” or another “instruction on how to deal with children and expectant mothers.”

Gift to husband

A reason for creativity

The original “pregnancy recognition” can become a meaningful and funny joint experience that will be pleasant to remember, but the main thing is to understand that the proposed methods are only a starting point for the “chief director” creative!

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