4 reasons why you definitely don’t want to become a queen

Going to work every day or taking on the hateful household chores, what woman will not regret in her hearts that she is not a princess? A queen, queen, empress – it doesn’t matter if there was the power to give orders and a chance to get away from heavy duties. But what is it really like, the life of crowned persons, whom we usually imagine reclining on downy featherbeds and eating food?

Let’s look at 4 examples by which you definitely would not want to be born a royal person.

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1. The title did not allow living in idleness

Study, study and study again – perhaps, many princesses could declare this motto theirs. Thus, the famous Queen Victoria knew 6 foreign languages ​​- Latin, German, Hindi, Italian, Greek and French. Usually girls from such families were also taught music, handicrafts and the basics of government.

What can you do if, in the absence of her husband – let’s say, he went to war – Her Majesty was engaged in internal affairs. It was impossible to share this task with anyone. Those who have read history and adventure books remember that all cardinals should only be allowed to power! ..

2. Princesses were dynastic pawns

“I want to eat halva, I want – gingerbread”, – this is not about girls from the royal family, who, probably, sometimes envied their own maids. Those could choose a betrothed on their own!

Husbands for princesses were assigned when they were between 12 and 17 years old. A kind of record – Blanca Maria Sforza, issued at two years old for a nine-year-old cousin.

If a princess – or later a queen – showed too much discontent, the doors of the monastery were closed for her forever.

Over time, morals became softer, however, the royalty still felt that they did not belong to themselves. For example, the well-known Princess Diana suffered greatly from the attention of the press and a complete lack of privacy.

princess Diana
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3. Special hardening

Children in royal families were brought up strictly – even if they were royal or royal offspring. Queen Victoria ate three small meals a day, with only bread and milk for dinner.

Ascents are very early – both in Western royal families and in the Russian imperial family.

Today’s children are sometimes difficult to persuade to put away their toys. The princesses put their own dolls in place or cleaned up school supplies. They were also punished for their faults – in a special way. You can’t raise your hand to the royal offspring, so their companion girlfriends got it instead. If there was an emotional attachment between the girls, the lesson was learned firmly.

By the way, excessive emotions of the princesses were also disapproved of, because this could drop their royal dignity. To train the emotional detachment of little princesses – especially from the age of seven – they tried not to hug. And, of course, they had no right to show tears in public.

4. Being a princess is a job

This is proven by members of the modern British royal family, where everyone has a role to play, and behavior is governed by a whole body of laws. For example, in everyday life, black outfits are prohibited, but a mourning outfit is always in a travel suitcase. All gifts, including children’s gifts, are accepted with gratitude, however, the queen decides what will remain with the children and what will be transferred to other places. It is also forbidden to eat seafood, to play Monopoly, and to wear hats at official events, but no neckline.

It is also forbidden for princesses to have less than two children. Nobody cares about personal opinion. At the head of everything is the royal throne, which cannot be left without heirs.

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Do you still dream of waking up as a princess one day? Then get ready for the day to start very early. After physical exercises and hygiene procedures, foreign language lessons will follow. How, you still haven’t learned English? Hurry up, next in line is French, German and Latin. Be prepared for your mother-in-law to ask you at breakfast when you present her with a new grandchild. Third. She should be calm about the fate of the family!

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