5 best makeup sponges – makeup artist reviews and recommendations

Makeup spongeSponges are excellent makeup helpers. With their help, you can quickly and conveniently apply the foundation.

Today, they can be presented in different shapes and sizes. But the egg shape – or similar to it – is considered classic for a sponge.

Important rules for using a beauty sponge for applying makeup

Before using any sponge, you must carefully moisten with water and squeezeso that the sponge is well saturated with moisture. It is better to repeat this action at least 7-10 times.

In this case, it will most effectively transfer cosmetics to the face. As its pores fill up with water, it will be soft without absorbing makeup deep into itself.

Average service life a high-quality sponge is 6 months with intensive use. At the same time, it must be washed regularly – and it is better to do this after each use. When washing the sponge, it is permissible to use shampoo or soap.

Recently, sponges have appeared in the assortment of many brands of cosmetics. I suggest paying attention to the best of them.

Beauty blender

Beauty blender is the first brand to introduce egg-shaped sponges. Initially, their product was presented in a single version, which is considered classic to this day. It was a pink sponge in the shape of an egg-shaped blob, slightly smaller than a real chicken egg. Actually, the brand name has even become a household name for this type of sponges.

Beauty blender

Today, the range of the brand has been supplemented with sponges of various sizes and colors. However, they do not strive to leave the classical form, considering it the most convenient.

Their products are generally of very high quality. Sponges quickly and well absorb moisture, which allows them to become soft in a short time. They are very pleasant to the face and are easy to clean from the remains of the foundation.

The cost of the classic pink beautyblender is 1500 rubles

Real Techniques

Inexpensive, but very high quality sponges are presented by this brand. Their orange beveled sponge is very easy to use due to its slightly modified shape.

Real Techniques

It also quickly becomes soft from contact with water. This sponge allows you to use the foundation very economically: it tolerates it well, while the tool is not absorbed deep enough into its surface.

Remarkablythat these sponges are best ordered on the Internet, since those that are available in retail stores are very, very expensive.

Cost in online stores: from 300 rubles


Also a very worthy representative of its category. The design resembles the classic beauty blender, but it costs much less.

It is somewhat softer than the previous sponge. Has a convenient size, which is convenient to apply, both tone and point – concealer. The sponge will provide good shading for any liquid and cream products.


Its only drawback is its fragility. Despite the fact that it is not recommended to use sponges for more than six months, this one becomes unusable after three months of active use.

Price: 600 rubles

Makeup secret

The manufacturer guarantees a uniform and natural coverage of the foundation with this sponge.

The texture of the sponge is somewhat reminiscent of the surface of the skin, which makes their contacts even more effective in applying cosmetics. This tool allows you to apply and blend textures of different densities: it can be makeup bases, foundations, various concealers, and even bases under the eyeshadow.

Make up secret

The pointed tip of the sponge will allow you to apply products even to the most difficult-to-reach places, such as the wings of the nose, the area around the eyes.

The sponge from this manufacturer is available in two colors: pink and blue.

Price: 600 rubles

Make up forever Double sided

This manufacturer of French cosmetics has several options for sponges. I recommend looking at the double-sided beveled sponge. Thanks to this form, liquid textures can be conveniently applied to various parts of the face.

Make up secret

It is of very high quality, like all products of this brand. Manufacturers recommend using it as a means for applying HD textures. I can safely say that HD textures should not be limited. Feel free to wear absolutely any foundation with this handy assistant.

Separately, I would like to note the durability of this sponge: With proper use and regular washing, it will last the promised six months.

Cost: 900 rubles

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